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1. In Regards To Myself

Wake up! Wake up! My God!
This is not a test!
And it's not too late to come clean
Get it off your chest
So steady your hand before your face and concentrate
There's got to be some stable ground
Left to walk on

So tear another page from the book
Are you asleep or just alone?
Clear this room from your lungs

Pull yourself together
Pull yourself together, man
Pull yourself together
Pull yourself together

On your back,
You're sleeping in a bed of shame
Let the light breath some new life into this room
It's what keeps you coming back
Made up of insatiable taste
Bury your head in your hands
And sing into yourself


Just what are you so afraid of?
What are you so afraid of?
You're staring truth in the face
So come on down
What are you so afraid of?

You're busy living now, aren't you?
You're busy making vows
You're coming unglued

Time is shorter than you know
I know the light is blinding to the naked eye
So why don't you take steps away from being alone?
I swear, it's not too late for you

It's all worth reaching for
It's all worth reaching for
It's all worth reaching for
The hand to pull you out
It's all worth reaching for
The hand to pull you out

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
And step outside your box
Wake up!

2. A Moment Suspended In Time

Held captive, I'm a prisoner
In the back room where the water leaks and I'm oh, so cold
Command me on what to do, but we both know neither you or I are in control

There's nothing left for me here
I'm grabbing on to what's left of this hole.
It's all too real this can't be happening

Never again, ever again, will I say I'm OK
I'm scared of the fate that will become mine

No time to talk you know the drill

Under my desk this can't be it
I'm only dreaming, I've got to be dreaming
But I can't get up.
No time to talk, not this time, this is my place
This is where I arrange

It's so funny how we see things so clear when we have no time left to live

So lay back down and take it in
And I won't say a word.
So lay back down and take it in
And I won't say anything.

I can't believe how it feels
To stand here in this room
And feel like it's going to blow
I think we're all going to blow

I've got to be dreaming
We've got to be dreaming
Please don't wake me up
This is the end.

3. There Could Be Nothing After This

In the end we tend to think of how it began
I could never explain the picture it painted, and how it made me feel
Now the ceiling is in motion
The light centered and overlooked
You want to see me disappear? Well, so do I

Such a quiet evaporation

We're nothing but hollow vessels in search of what makes us alive
I never said this was my revolution when you looked me in the eye
Oh, how I've walked this white line so many times before
What a feeble attempt just to feel alive

This is for you and your hopeless case
You never would leave me in your wish to fail every time
Every time I try

So talk about it
At least it makes you feel something inside

Who have I become
Oh God, everything all around me is crumbling at my feet

I stare so delicate and ashamed
At the shelf I've shed myself from

In the eyes of my ghost
And I will never look back again

4. You're Ever So Inviting

The time has come for you to sit this out
To fit inside your mold
Would be to sell myself short

This ground we tread upon
Is now filling up to our necks
We turn the pages left to right
We see everything

Oh, my story's growing, it is on my last request
Don't make me feel so contradicting
There's no room for cheating and being yourself
Failure leaves such a bitter taste in my mouth

And on the last hour
We write so many new chapters again
And on the outside
Where there are no surprises

Oh, it's getting longer
To see it through their eyes
Would bring me so much closer
You can do this night after night
Failure leaves such a bitter taste in my mouth

Taste and see, I swear I know what's good
Be still and know that they won't lie to you every single time you're facing lies
I know why you never take your eyes off me
I've used my lungs for everything but breathing

I find myself dried up in this conversation
So pull me out, pull me aside

5. Sálmarnir



Sálmarnir 50:
1 Asafs-sálmur. Drottinn er alvaldur Guð, hann talar og kallar á jörðina frá upprás sólar til niðurgöngu hennar.
2 Frá Síon, ímynd fegurðarinnar, birtist Guð í geisladýrð.
3 Guð vor kemur og þegir ekki. Eyðandi eldur fer fyrir honum, og í kringum hann geisar stormurinn.
4 Hann kallar á himininn uppi og á jörðina, til þess að dæma lýð sinn:
5 "Safnið saman dýrkendum mínum, þeim er gjört hafa sáttmála við mig með fórnum."
6 Þá kunngjörðu himnarnir réttlæti hans, því að Guð er sá sem dæmir. [Sela]

[Russian Bible Passage:]

PS 50:1 Бог Богов, Господь возглаголал и призывает землю, от восхода солнца до запада.
PS 50:2 С Сиона, который есть верх красоты, является Бог,
PS 50:3 (49-3) грядет Бог наш, и не в безмолвии: пред Ним огонь поядающий, и вокруг Его сильная буря.
PS 50:4 (49-4) Он призывает свыше небо и землю, судить народ Свой:
PS 50:5 (49-5) `соберите ко Мне святых Моих, вступивших в завет со Мною при жертве`.
PS 50:6 (49-6) И небеса провозгласят правду Его, ибо судия сей есть Бог

[English Version:]

PSALM 50:1-6

The Lord God, the Mighty One
Calls the earth from east to west.

God from Zion does shine forth;
Perfected in beauty he.

Our God comes, no silence keeps,
Fire before him, tempests 'round.

He calls out to heav'n and earth,
So that he may judge his own:

"Bring to me my faithful ones,
Who made covenant with me through their sacrifice!"

The heav'ns call God just, for he is judge!

6. Returning Empty Handed

How peaceful it feels against my face
Oh, what a long haul
You brought me here for this
I see nothing but disaster
Now I'm taking you with me

A transparent scenery that comes as fast as it leaves

Now my eyes flash with the white
It's settling in with all the flickering

Here again
The floor is more fitting for my face

Here again? This is getting old

I am being watched
This is overwhelming

As you dig your feet in I will sink my teeth into the floor,
While I lay here alone

As the light begins to breach the border,
While I lay here alone

Aware of every step
I'm not aware at all
Black... flash white... I am awake

7. Casting Such A Thin Shadow

Speak up
My ears are growing weary
I'll sing this to the end
And watch the waves crash over me

Not too much to overcome with enough time to turn it all around
In a picture perfect scenery I've become a stick figure illustration

My eyes roll back and focus on what's ahead
I can still stand if you lend the hand to embrace me

I'll take this on my own

8. Moving For The Sake Of Motion

Someone please turn the lights back on
I've been wandering here for days, disconnected, and in search for new air to breathe in

I don't think I can fix this
Don't think I could change

But that's the problem
We never speak to Him
Our closing walls have caged us in
And I can't quite remember

This was the first time I didn't say enough
This was the only time I kept it close enough

Brace yourself! They're not waking up

Oh, my god
I hate the me that I've become,
This needy useless forgetting one
Truthfully I can't be the me that I've washed up to be

Don't stop breathing
The walls have just begun to spin
Just let the water calm you this time
It's all around you, just open your eyes and take a look
It will never kill you; not this time

It's all around you
We're surrounded for all I care

Brace yourself right now
Lights out random breathing
I can't keep swimming, can't keep my head up

9. Writing On The Walls

Maybe we, why don't we sit right here for half an hour?
We'll speak of what a waste I am, and how we missed your beat again!

I swear we need to find some comfort in this run down place
To bridge the gap of this conscious state that we live in
And I'm short of time

How come you try
(that brings us home)
To fit the shape of
(and i pray for)
what they tell you
(you to move on, move on)
But mostly what they show you

At this rate we can't give up
(I'm taking back all the things I said. I'm taking back all the things I
But I sure can't just sit still
(Keep me filled in. I swear I'll come)

We walk alone,
We walk alone,
We walk alone,
We walk alone,
We walk alone,
We walk alone, back home
Alone back home

You're almost gone and I'm ok (I still say you're sorry) to give you chance to be afraid
But never your face again
I remember your presence

I hope to God you come down
I hope to God you can feel this now
I hope to, god you come down
I hope to,

I know there must be some way out of here and all of them will be waiting there

10. Everyone Looks So Good From Here

In a deep breath it all starts to change.
Flip my world inside out, honestly I like it better this way
When I mesh the night through the back of my eyes

I have put myself here
I'm the culprit
I am the culprit

I've been swallowed up alive
Shut down
Building from the inside out
I can finally walk through the walls

I swear I've slipped right through the cracks in the floor
It's so easy when it's pulling me under

Now I can see things from the outside, and I will sit here with no place in mind

I can't escape from his place, this is so unfamiliar to me

I can hear the unsatisfying silence
My mouth is open but none of you can hear me

11. To Whom It May Concern

So hold your head up high and know it's not the end of the road
Walk down this beaten path before you pack your things and head home
At the end of the road you'll find what you've been longing for

I know 'cause my feet have the scars to show
I was lost with vague direction and no place to call home

It's time for you to press on
This is not your war
Set your sights to North and press on
This is not your escape
Wash way what they thought of you
Because in this place, we're all as good as dead
...end cycle...

Behind the mask you'll find yourself alone
It's not the end of road for you

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