Dark Lyrics


1. Abrogation

Against the tide of empire
To which we are wedded
To which we are nailed
Exorcising every breath and whim
Strangling the hosts
Desperate and complicit
Burning for grand illusions

Idolatry of power
Immersion of self
We are fixed in a moment of time
But sooner imagine annihilation

In the minds of all
Implanted death

The burning and longing are unmet

Delusions of being in the midst of all
We are but a speck of dust in hell

Walls of futility tower above
Transparent to the weak and oblivious
Built with betrayal
Unbroken by mutiny
Betrayal of their own accord

Perish in the fervour
For everything and nothing
Bring down what remains
Forfeit all for annihilation

2. Yield To Naught

Never awaken from depths of despair
Defined by the profane
Endured by pathology
They cannot be held below

The struggle dying with each passive thrall
With each convert to self abhorrence

Distortions of former selves
Veil the sickness and fear
To never awaken

Refuse attribution
Succumbing to the trial of constriction

In chaos
Witness the inversion
The reverent become the abject
Adopting blackened hearts
To reject all cause

Veil the sickness and fear
To never awaken

The pure and virtuous scorched in their wake
Bled by unabated scorn
To bleed and endure

Blackened hearts
Not only inherit fortune
but also failure
And reject all cause

Only within dreams of envy
Are we born into an abyss of untread paths
On unmade worlds
To reject all cause
All circumstance
And yield to naught

3. There Are No Saviours

Birthed inside
Unending conflict
It is our making and destruction
The machination of man
Tearing through foundations
Left conditioned and numb

Content to pull insidious skin over
Tortured eyes
Fulfilled and blind

The rest, the waste are buried
No eulogies
No remembrance
There are no saviours
No restraining our past from devouring the present
No beginning that won't end us

Corrupted cold existence
Embedded by bankrupt voices and words
Spewing fear, echoed by instinct
We face the anguished truth
The beginning is the end

Bound within empty bodies
Captive in shells, obscure and imperfect
To wither

To acquiesce and obey
Is to wither

4. Shrines Of Paralysis

kneel before craven decrees
admonished from on high
chained to a perception of flawless mortals
within shrines of closed minds

the affliciton of man
there are none immune

cling to destructive ideals
to figments of rapture
until the final moment
none will concede

straying from the passages which we have carved ourselves
with indignation glaring from reflections
all that remains from the burdens of flowing blood
are expanses of dust
effigies of false purpose

the final hours are not for remorse
but for contempt

with ascendancy weighing down
plead to the shrines
release us

we must tie the ends of unknown
withdraw into the pale
in this scantuary of death
revere the inertia
resisting breath
turn away all prayers

the collapse is owed to stagnation
shrines of aparalysis

5. Bow To Spite

Exiles of reason
Transfigure to live by ordinance
Bow to spite

6. Chasm Of Fire

The dread of what will come of this
With fatal eyes over a sinking world
Staring through death
We suffocate in open air

Floods born of malign englect
Rising as we are still

Reflections of resentment
Of the silent and unflinching beings
Once complicit
It is known
It is treason

The wretched and spineless souls
Dragged through misery
Into the approaching darkness
A void worthy of them
Worthy of the unresigned


Chasm of fire encircled conceited hope
They succumb not alone
But with us dragged beneath

Become the menial
Become the servile
Become the orphan and the abandoned
Become the spectre of the righteous

The sun will swallow the earth
But only after it has choked before its time
Long before its time

7. Extinguished Light

Grasping the cowardice that brought us here
Willing old faults to surface
And continue carrying us to ruin

The narrow tunnel of light further closing in
Enveloping the already dying

There is no road to redemption

The paradox is that we are ever more disparate
Ever more divergent
Out of reach of repair
Yet never untied from the other
Never unbound from what's etched into the husk
Never absolved

Stripped from each fragment of bone
Recurring endless

Shattered resolve
Fractured and forbidden to witness
Sheltered from the agony of self dissent

In the face of all in reversal
They were worthless
Pitiful and hopeless

Extinguish this light which befell us
We have proven to be unworthy
Extinguish this light which befell us
Pitch black

8. End The Hope

command the ear of the entangled
and they will listen, vision blinkered
no more strenght to withstand the inevitable
the now impending judgement

exonerate the powerless and weak willed

those with no right to be in awe of surrounding decay
of colliding frailty and malice
lost in darkness of regret

our names are left nowhere in scarred ground we walk over
end the hope
end the veneration

edge toward the realisation of denial
still cowering

exonarete the powerless and weak willed
because to emerge from refuge
is to cede we have fallen

end the hope
end the veneration
annul the monolith to which we gave rise
total reversion

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