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1. Six Feet Under Eden

Six feet under Eden
Lies the broken bond of
Stone etched birthright.
Damning silence
Choked in human dust.

Petrified in ash of
Stone gates cast down as the
Sword of flame drinks deep
Of traitors' spilling
Blackened blood.

Those who tread before,
Fallen into dark,
Who warn in tongues
Of waking death.

Those who lie below
The pit of Genesis
On stainless blades
And angel flesh.

Here below the shade of
War walk unassuming
Souls bound to the shell of
Frigid flesh and
Tangled vessels.

Numb against reality
In mass entranced belief
Bred by technology.
The agony
So sweet.

"And He drove out the Man,
And at the gates of the Garden of Eden,
He placed the angel
And a flaming sword which turned
Every way to guard the way to
The Tree of Life"

Written on the fallen
Walls of dynasties betrayed
By powers that should
Never be yet
Always have been

2. Creation Defies Creator

Here lie the embers of a sun,
Light stolen by the tides of time.
The stepping stones of worlds beyond
That fade forgotten in our flight.

Abandoned dreamers left for dead,
The pilgrims' path has reached its end.
We turn our backs, untie the thread,
The exodus begins again.

Unlearned, the lessons of the past,
Quicksand foundations of our pride.
The pedestal on which we stand,
So monumental in decline.

Hear cries that echo now as one,
Defied creators long ignored.
Reap arrogance so idly sown
From soul-less generations born

3. Zealot

Zealot, extreme believer,
That your cause is just.
Reading between the lines
On weapons of distrust.
Spoken words are ammunition
For the martyr heart.
Twist the meaning,
Righteous seeming,
Shape your endless war.

Soldier, you choose your targets,
Judge them through your sights.
Murder the murderer,
Two wrongs will make a right.
Follow the whispered order
Deep inside your brain.
Vengeance for stillborn souls
Unable to be saved.

Believe in a dream,
See what you want to see,
Preach an ageless hate.
Tears that you bleed
Through a mask of false sympathy
Fulfill your empty fate.

Healer, both life and death
Shaped by your slight of hand.
Feeding the notion that
You are more god than man.
Gamble your fame and fortune
A bullet's game of chance.
Profit from poisoned veins
And thrive on violence.

Sustained by pain and bitterness
Is no way to live.
Drowned in the spin of ignorance,
Nothing left to give.

The victors write the history,
Then kill the messenger.
Instead of bettering their lives,
They fight to make ours worse.

Martyr, you've been deceived,
A pawn in this crusade.
Patriot fatality,
A grave without a name.

4. Behind Blind Eyes

Behind blind eyes,
Synaptic silence.
Eclipsing dawn.

Obscured by tears
Bled from inside,
The drowning dream
That comes to life
When we wake.

Behind blind eyes,
The spinal cord contortion
Is strangling and
Entangling life and death.

One whispered wish
Choked out at last.
Seething dread sets in.

Deceiving my senses,
Believing the lie.
Revealing, releasing
Through clenched eyes torn wide.

Behind blind eyes
Inflamed by fears,
Old scars defleshed.
Refresh the screaming dirge.

The hollowpoint
Hallucinations guide,
Dividing day and nightmare

Never know
He light,
Too dim to show
The way.
Written red,
The path
A narrow line now.

So denied
The sight
That points the road
Deeper still,
Grows wide
To spiral down"

So alive,
The fire
That marks the sign
The embrace
So cold
Despite the flame.

The shadows fade
Like shedding skin.
The vortex drags
The sunlight back inside.

An inner storm
Released at last.
The tempest spins
Confined within the eye.

5. Veil Of Twilight

Raising timeless, silenced voices,
Summon those on ashen winds.
The people who in darkness retch
Awaiting the eternal end.

Maintain the watch in bloodless lust
Confined in these weak mortal shells
Walk the world in crimson dusk
Prey on their misguided young.

Rise now, we of sacred blood
Shedding pale mortal masks
Unhinge these brittle, broken bones
Unfurl veiled twilight wings.

Beckoned to the halls of flesh
Siren pulse within thy breast
Instinct bows to savage thirst
Blinded in bedazzling mist.

Take to heart the pangs of fear
Ache of rapture at thy neck
Bathe thy body in cold sweat
As you choke upon my breath.

Extinguish the sun...
Eclipse the cross...

Our time has come again,
To walk the ancient Earth en masse.
Children of the night awake!
The hunt is on

See what is sewn by their hands.
Our virgin Earth - the whore of Man!
Return unto the black Abyss
Before the sun...

Apocalyptic hands of fate
Crown this king, a son of Man.
Beyond the grave, a banished prince
Calls upon our name again.

No light but for the morning star
Needed for our astral sight.
In legion, voice our call to arms
To claim the prey which is our right.

6. Bitter Revelation


7. Seventh Night

Born out of dust
Giving flesh to a whim.
The second son's
Sacrificial sin.

This mortal span is closing in.
Prime the next one to begin.
Eternity is taking seed
From a sleepless dream.
This mortal span is closing in"
Close to its end.

Thousands of lives
In the blink of an eye.
Celestial night
At the advent of time.

"And on the seventh night
A darker twilight fell.
Angels turned their burning eyes
As the serpent worked his spell.

"And on the seventh night,
As a newborn world turned
The victim race called Man
Was seduced and left to burn.

The sons of God put to the sword,
Hell's hunters heed the call to war.
Force-spawned chaotic demon breed
And locusts feed.

Leviathan, beneath the sea
Elusive, shapes infinity
And factors into human fate
With perfect hate.

Mining the stars
For the glimmer of life.
Point to the depths,
Testimony from the blind.

"And on the seventh night
A darker twilight fell.
Angels turned their burning eyes
As the serpent worked his spell.

"And on the seventh night,
As a newborn world turned
The victim race called Man
Was seduced and left to burn.

8. The Savage Circle

We've summoned up the suffering
Sufficient for eternity.
Never felt before on flesh,
Like lying in the serpent's rings.
Infest, corrode and conquer them,
The thoughts that breed benevolence.
Desensitize the warning nerves,
To numb self-preservation sense.

Expressions of their self-awareness,
Black holes spun to be the canvas
Absorb emotions' fiery colors,
Displayed for empty sockets' stares.
Devoid of common sense perception,
Oblivious to lost reflection.
No inward glance for absent vision.
The savage circle twists within.

It's a primal world's dying dance,
Celebrating martyrs of the mad.
A hollow core devoid of sustenance,
Paralysis so statuesque.

Condemned at birth to roles of war,
To run a self-destructive race.
Witness to the grave misfortune,
"destiny" our epitaph.
Struggle for a stronger handhold,
Iron grasps, unshifting stance.
Deny the mercy set aside.
Safe silence from the chamber's blast.

Brace your soul for the storm
Whipping 'round in the night.
Anchors tear from their bonds
In the dawn's burning light.

Winds of winter rush down,
Waters torn from the void.
In the face of the deep
Hear the dying cries"

One last look to the sky
As it falls overhead.
Sun and starlight obscured
As true nightfall descends.
Final words come in short
Calculated commands.
Not the cold grip of death,
But by our own hands.

Deception of the highest order,
Filtered down to those below.
Unsuspecting nameless faces
Cast as pawns, the dice are rolled.
Bittersweet the victory,
Achieved at costs too high to count.
We dig our graves and step inside,
The savage circle twisting on.

9. Curse Made Flesh

Ascension into power,
Eternal souls in trade,
Political corruption
Of the ethnic-cleansing game.
Domination's madness,
Insanity the prize.
Power-hungry ego trap,
Destruction in disguise.

No stopping this destruction;
One world without end?
Forgotten price of power,
A world left for dead.

Disruption of the system
A poison they inject
Spreading like a toxin
Through our environment.
Devastation formula
From a military mind.
A tainted way of thinking,
Assisted suicide.

Vengeance of the victims,
A war to end all wars
And human devolution
'Til all that's left is scars.
Injustice and oppression,
Lies that they protect
And warp to make a world
With no more innocence.

Rejection of the morals
And sanctity of life.
Dissected laws of nature
And progress is the knife.
Compromise the many
For the profit of the few.
Survival of the fittest,
A twisted point of view.

10. Most Low Gods

Most low gods
In hushed incantation
Rising up from the depths of the night.
Most low gods
Through greed and through malice
Are summoned forth to extinguish
The light.

Human souls are turned
In worship and fear of the darkness.
Sacrifice binding them deep in
The pit...
Mortal worlds burning
Damned for their sins of defiance
As ancient evils take wing in
The mist.

Existence turns to ashes
As it burns before my eyes.
Our Earthly Mother fades to grey
And the dying spirits rise.
In the midst of judgement
Comes a cleansing rain
To drown the last survivors,
Cold mercy for their pain.

Lies of the hypocrites,
Cries of the damned
Swept from this mortal veil
Like blood upon my hands.

Whispers of heretics,
Dark words of old
From dreaded prophecy
Bringing death untold.

Humankind is banished
In a fiery demise.
The heavens fall around me
As the lords of hell arise.
Peace and hope have failed
In this world of ours,
Where hate and greed prevail
Is a world full of war.

The master of the legions
Enthralled upon his throne.
For my sin of heresy
I live to burn alone.

Lies of the hypocrites,
Cries of the damned
Swept from this mortal veil
Like blood upon my hands.

Whispers of heretics,
Dark words of old
Now take form among us
The bloody end foretold.

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