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1. Us

The song of the clouds is coming
The twilight's doors is opening
Be hailed the hard
Who sang before

Our blood runs strongest
Our souls dance in the cosmos
We, the sons of nature
Willacclaim the son of the clouds

The herald of the island in near
Let's open our hearts -- no fear
The wonder world is leaving
To where will not come back again

So let's raise our heads
The gate is closing now
Let's remember where we came from
From the venter of the of the great mother

Let's kiss our earth
Precious divinal earth
Let's sing with thee swallows us...

2. Tuatha De Danann

The bringers of the sun -- they who came from the sky
Tuatha de danann is their names
An magical people who came to stay
With them they brings four mighty treasures
Wonderful faeries came with them

Indescribable is their beauty

A light arise in the sky -- the faery people shine
They lead by nuada's hand -- the great king of this lands
They all fought in moytura against the formors of ballor
So a young boy called lugh defy him to a single fight

The formor giant ballor was slainned by lugh his grandson
His eyes flew up into heavens so it became the sun

Dagda lord of wisdom-guide our souls to wisdom
Drown us in your magic cauldron-bless our journey

So the milesians came to take the faeryland
So what they can do now? Will be the end of them?
So they went to Tir Nan Og the beautiful land of youthness
Led by dagda they all gone the lord of reason took them all

All of them still alive live in the land of the free
This land call Tir Nan Og a place beyond our dreams

3. Beltane

We deserve to know- how all this begin
The drvid's knowledge now is just our past
But the beltane's fire still burn on our veins
We cannot reject our past and our dreams

When the flames of behame shine again on these days
Our blood will run stronger then
The land prosperity is the hands of our queen
When she find again the horned king

They run in the woods to make the oldest dance
The fall of winter rise summer (spring)
Beltane -- beltane
Your fire light my soul and now I'm waiting again or you
Beltane -- beltane
The flames of your fire now is turning on my desire

That is the day -- great beautiful day
Wite the both sides -- raise your head with pride
Dance in the fire -- ecstasyin the woods
Embrace the may queen -- insanier fly

The music is over king / queen around the fire
The fire of beltane is calling us


4. The Bards Of The Infinity

From the past we've come
Through the rainbows gate
Beyond the sea's sundown
Across the sea's waves

Singing songs with the flowers
Flying with the blue birds
We will shine again

We're the bord's of the infinity
From the past we've come
Through the rainbow's gate
Acron the sea's wave

Till the land of immortals
Upon crows we'll fly
Singing with the faeries
We're the magic bards

We're the songs of twilight
We are guide by moons hand
With our songs we'll put the
Magic in the air

With our magic harp
We will face all of them
So you'll see the power
Of the cloud's son

Now we must win the wall of times
With the queen of the witches
Upon her crow's well fly
Try to understand
We will shine again

5. Queen Of The Witches

Come here, my queen Morrigu the witch
We ask your help -- oh queen of the witches

In the battlefields she looks like a crow
So Dark, so black-oh my beautiful lady of death
Guide me to the victory's way
Show me please your magic place
Give me force to lead the day
Bless my magic sword

With your power they'll follow me
Wash me with your stronger magic
Look at me-guide me with your wisdom
Bless my sword my crow of death

Come here...

Put me into you-fountain of sin
Drown me in their blood
Blood of my enemies
Now the wind whispers my name
Let me now show me again
I'm the bard, the king, and the slave
It was a great day

With your power...

Come here...
With your power they...

6. Faeryage

Long ago, when there was no time
A man calls the four seasons with his harp
Fairies fly near us, and Oengus send his kisses to the lovers

Long ago, when there was no time
A man calls the four seasons with his harp
Fairies fly near us, and Oengus send his kisses to the lovers
In the fields of mother moon,
All we dance in circle
Celebrating the good things she gave us -- and take away our sorrows

At this time all the beautiful things were alive
Wonderful flowers with great stones walk hand by hand
Rainbow's key was on our hands
But we lost it with ignorance

This was the faeryage, the wonderful time
The spirits of nature, lived by our side
Flying with the butterflies we knew the sky
Dance with the great clouds
...We lived this time

Listen to my song, my name is Dagda
The father of all, I have the wisdom
My magic harp has tree good tunes
The tune of the laughing, of the sleep and sorrow

So, the shadows of the moon darkened all our souls
The key of rainbow falls fr4om our hands
And the fairies were gone
Take me to the magic world let me see my mommy
My mom is goddess moon, my mom is goddess Danu.

7. Oisin

I'll tell you a old history about a young boy called Oisin
He was son of Finn Mac Cumhial the most wise man king of fenians

He was invited to go to Tir Nan Og
The land of the youth and of the free
So to there he went with the princess Niamh the Princess
Of golden hair Daugher of Manannan Mac Lir

He goes beyond the sanity
His power dominate his face
In faeryworld he entered with his love
The young boy Oisin with his maiden
He goes beyond the sanity
To live with his supreme love
In a land where there's no sadness
But one day he witch's to return

He can't touches the ground in Eire
If he touches he can't return
But he fell down and became
A weak and blind man
If you ask me to forgiveness
If you ask you'll be save
But if you recuse I'll tell you...
You'll burn in hell

8. Inrahma

I have seen through the mirror of the like
I touch the ground from my mother earth
I burn the plants to the grand fire
The holy winds my father air

Into the mirror of water I was traveling looking for my destiny

Oh great mother Danu please guide me
Bless my long way and looks to me
I'll thank you eternally

The moon arises in the sky tell me that I must to stop now
My body is weak I drink the wine, I don't remember what I saw

Holy was the visions that I see -- I lost my mind please don't blame me
The gods of destiny impedes me
Ah Imrahma...

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