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1. I'll Cut You Down

I was born a wicked man, no hopes or dreams
I get my kicks from torturing and screams
I lust for women's blood, and their evil ways
I twist my words to what the good book says

I want you, and I need you, and I'll bleed you
It's all true, I've been told to, and I'll cut you down.

My mind in purest white, in lawless land
I'll smash right through the evil hidden hand
I'm paid in drugs and gold, it's all I need
I'll take your soul and cleanse it with my greed, yeah.

I want you, and I need you, and I'll bleed you
It's all true, I've been told to, and I'll cut you down.

I'll burn you down
To save this town

Lady in gentle slumber
Wary you're not alone
Maybe, I'm torn asunder
Lady, you're not on your own
You're not on your own

2. Death's Door

I don't know what I hold in my hand, could it be that I'm evil?
Plunder on there's no law in this land, the horror guides me through
Masterer and subjector of pain, I'm the Godder of worms
Devil's Lieger controls the insane, you'l see it when I'm through
I'll hang you higher than before
I'll leave you dying at death's door
Overruller and slaver of blood, she's impaled in the fire
Fear of god drags her name through the mud, and now her life's cut short
Dominator and firmer of sins, I'm the lord of the wastelands
Bloody hammers and burning hot pins, her story shall be told
I'm the juster and steerer of good, as they lace my hand with gold
I'll stand guard as she's nailed to the wood, no truer man than me
I'm the kind and tormentor of all, as I travel the cities
Broken peasants and mayors shall call, my BLOOD LUST never ends...

3. Over And Over Again

The rat familiar cries out, to the witch in the village
She rises up from her hideout and screams over and over again
They couldn't kill her with fire, although her body did burn
Left on the funeral pyre she screamed over and over again
And through her eyes, saw blackened skies, I don't want to know her any more
She cast her spell on the people, could see the pain in their eyes
From the soil to the steeple, they screamed over and over again
The blood rose up from the red lake, crashing down on them all
Destroying all that's in its wake, they screamed over and over again

4. Curse In The Trees

Take me through the tall black trees and drag me through
the fields, I've been sitting waiting for you here
Push me past the villagers as they bay for my blood, you
begin my torture as they cheer
I'm ready for you now
I don't feel it, the pain and suffering
Don't hear me screaming as you whip the flesh
See me crawling through the square, you wrought my skull
but I'm not there
Bound and tortured for crimes of witchery, the rich man
bought it, now I pay the price
Burn me alive and say a prayer, my body charred but I'm not there
You, you'll fall at your knees
Death, from the curse in the trees
When I lay dead, I will rise again
I'll seek revegeance and you'll pay the price.
See me watching from the trees
As I fly on through the breeze

5. I'm Here To Kill You

I saw the world through the stars that crashed down
to guide me to you
You smoked out your brain through a jar, your blood lust
told you what to do
I'm here to kill you and to take you away, oh
I saw your future in time, and all of the evil you do
The mist in the sky was a sign, there'll be no tomorrow for you
And I work all alone, I don't need any one
Find the seeds that you've sown and I'll be there

6. 13 Candles

I was on the staircase by the bell
blinded by the black magician's spell
Sorceress of death lay by my side
Rising of the blood came with the tide
13 candles black and red set alight (set alight)
13 candles black and red burning bright (burning bright)
I always burn black candles in the night
I began my ritual of sin
Exorcising demons from within
Casting spells of yearning and desire
We breathe in black smoke from Satan's fire
I raise up my dagger to the light
Knowingly the sorceress won't fight
I creep in from shadows cast away
And she bathes in goat's blood I hear her say...

7. Ritual Knife

Rise up from the black smoke, eyes ablaze with fire
She's moving, she's moving, Oh I've done it again
But I'll treat you better this time
Slide across the cold floor, hide not from your sins
She's bleeding, she's bleeding, Oh I've done it again
But I'll treat you better this time
Smile, I'm your master, vile intent of love
Come closer, come closer. oh I'll fuck you again
But I'll treat you better this time
Won't you come a little, little bit closer
Won't you come a little, little bit closer
And I'll take you and I'll hold you
There'll be no killing this time, I'll be your partner in crime
Won't you move a little, little bit faster
Won't you move a little, little bit faster
Won't you come through, I can't see you
I think I'll still take your life, you'll die by my ritual knife...

8. Withered Hand Of Evil

The devil took one look, could see it in his eyes
The burning fire and sulphur smoke, reveals him from disguise
The curtain fell at once, a man behind the wall
Smiling through the broken glass his hand had cursed them all
The tricksters wicked ways, deceived them all through time
Tormenting each and everyone, too slow to the see the signs
His angel boils inside, a beast without a cage
He smashes through the world around him, blinded by this rage
Come hold the withered hand of evil as it guides you through the trees
Come hold the withered hand of evil, this all seeing eye that sees

9. Down To The Fire

[Bonus Track]

There's a girl, I saw today
With sunken eyes, and a face of grey
And she was walking alone
Loose ends return
A long black cloak, and flowing hair
Red ruby rings, an icy stare
It seemed so clear to me, that she was mine

She had me under her spell,
but what it was I couldn't tell

I spoke to God, asked his advice
It went unheard so I asked him twice
I heard a knocking at the door, it was the priest
So found a girl on this fine day
With sunken eyes and a face of grey, that practices witchcraft magic
Beneath the Earth

Up on the stake we must tie her
Lower her down to the fire

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