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1. Eyes Adjust

Dearly departed, little harlot, I bid you farewell.
Hatred obsessing me, possessing me. I no longer dwell.
A witless life lesson I never could have learned alone.
Alone is where the heart is, in that I’ve found a home

The thought of love lost kept me awake,
And every other fuck-up I made.
Said I never wanted to sleep again, and now my eyes adjust.

Your embrace is a pitiful as the withering of your soul.
Fiending for acceptance, searching for repentance.
I know your sins my dear, I know just what you fear.
A love not eternal but lust so infernal,
all men are your toys and your presence is poison.


Concubine, you won’t prevail.
Carnal plague, you have failed.

From grace I’ve watched you fall,
the time for therapy in sleep in gone.
Arm in arm, we met our armageddon.
Feeding our disease as we come to understand them.
You were my uprising and my greatest mistake,
pockets full of memories I’d like to thank you for.
live your life and fulfill your lust,
I see what I need and now my eyes adjust.

2. In Love There Is No Law

Judicially speaking, litigation can’t begin to illustrate
the contemplation that we’re facing.
Psychologically sinking into euphoria you can’t ignore.
Biblically speaking, love has been the vice
to turn the nice and easy into cold and empty.
Historically speaking, history will always reveal his story.
In fight for existence in love, there is no law.

No rules, no judgment.
In love there is no law.
No walls, no exceptions.
Against every single odd, we prove there is no law.

Personally speaking, words can resonate forever.
From an outside perspective,
the vote of confidence lies in ignorance.
In fight for existence in love, there is no law.


No law for who you choose to love.
No law for how you strive to live.

If anyone would say otherwise, all rise for my instruction.
The jury is out, you are sentenced to self-destruction.
If it pleases the court, we will move forward with the prosecution.

So feel what you want to feel
And do what you know is right.


3. World War V

The atomic tide turns, figures in black surround.
Women and children burn, Your experience profound.

Will you fight? Will you fall?
Nuclear graves await us all.
Welcome fear, abandon regret.
Hell’s chorus won’t sing your final number yet.

Radiation spreads through the core, our rotting earth bleeds.

You can’t save the ones you love.
Just hope their souls ascend above.
You will never have the heart to let your people fall apart.
Take the warning, save yourself.
I won’t ask again.


Drenched in sweat, covered in blood.
Body in shock from the enemy flood.
Teeth like wolves, mutated from man.
A boot to the head and you’ve done all you can.

I don’t see a finish, mutated beginnings,
Sky rains ash tonight.


Desolate earth, so few remain.
Repopulation, you cannot attain.
Thirsting for war, here it is quenched.
World under fire, your planet entrenched.

(Present arms)
(Kill by any means necessary)
(You will not survive today, nor will your loved ones)

Will we survive, our lives in your hands.
Any will die to meet your command.
Through ashes and bodies on our knees we crawl.
Our final stand, united we fall.

You can die in pain, or live another die.
You’ve got to fight to survive.
This is world war five.

4. Good Luck...

This is a rather elaborate apology,
Though I don’t prefer to see you smile.
An apology you don’t deserve,
I can only hope to strike a nerve.

Don’t cry no more,
and don’t you ever worry about me again.
Don’t cry.
I can honestly say you’re either better of this way.

Airing your grievance, begging and searching for pity.
Taking it from anything, anyone, to fuel your animosity.
Friendship to you s everything but true.
I only wish that people who love you
know your second face the way I do.


The moral of this story, artificial glory.
A full fucking recluse, emotional abuse.
You took full advantage and burned every bridge that we built.

A simple “fuck you” doesn’t cut it.
But now you’re gonna cry and they’ll believe it.
“He’s such a good guy”, I don’t buy it.

Don’t you cry no more.
I can honestly say you’re better off this way.
Don’t cry.
If you were able to die it would be my good luck.

Good luck.

5. Preacher Man

Momma, I’ve got something to ask you, have things been alright?
Dad’s been gone for a while, and the doors been locked up tight.
Shouldn’t he be home any minute? Wish I knew what’s going on.
I was such a young boy then, still I knew, something was wrong.

Who is this preacher man,
and why ain’t he preaching no more?
Why’s he sitting in my father’s chair?
Why can’t I see my daddy no more?

Momma, you don’t have to tell me, we all got our secrets.
Even then I had a feeling I wouldn’t know the truth
for several years to come.


Seemed simple enough. Love Divided.
Innocent eyes don’t cause for departure,
you’d see a different man before you today.

Well thoughts of suicide and my mother on his mind,
still I wonder what my father would say:

“Priest, no man of this word. Minister of disbelief.
A bastard, a liar, a hypocrite.
Manipulative motherfucker stole my life from me.

Who is this preacher man? Used to call him a friend of mine.
Who does this coward think he is in my chair?
Why can’t I see my kids no more?

I know this preacher man, he ain’t no friend of mine.
Now he’s gone and changed the life of my children.
Dead preacher I hope to find.”

Preach no more.

Who is this preacher man,
and why ain’t he preaching no more?

6. Deliver Us To Evil

Forgive me, for we have a terrible misunderstanding.
To avoid confusion, I’ll take this moment to clear the air.

Deliver us.

No bush to beat, I can’t make you see.
The God you believe disgusts me.
Deliver us to evil.

Give the chance, I would feast on the bricks of the Vatican.
You preach hate, ignorant and homophobic
there will be no atonement for you.

Deliver us.

No bush to beat, I can’t make you see.
The God you believe disgusts me.
“Evil” is free from hypocrisy.
We are cremated equal.
Deliver us to evil.

Accept the truth, that there is no truth.

I am eternal night.
I am the blinding light.
I am your nearing end.
I laugh as you descend to rot forever.

7. Departure

Falling so far, dreaming for eternity.
Living without pain, the end of suffering internally.

This is my departure, farewell.

None of this was your fault, please don’t take the blame.
The time has come for me to put out my own flame.

This is departure, farewell.

Try not to miss me, fulfill your every dream.
Life wasn’t meant for me my passing so serene.
This is my destiny, no need to intervene.
Death is so beautiful.

8. Feed Your Disease

Line by line, single file.
Holy valentine, blistered smile.
Your stench pollutes my lungs and soul.
Selfish addiction, no control.

Indivisible, divided by rot.
Suicidal ideation, fear not.

One by one, foam at the mouth.
All for fun, tongues hanging south.
Euphoric religious ecstasy.
Deadly laboratory doused in empathy.

Indivisible, divided you rot.
Suicidal ideation, fear not.

So what do you need? Please take it from me.
Whatever you need, I’ll feed your disease.

Chemical imbalance, searching for a fix.
Salivating and begging, looks like you’ve found your niche.
Hands and knees are covered in your family’s spit.
Let the thought that they can live without you drive your crusade.


From the first tear you shed,
to the curtain call for the dishonored dead.
May the sin guide you to your final deeds.

What is your disease? Your greed feeds your need.
What do you believe? Join the deceased.

9. Frigid

I am the crown made from dirt.
I am no more than the pain and hurt.
I am the shrine, I am the proof.
I am belief, I am the truth.

I am the kingdom born in decay.
I am the wolves to which you obey.
I am the crypt, I am the youth.
I am belief, I am the truth.

Frigid heaven, suspended in hell.
Without rule, you wish me to fail.

You held md down just to watch me bleed.
My heart is dead, you will not succeed.

You area plague, killing yourself.
You are that which can’t escape.
You are lost without your faith.
You are but a battered embrace.
You are not empty, you are a disgrace.

It is you who will lose everything.
Your judgment will come and I will sing.

You held me down just to watch me bleed.
My heart is dead, you will not succeed.

Follow me to the tomb of your damnation.
Death is my weapon, reaping annihilation.
I shall rise and rule humbly.
When all is over, you are mine
and you will be like me.

Michael Cesario — Drums
Leo Orozco — Guitars
Kyle Thomas — Bass
Colin Young — Vocals, Lyrics
Taylor Young — Guitars, Vocals

Thanks to starwarsgeek12 for sending these lyrics.

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