Dark Lyrics


1. Drown Within

Evoke the lifesblood of man
The virus we have become
Shedding the skin and bone
Of this species, dead and jaded

In my callous nature
All pity is buried
Flaunt your feigned empathy

I cannot breathe amongst this affliction
Ever more oppressed

Tear away the leeches
And with them, we'll bleed
Strip bare the land, defraud
Or drown within forever

The dust settles on barren dirt
In our chains, we decay

Bound by deceit
The mortal consumed
Beyond death
We are lifeless

The axiom of being

2. We Are Nil

The eye burns bright
Laced with scars of deceit
Gazing into the void - the enemy
A dissident reality

Dig deep beneath your skin
Scratches of denial, of emptiness
Inherit unreason
Beg for fate
For we have wasted away

Lay low
The unseen lucid
In an age, fragile and expired

This collective conscious reeks of shadowed delusion
Existence is fear
A saviour from the surrogate utopia

So weep your blood sincere
Drowning in the deadest sky
Grasping the exhausted ashes of hope
Crowned in absolution
The eternal fallen

We are nil

3. Withered And Obsolete

The faces aghast
Consumed with hollow judgment
Those vacant eyes stare through me
With scarred hands to bind
They look back in fear

Fall into the flames of our origin
To lie still and wait

The baseless reverence you adjure
Is condemned by truth

Your divine, cast down from the skies
Cold and wretched
It runs through our veins
This is absolute
This is inherent

The spiritual will sever ties with man
And now alone we exist

From within us
Our worth ascends

Subvert the fallacy
A dying breed on their knees
The scorn of the earth

Subvert the fallacy
A dying breed on their knees
And now alone we exist

The scorn of the earth - the puritan
These days are no anomaly
Your blood will spill like any other

Within the mercy of this revelation
We are forever imprisoned

4. Caecus

The helpless wander in vain
To forget all before them
This inner sanction
A blinding vision

Through neglect we falter
All are subservient

To burn out the absolute
Shadow our nature

Crawl into the darkest of holes
With reason forbidden we fade
And our shattered remains will lay to waste

This is our weakness, our failing

Suffer at the hands of those we feed
With wounds to show for nothing
Breathe the ashes of our burning past
To swallow whole, the denial

These self-conceived walls close in upon us
And we shall never see the light of day

5. Tyranny

Shadowing the blinding light
From within our confinement
The hollow stare of thousands pierce the soul

Reject the innate
And no solace will prevail
Our bloodless tower over all
With their eyes full of god
They are blind to our dawn

Scream to the silent masses
Caution to their winds of contempt
Release me
To rise from their ruins

The roots of the mortal
Masked with our atrophy

Born of man, the tyrant

6. The Earth At Its Knees

The misguided rise now
Untainted and pure
Stand in ignorance
And fall in neglect

In inherent sorrow
Rip open your heart for me
The undeserving
Grieve for all

From rise to fall
We preach our dream

With the coldest shoulder
The balance is broken
So with disdain you may burn me forever
In anti-human desperation
This is the horror that binds us all

Buried beneath with our martyrs
Buried beneath with our scapegoats

The earth falls to its knees

The misguided rise now
Untainted and pure
Stand in ignorance

Our devotion
Our redemption
Are our own
My eyes are open

7. Soullessness Embraces

Etched into the earth's effigy
The graven image of man
Inhale your idols and parasites
Cold blood of the declining all

Visions of desire cut deep
Reject them and rot
Rot away in worthlessness
In fear, in isolation, in realisation

In fear of inferiority
Swallow the blunt reality
This earth bleeds for no one
Indifference is your existence
Indifference is your execution
Cower in shame

The shadow stalks in the wake of regret
My eyes roll back to never see again

And on my deathbed I remain silent
I cannot uphold the dogma
I will not shed this trusting secret
The coming soullessness embraced

8. Everything Is Fire

To our end
To our blackest days we have come
Our demise, barren and futile

We are lost without fate

Reap what we have sown
We diminish, all nameless

And the realisation manifests
Only once will this burn
To diminish, all nameless
Only once will this ever burn

Recreate our failure
To relive, to revel in the boundless shift
For the bane of man and of all
Is now imminent

And the realisation manifests
Only once will this burn
And the realisation manifests
For nothing we know

The hollow will of the undying faithful
Belies us
Belies our being

Between this state and the next
We are lost
We are without fate

This burning inside cannot be defined
Our empty convictions erode in time

Stand on the edge of abandon
And stare into the searing sun
Forfeit now
For nothing we know

Everything is fire

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