Dark Lyrics


1. Crown Of Thorns

Empty walls, hollow words
The unholy secrets of them
I can live without this world

Believe again
I am so dead inside you
So numb without

You are my world
You are the world

...and the holy flesh for me

Bleeding eyes, crown of thorns
I don't long for them
Shining wings and reeking horns
Worship again

I am so lost without you
So divine inside
You are my faith
You are the grace

...sacred water for me

2. Blessed To Forget

It's underway, your history burns
The only tie to tomorrow, and the present...
It's always gone

It's in your spine, your mouth gives birth
To the innocent, stillborn, and the rape...
Is such a bore

Somebody is blessed to forget
Someone is cursed to remember
You're too unwise to suffer

I am I, and you...
Will drown in virtue

In his eyes you're a wet-nurse
Sour milk to the children, and infanticide...
Is already done

3. The Moon Is Your lover... (Darkness Is Thy Kingdom part I)

We stand here together on edge of eternity
In night everlasting; we two, unparted
The night is so cold, but it`s calling me, so desirous
The Full moon Watches over me from above

Emerald eyes stare out from an ivory face
How could it be, that death has such beauty?
Hair as black as the night always is
Night falls always as she awakes

"The moon is you lover, Queen of the Night"
Lips as red as the blood in my veins
At dawn I pray, Come night:
Bring her, Queen of the Night

Your kiss cuts me like a razor
Hold me down and take my heart
Watch as I become just like you
Touch me and I`ll burn like Fire

4. Queen Of The Night (Darkness Is Thy Kingdom part II)

Crowned with fire
dark embrace from the shady kingdom of desire
...Come to me... Queen of the Night
Silence breaks with screams of denial
...In endless faith I call you.. Arise!

Your moist warm breath upon my skin
Ignites a pulsing flame within
Eyes can`t sescribe the burn I feel
I cannot resist, thought the pain is so strong
It`s like... the ending notes of one last song

"Your world is false, but I am real
Light pours forth on the blinded eyes
You face the truth of your self-demise
Shadows slowly dim the light
Darkness intrudes in your silent world
You are the one who travels by night
More lonely you`ll be in the world you scorn
You are an angel disgraced... Queen of the Night"

Like the raven is black, black are the secrets in me
In flames I shall eternally burn, to purify my sinful heart
Darkness tightly holding me, the darkness is she...
Throned as the night`s queen

Release me from this pain (Queen of the Night)
In darkness bring thy light (Queen of the Night)

5. Shadowdancer

Have you seen the setting sun?
Let darkness obscure all the light
Have you felt the creeping one?
The Dark Angel of the blessed night

...And the sun is shielding you no more
It's time to go...
To the Kingdom of twilight; of pleasure and delight
It's time to go...

Don't hide your fear
Lay down in the circle of candles
From the shadows he will come
Dancing in the light of the moon
So it will be...

Sword carves the flesh
Blood dyeing the ground red
Innocent victim, of ruined mind
Angel of the fallen ones... here is thy desire

...And the sun is shielding you no more
It's time to go...
To the Kingdom of twilight; of pleasure and delight
It's time to go...

6. Opera 666: The Whore

Moon, dive with me
To the abyss where no-one has ever been
Shield me on my journey, show me the way
Through the journey, which called as a dream

I opened my eyes, something had changed
Like I'd be still asleep, how this dream is so real...

"The last, deadly dance in the night
with a moon still burning so bright"

Oh. How beautiful she was...
I kissed her black painted lips
Her face was so cold and pale
Breath like a cold breeze
and eyes like bloody dawn

She looked into my eyes, with eyes which glowed so red
I called from the mist, to dance with forgotten souls of slumber
How could she resist?

Wind touched me with it's cold breath
Night began to turn to dawn
Spells of night fading away
Everything had been like in a dream...
But still I believe, from the mist she will see
With eyes which glow always so red...

7. Wasted

The time which we had wasted, had passed forever
The love which we had tasted, is now disgraced

For years we had aparted been,
now it's like centuries for me
Less forlorn I might be,
if it has been only a dream...

So fell she asleep
And lost were life and love
As in my dream
In the dream... of tragedy

As I take a breath of night,
I cry through the twilight
I lead her into the night,
and as an angel she was dressed in white

So fell she asleep
And lost were life and love
As in my dream
In the dream... of tragedy

And life will be going on,
and never will she be reborn
And so it will be,
from lonely night to lonely dawn

8. Storms Of Silence

Together we walk from night 'til dawn

I'm the fire which burns
In dark, dark desires
I'm the pain you feel
The pain what I have seen
I'm the wind which blows
Over the sky, in the night

Together we walk, from the night 'til dawn
Through the storms of silence
In the dust of eternity we drown

I'm the darkest one - like a raven of the night
I'm the strongest one - my hands full of blood

Forever I have been, and forever I shall see
Centuries go by, but it's always the same...
Strongest of all: Death, is my name

Night veils their fears - always, I'll be there
I intrude in their dreams - in dark hours of the night

Line up:
Tony Naykki - Guitars
Timo Puranen - Keyboards
Mikko Kaipainen - Guitars
Sauli Karkkunen - Male Vocals
Anu Kohonen - Female Vocals
Timo Kollin - Drums

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