Dark Lyrics


1. The Rebirth... (Reclaim The Flame)

Where the fuck has that old feeling gone?
When black was the color we chose
Where the fuck have all the wartimes gone?
When hate was the only word.
The only word we knew
This to the rebirth, reclaim the flame
It's time to raise the dead
Step right up and get some
Follow me to the unholy throne
Tyrant calls, the past has returned
Heading north going home
Heading north going home

2. Remain Enslaved

You,Yes you! Can you feel the heat?
It's getting closer,slowly but surely
Keep burning the candle at both ends
Did you really think it would last?
You were wrong!
Remain enslaved.
Don't question it. Keep ready.
Keep injecting the poison
Don't move. Keep listening.
Keep obeying the broken tongues
You fuckin' bastard, BURN!
You can't run from the fire
The flames are higher!

3. Uprise

The Antichrist,the rebel,the unshackled
The unholy, the enemy, the dark one
Uprise, come into force
The Tyrant, the horned one, the beast
The fire, the chaos, the wrath
The wise, the evil one, the black
The unslaved, the untouched, the ringleader

4. Hell Has Broken Loose

Break loose from your chain
Let the end begin. Unleash the beast within
You need, you can you will!
Hate runs through your veins
The fuels that feeds your flame.
Time to act, dressed in black
Arm yourself for the coming attack
Hell has broken loose
There's no time to loose
Pure hate, hells fury, Armageddon!
- Are you ready?
One by one, into the wheels that grind
Total death, nothing will be left alive
The end of the world has begun!

5. Restart With The Number 6.6.6.

Cut the chains to the fires of hell
Unleash its wrath within
Let flames disintegrate bones and skin
Unchained, armed with flames
The fireball keeps spinning
I spawned the fire
I welcome a new beginning
Break down, destroy, in order to create
A new tile is coming
Restart with the number 6.6.6
The gate stand open
Make way for the change
The spark is lit, time is up, let it begin!

6. Armageddon Is Here

Look out God, you better step aside
You ain't big enough to interrupt my war
Harvest time, burn the fields
Men's deeds of valour will soon by forgotten
-Send this world to hell!
Look out God, you better step aside
You ain't big enough to interrupt my war
Total devastation. I bring it loud and clear
Ignite the flame. Armageddon is here.

7. Tyrant

Turn the cross upside down
Walk with fire, steal the crown
Back to basics, back to our roots
Nothing more, nothing less
Moving forward up the rebel road
Raw, simple and ugly
are our musical codes.
From where it came, we all knew
Out of northern darkness it grew
The Nordic sound will grind
And make the rest fall behind
Raise the cups, Tyrant is here
Drink to that
Break your neck, blow out your ear

8. Broken Spine

The darkness of clouds come rolling in
The presence of evil braws me into sin
Teardrops from heaven becomes my wine
Weeping father of heaven
Has a broken spine
Here, where the chaos rules
Your illusions are rushed
You lead your line of fools
Into submissions they are forced
Black is my mind, feel the flames of hell

9. Tunes Of Hate

This won't take long. I'm too angry to write
This is no fuckin' poetry, this is pure hate!
Tunes of hate, hellbound, possessed
Straight to hell
There's no reuniting with God
Did you really think you were the chosen one?
You don't have a fuckin' clue, do you?
You mean nothing to me
You're just a living corpse among the rest!

10. Harvest Hunger

Known as Death to mortals
with a hunger to harvest
A lasting flame in one hand
and a scythe in the other
to signify destruction
and extinction of life

Thanks to sebastien.lemartelot for sending these lyrics.

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