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1. Deleo Sanctimonia


2. Destroy The Bastard And Trinity

Destroy the Bastard and Trinity
We will not bow to a lie
A plague upon this Christian earth
How many millions must die
A curse on your soul, blasphemy
"Repent all your sins" they cry
We laugh in your face Jehovah
You died for our sins, we ask why
2000 of suffering
Disguised by your beliefs
2000 years of domination
Ruled by guilt and grief
Who asked him, to die for our sins
They are sins, in your eyes only
We'll live our lives, by our rules and laws
Not some ancient hypocrisy
Just a tool to control the masses
By fear the sheep are controlled
Changing the words of your holy book
By warping the text and destroying the meaning
We'll nail the infernal book to your face
And throw you in an open grave
Curse you thrice fold and leave you
To burn like all the innocent sinners

3. In Winters Silent Grave

Horror of the shade, flames my ecstasy
Because of you this land of sleep
Becomes the gathering place of ears
I lay, in winter's silent grave with you
Let me lie in peace, let me die in sleep
Let me lie in sleep, let me die in peace
Entangled in the fated maze
Child of light we are burning
Listen to the cold darkness
I am restless in death
Take to the air, my last breath
Alone in midnight with my pain
I never saw you lost forever
While your soul flies in the night [x2]
Alone in midnight with my pain
To my high requiem you cry,
Immortal soul not born for death
My cry pulls you down to the night
Your light no more assaults my eyes

4. Whispers Of It's Return

When the days of the golden light perished
Despair was powerless to destroy my soul
I did learn how existence is cherished
Strengthened with the tears of passion
For I know endless bliss immortality
Long did I exactly to the shine of yesterday
How could I see this empty world again
After drinking deep of divine anguish
Yearning for light's long return again
I dare not indulge in memory's rapturous pain
No dawn has lightened up my Heaven
My yearning soul denied it's burning wish
Our soul's life, joined together
Our soul's life, melt into your void
To return, entrance, reborn and free
To see once more,
The sky through mortal eyes
The sun, the moon, the stars in their glory
After seeing the end of time,
We share in rebirth
I will tell you stories of the sky
Breathing whispers of it's return once more
Until the sound of our voices entwined
At their release into the depths of pleasure

5. Twisted In Autumns Darkness

Bloodlust in shadow twisted tree
The pull of the dark earth is oppressing
I see through tears of blood their lies
My soul rages in the black of night
Scream my name to the sky
Eternal curse their dying breath
Feeling their souls before me like a prize
Twisted bodies lie shattered in the moonlight
Pulling the shadows around me like a cloak
All life laid waste under autumn leaves
Bodies like scarecorws in the fields of blood
Their hollow eyes follow me across the sky
Silent screams, feel their hate
Damned souls with a glance turned to dust
Like leaves dancing i my breath
Blown free in desolation winds

6. Endless Passage Of Despairing Visions (The Memories Embrace)

Conscious, unconscious, it's all a fade
Awake but dreaming, sleep is death
Walk with me, in a trance like state
To pass as darkness in shadows, unseen
Embrace the dream, the dream is real
To reality remains, the dream controls
Ashes of grief, rend my tapestry
Endless passage of despairing visions
Embrace the dream, the dream is real
To reality remains, the dream controls
Ashes of grief rend my tapestry
Endless passage of despairing visions
Long I scream into the never void
A cry torn from the ruin of innocence
A grace note of long sorrow
Forgotten in memoy's wind
My anthem fades, was it a vision?
Do I wake or sleep? In death's dream
Trapped in flickering memories I see her
Pulling me back to the pain of truth
There is no place for me in reality
I know reality does not exist, only dream
Withering under the lies
Yearning for my release
With death at my side
Escape memory's embrace

7. Full Moon Despair (The Hunting Ground)

In the mists of winter's night, the light of the moon upon me
The freezing air it surrounding me, as I walk this path to despair
The frost lays on the ground, as I hunt my life's blood.
Listen for the howling wind, across this cursed earth
What is this I have become, what is the need for flesh
What is this hunger I posses, dying under hunting moon.
What is this need for blood, what is this need to feed
What is this hunger I possess, of murder I have become?
In the mists of winter's night, I hear the call of the wind
This wolf I have become, curse for which I know
My teeth have ripped into your neck, this beautiful creature dies.
The freezing air it surrounding me, as I walk this path to despair
The frost lays on the ground, as I hunt my life's blood.
In the mists of winter's night, I hear the call of the wind
I hear whispering voice, which calls me to hunt again
I hunt for the need, a need to feed and survive
A taste of blood upon my lips, as sun and sorrows fade.

8. Entwined In The Beauty Of The Horror That It Reflects

Entwined... my life is death
In hope... I cannot escape this fear
In faith... my gods you decay
In death... I lay forever more
What has happened to me,
The past has gone
Into this ever flow,
Of darkness and disease.
For past time that we had,
A wishful thinking thought
All forgotten on this day,
A child to the grave.
Entwined - in life's desirable death
In beauty - you light shall fade
Of horror - this life is saved
Reflects - into deepest hell.
Entwined in the beauty
Of the horror that it reflects.

9. Cursed In Blessed Disguise

The mortal souls remains, burn into my eyes
Life god passion, shall evil rise
Kill the betrayer, his lies and deceit
Victory to the slayer, his sword bites deep
Cursed in blessed disguise, kings are crowned beheaded
Search for the forgotten, buried deep in blood
Cursed in blessed disguise [x4]
Blooded wounds they weep
Morbid are his visions, to Hell fire, the only desire
On death's plain, under Satan's reign, we search for God.

10. Whithered In Bliss, Weeping

The darkness is bewitching, a mighty spell is cast
In the flickering candlelight, shadows twist and sigh
Unlocking the mysteries of the night,
Incense burns smoke rising high
7 points of dust locked to the floor,
A barrier of protection broken
Nocturnal visions escape, untold tales are whispered
A rapturous scream shatters the silence
Deranged menace under blackened wings
In my eyes repulsive beauty is reflected
Burning flesh is entwined
Unmasked midnight passion
Devoured by fevered desire
The enslaved hate is crushing
Unending rage is unleashed
Another has joined the infernal choir
The morbid lament of a twisted corpse
No more foulness will pass its breath
Charcoal statue on a floor of glass
An ancient grimoire is read
Incantations raising the dead
Destroying my soul feeding
Withered in bliss, weeping

11. Morbid Lament


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