Dark Lyrics


1. Troops Of Twisted

Watch this pretty world slowly coming to its end
In case of human nature evolution must descend
Their running way of life, devastation of the land
Suppressing others' freedom it can't no longer stand

So I command
So I command
So I command:
Rise my troops of Twisted!

Selling your destruction their profits rising fast
While they're falling down their poison will soon take the rest
Casting weak and poor in dishonor and despair
With military pressure they had taken care.

We shall be heard!

2. Colony Is Sleeping

Colony is sleeping
Under dark polluted sky
Clouds caress the tower’s crest
Torn by magic eye

Colony is sleeping
While the wind is blowing still
Tranquil beast of concrete sits
As idle as it can be

Colony is sleeping
No one’s moving on the ground
Micro-individuals tucked in
Rest with awful sound

Colony is sleeping
Under dark light of the moon
Tighten grip upon the earth
Fresh breed is coming soon

3. Gods Of Decay

Losing, weakening
Falling too fast
Drowning in dust and despair

Hating, seeking
Feel I have tasted
In arms of the one that’s outcast

Blindly I unleashed the curse of my blood
Regret and remorse I have none
Proud I have stood by eclipse of the day
Still feeding my gods of decay

You showed me beauty
When all became ashes and dust
You gave me meaning
In chaos of modern lust
You blessed my battles
All scars on my face
So take my shadow
When starts the end of your race

4. The Day I'll Meet My Death

Eternal realms of fear
Terrorize my veins
Slowly taking my mind
Driving me insane

It’s coming faster
Day by day
In a split of a second
I’m faced with ...

Peace that none can feel it
Across the endless time
My screams that none can hear it
Reminds that once will come
The day I’ll meet my death

Can`t escape the feeling
That rips my soul
Can`t hide from madness
That takes control

It’s coming faster
Day by day
In a split of a second
I’m faced with ...

5. Manifest

We are the ones, living up the day
Every second passing by is our prey
We are the ones, hidden in our shells
Speaking truth, we only care about ourselves

We are the ones, army on the march
Empty-hearted spreading fashion of the dark
We are the ones only using mind
Fear is key to comprehension of our kind


We are the ones, laughing at your tears
Laughing at your love, laughing at your dreams
We are the ones, who calculate feelings
Chance of use is what’s connecting our beings

We are the ones who never take a side
There’s no one “truth”, for which we should be fighting
We are those ones, yet preaching how to live
Condescending no-ones with nothing left to give


6. Time Paradox

Domination – Desolation
Evolution – Extermination

I am eternal sea
Of ashes and misery
At the end I will leave no sound
Forever spinning round and round

Confrontation - Escalation
Revelation – Annihilation

7. Being Supreme

I am everything
I am everywhere
I am a dream
And each nightmare.

I am a ruler of eternity
I am your maker
You belong to me

Almighty father
You broke my soul
Almighty father
Where are you now?

I am writing rules
I’m judging this game
You are all equal
You are all the same.

I own your freedom
I own your fate
Obey my order
Or taste my hate.

You are a sin
You are born to serve
I release evil
Because that’s what you deserve

I decide what’s right
I decide what’s wrong
Worship my glory
And you will save your soul.

I can show you mercy
I can erase your pain
I can crush your spirit.
And burn you all in flames.

8. The Odyssey

Sailing to the edge of time
Facing fire from the sky
Hoping gods will show me path
Through the leprosy and death

Blazing sun burning all that was and meant to be
Cursed forever hunting treasures of the seventh seas

Years have passed before my eyes
Still I’m making my demise
Wind is crushing down my sails
Hiding passage through the waves

9. Total Tyranny

Every truth that you have written
I turned into a lie
Every rule that you forbidden
Is my honor and my pride

Not for hate and vengeance
Not for a holy prize
Not for fame and glory
It’s to make you realize
Only for a second
What you mean to me
Your world is a total tyranny

Every time you seek believers
I will bring you slaves
Every time you judge deceivers
I will send you flames

10. Pyramid Of Pain


11. Four Tunes Of War

We are on the ride, we will never stop,
Watch us rumble, we won’t give up!
Opposition is not a test
We won’t spare them, to their last!

We’ll be the wind; they’ll be the dirt,
We’ll sweep their shitholes off this earth!
We will be the lightning, quake and flood
We will make them drown in their own blood!

We’ll burn them down; we’ll rape them blind,
We;ll rip their hearts out of their chests,
We’ll smash their homes, ground and pound,
So they won’t have a place to rest!

12. Nova Švabija

[Bonus Track]

3. septembra 1942. godine, naprednim raketama Fau 2, Nemačka uništava 40%
ciljeva u Engleskoj.
Čerčil, prestravljen tom inovativnom superiornošću, sklapa savez sa Rusima i Amerikom, koja
u rat ulazi 7. decembra iste godine.
U leto 1943. saveznici kradu nemačke planove za atomsku bombu, ali već tada Hitler seli veći deo
spisa, planova i projekata na tajnu lokaciju, skrivenu večnim ledom Antarktika.
16. oktobra ‘46. završava se suđenje u Nirnbergu. U tajnim dokumentima KGB-a, više od 2000
nemačkih naučnika zavodi se kao `nestalo`, zajedno sa Hitlerom, čije telo nikada nije pronađeno.
Površne informacije stvoriće mit o stvarnom cilju, znanju i moći Svastike.
Mali broj ljudi danas veruje da pravi razlog II svetskog rata još uvek krije … Nova Švabija !

Evropom besni požar crne Svastike
Terorom holokausta ja zauvek menjam svet
Moja moć je apsolutna vizija
Konačnu tajnu zemlje krije moja...


U mojoj vlasti leži tajna postanka
Hiljade godina znanja,čaša Hristova
Moje reči sledi loza Davida
Konačnu tajnu moći piše moja...


Moje planove kroji večna ruka zla
Moj krajnji cilj je konačna utopija
Za slabe antihrist za moćne mesija
Konačnu sliku sveta kroji moja...


Nemanja Velicki ‒ Drums
Miša Milovanović ‒ Guitars
Ljubiša Đorđević ‒ Vocals, Bass

Thanks to gmmicko for sending these lyrics.

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