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1. Pray For The Dead

The one you love is dead
feeling so empty inside
I know it hurts

Out from the depths
I cry to you
shed all your tears
for the one, who is dead

We loved you in life
hate you in death
how could you leave me here
all alone


poor souls wait for the Lord
paying for sins which have not been paid in life
pray for the dead - for it is of faith that these poor souls
can be saved

He`s not to blame for his death
For his death
one day his fate will be yours
and we`ll pray for you.

2. Fear No Evil

In the midst of the darkness
A man dressed in Black
He is the one cast down from heaven
and is alive in him

Beware the son of Satan
born of a jackal
from the land of the demons
I believe it`s hell

The man cares nothing for you
he only wants your soul
you have the right to choose your way
don`t play the fool


We must stand together
believe in love
for Jesus Christ will save
Sinners of creation

3. The Wish

Living in a world of delour
hate a part of life
if that`s all we live for
then I would rather... die.

I`m going mad, can`t you see my pain
I pray to you God, won`t you please help me
fulfill my deathwish
it`s my only chance for escape

losing touch with reality
what is left for me
Suicide? is death my only way
or is it life, life woth you Lord

I am trying to find my way
through fields of hope
the only flame that burns inside
is my mortal death.

My dream is love
love for everyone
Show me the way lord
show me the way to be free.

My mind is lost, had no hope to live
all alone with no one to care
so much pain I can`t go on
you had the faith where others had none.

When I say that I need someone
all I need is you lord only you
you showed me the way to live
you saved me from my wish of death

I`d give my life to my Lord
reaching out you heard my cry for help
take my troubles and take my soul
I know you love me, and that`s all I need.


My mind is free, I`m saved at last
all the pain has been drawn from me
never thought how good life could feel
your love has helped me make it through


4. The Truth Is What Is

Children, they grow in a house of love
filled with hate, but I never cried
living in dreams that are reality
can`t you see, they are calling for me

Problems on their minds just get worse
everyone is here but I`m all alone
Feelings of depression, adolescent times
can`t you see, there is nowhere to hide

I`ll never understand
why they think we`re wrong
tryin? to change me,
tryin` to run my life
leave me alone
don`t want to be like you
don`t want to see like you
how can I believe in me

close your eyes, look into your mind
see yourself as you really are
as you really are.
Don`t be lost in your self sorrow
know the meaning of what you are.
No more lies, only you know the truth
no one but you
it has to be you.

In our lives, there are changes everyday
don`t run away
Just remember who you are
and what you can be
have faith and your dreams will come true

Sometimes you think, that tomorrow will never come
don`t let it get you down
Live your life in your own way
be what you want
have faith and your dreams will come true.

5. Wickedness Of Man

Man was not created for hate
deceitful minds plotting revenge
we are cast with eternal fate
share your love

Life is short, sometimes hell
empty hearts full with sin
we are doomed the message will tell
share your love

Wicked man, find peace of mind
Wicked man, find love for mankind
war & sin, will never win
Peace & love, will rise us up above
Life or death, depends upon oneself
Heaven and hell

Wicked man, find peace of mind
Wicked man, find love for mankind.

6. Gideon

Looking at the world today
what so you see
People like you and I
waiting to be free
do we even have a chance
it is hard to tell
with all this fighting and killing
this could be hell

Have you been discouraged
hard times bringing you down
Fight on! I know you can make it
prove it to yourself

Working hard just to survive
can it be done?
We`re only trying to make life better for our son
all I want is to serve my purpose
can`t get past today
will there always be someone
trying to take it away


Listen now to what I say
to all that have dared
you got to change your ways
I know that you`re scared
fear not the Lord is with us
he can save us all
my hope lies in his hands
please hear his call


The spirit of Gideon
lives in the hearts
of any determined band
that refuses to be discouraged
by hopeless odds
and fights on to victory
"By the sword of the Lord and of Gideon."

7. The Skull

This is my body
my sacrifice to you
this is my blood
which shall be shed for your sins
i have come to be the light of the world
not to judge but to save all of you

As darkness sets,
the agony begins
one of you will betray me with a kiss of death
pray that you may not enter into temptation
God gives me strength, I`m going to be crucified

A crown of thorns
and disgraced by scourge
I took up my cross
had to carry it to the skull
do not weep for me, but for you
and your children
Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
Why did we turn our backs on him
how could we let it happen
just stood and stared at the man on the cross
the time will come when we must face life alone.

You got to make up your mind
for what you know is right
let`s not be another face in the crowd
we can do it together

Let us pray
for those who crucify - christ have mercy
for fools who follow fools - christ have mercy
for those who walk in darkness - christ have mercy
and for all of you - Christ will come again.

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