Dark Lyrics


1. End User

Only one signature
Only one word
Only one wink
Thousands are dying!
And without mercy
Sadistic deviants
Soldiers for sale
Can kill all nations

Gun is the only legislator and if you wanna you can buy the war
That's why hatred is a sister of death
And our world is floating in blood

The staffs of killers
Work for maniacs
Important scientists
Lookin' for new arms!
The traffic of life
In the light of law
Legal corruption
Endless debauchery!

Does our generation
Have to fight for
The bright sunlight
Live in age for sale!
Death - warrant for you
Death - warrant for me
Somebody sells peace
Were waitin' for the end!

They're only dreaming
About new ways
How to kill more people
In the cheapest way!
This is obsession
In their minds
Deviant ideas
For new bucks

Gun is... etc.

2. Reagression

Cruel assassins are burning the world
Black wings are taking the contaminated sun
It's genetic return, high up in depressing life
For each your step
Thousands of being are paying

Worlds justice on the front lines
Has killed my friends
We are all touched by sickness of blindness

In the green valleys
On the peaks of mountains
On the cross of Christ
I can see just fire avalanche

Aggression - in my eyes
Regression - in my hands
Tell me how it looks from above

Desperately in need for the first flower
Desperately in need for the wilderness

It seems that no one cares at all
Your burning bush had to be burned out
And there is one place where we still can go
Your bloody fingers won't reach me there

Aggression... etc.

3. Mental Alienation

Do you hear, what I hear?
Everybody can tell you:
"Eat this shit"
Do you see, what I see?
Everybody can stab you -
Knife in the back

I come back again
To contaminated world
My schizophrenic dream
Is over!
Gates of my dreams
Shut behind me
Too much reality!
Too many lies!

Chaotic violence!
Turn around- and look at my land!
Give me your hand - let's go away
The world will know
Alone I call to ease the pain!

I came... etc.

The end has just began
We are insured against the truth,
We are born with a lie!
So we must go far away!

No time to change my fate
I have no land, everything is so alone
Fuckin maze...

Madness! Everywhere!
Madness! Everywhere!

Angry money cannot swallow me
Everybody can kill you
But justice is right!
And I'll show you the sun
Our laughter will be heard
Over clouds!

4. Blasphemy

Holy fire, holy guns!
Blessed killers and prayer for kiss,
Did you see all this?
So tell me preacher
Why I can't believe?

Age of distrust!
Age of lies!
Love and pay!
Your god will protect you!

Why is there not in me
This fire of holy faith?
I've heard the voice from above
I was called excommunicated
I was sentenced to death!

Age... etc.

Because I looked for a place,
Where heaven touches earth
And fire combines with water
Where there are different crosses

Look deep in those deceitful eyes
I read between the lies
Religious blackmail abuse of trust
An inquiry, is it blasphemy?

Age... etc.

Refuse To Live

Everybody's lookin' for a reason to live!
Everybody's talkin' bout state of his own mind!
Everybody's fightin' for his promised land!
But they never, they don't know, it is not to be found...

Every sunrise, every sunset,
My mind wanders where she leads it,
On the paths filled with silence
Were together like evil flowers
What am I trying to do?
What am I trying to say?
I surrender to sin,
Everything's passing away!

In the world full of nothing!
It is easy to believe at all!
Though it means something!
And to sleep away, but alone!

Where everything is dark
Keeps us safe from reality
I'm waitin' for the night
It's easier to live and forget fear

I'm waitin' for the sweetest injection
And nothing then can stop me
My wounds aren't healing inside me
An I realize it doesn't matter!
I didn't ask to be born
I didn't ask for this pain
Don't try to understand me
There are only lost hopes of mine...

In the world... etc.

Before I sink into great sleep
I kiss her lips covered with ice
You can believe what it does to me
To see you cryin tonight
There were many wasted days
There were many wasted years
Slavic night full of warmth
I am sure, shall give me paradise

5. One Way

Altars collapsed, monuments are ruined
Somebody's cried "No more faith"!
Divided world is covered with chaos,
I'm one among rocks, but am I alive?

This is one way!
The only way!
This is one way!
This is one way!
The only way!
This is one way!

I was tossed by storm of violence
I ran away from that interior
I burned that forest behind me,
Where I could never find my way!

This is... etc.

Night like moment
Over the pit is bending
And suddenly falls with cry
Winds are still, flames are gone
I cut the bell of my heart
And stained myself with mud!

Over all heads
I saw my land
My world covered by fog of blindness
Follow my steps - I tell you truth!
This is the only way
To survive

This is... etc.

Every day I step among the overthrown
By hurricane of crosses,
In every place and time
I can touch you
Don't ask me: why?
Just come to me

6. Scum

In the dark streets
Terrible cry resounds
Here awe is the only solution
In the shadow of
The dirty walls
The kingdom of desire arose!

Somebody asked me
Whether I touched the bottom
And every night I can see
The bloody answer engraved
On the stones!

And forgotten children
Down in desert storms
Tears born from the pain
Rinse gold for ages!
Come here and shout
Straight in my face
That death is not hard
That your words will never
Sink in ocean of blood
Sink in ocean of our... blood!

Day divides the nights
My days are bright
Filled with pain
I have to learn to forget!

The streets are different
Pain always the same
Famine in your heart
Aching to be free!

7. Disaster Area

Silently screaming I can't stand this savagery
This huge machine of human madness
Nobody wanna say, my lands fallen apart
Streets of the cities willed with misery

Disaster! Area!
Disaster! Area!

It's not a dream but my world
With unforgiven scream on every wall
It's not lie, but truth which I watch
Filled with depression, hate and alcohol

Arsenal of frenzy
Is used everyday
Fuckin psychopaths
Lead to annihilate
On the concrete desert
Swirling spirit of death
Were running around
But we can't go away

Here's no winner, here's no smile
Flags wipe away tears of lost hopes
Breaking human laws they're making new orders
I don't wanna look at this - only human scraps
Peace then war!
Friend then foe!
Love then hatred!
Happy then sad! Till your death!

Arsenal of... etc.

Horror is coming dawn by dawn
Thousands of victims day by day
And desperations drives to suicide
Terrible life in disaster area

Disaster! Area!

Lost consciousness will never return
The foreseen future it's final scene
The show of our life is coming to the end
The race for power makes them fuckin insane

Arsenal of... etc.

Hands well tied up destroy every art
The wildest instinct guides every mind
How to survive and don't be like all

Wojciech Hoffmann ‒ Guitars
Marcin Białożyk ‒ Guitars
Radosław Kaczmarek ‒ Bass

Thanks to wojtek.987 for sending these lyrics.

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