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1. 667


2. Fallen World (Including 'Human Race')

[Genesis 1-4; Job 7:1; Ecclesiastes 1-12]

I look outside into a clouded greying sky
I feel the sorrow, yet no tears burn in my eyes
I ask a question and the tide begins to swell
"Why does the world around me
often feel like Hell?"

I feel so all alone
My flesh, it crawls
My spirit groans

We try, we struggle to undo the damage done
We burn our lives away in vain beneath the sun
There is a reason why the road we tread is hard
It should be different but our lineage is marred

We work the land alone
No love can grow
From hearts of stone

Man and women, He made them
to fill and master all the earth
But the serpent deceived
And God's children believed
Then passed the sickness on through birth

We bear the cost of their offense
But God has not left us for dead
He sent his Son as recompense
And He did crush the serpent's head

And so the answer is not found by human force
But when I reckon with my sin and know remorse
I give my heart up to the Maker of it all
The One who cared enough
To come and catch my fall

I am more then flesh and bone
This fallen world is not my home

3. Redeemed

[Psalms 107:2; Job 19:25]

"Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so"

"I know my Redeemer lives,
And in the end He will stand
Upon the earth"

4. Longing


5. Forever After

[Parody of "After Forever" by Black Sabbath]

Have you ever been taught about your soul?
You can be saved
And so I ask death, "O where is thy sting?
Or thy victory, grave?"
For God has numbered the hairs of your head
And He cares for you
And your name can be found in the
Book of Life
When this life is through

When you draw your final breath
Will a life after death
Still seem a notion for fools?

Would you like to live in hope,
Not at the end of your rope?
All Jesus to rule.
Walk into the truth, walk into the light
And He will change your ways
Seek Him now while He can be found
Before the end of your days

Would you like to know today
Before you pass away
How you can be free of all this strife?
Put your faith in Christ and just realize
That He is the Way, the Truth and the Life

Do you hesitate in the debate
Of how it is that three can be one?
Make no mistake, God is the Father,
God is the Spirit, God is the Son

I know it is true it was me and you
That crucified Christ
He took our sin upon Himself
He paid the price
He died for all, He would've died for one
Just believe
He gave His life that we might live
Now just receive

Perhaps you'll make your choice this day
Before you're dead and gone
No compromise, repent and be baptized
For Christ is the One
Eternity is a long, long time
So please don't hesitate
But there's always hope while you're alive
It's never too late!

6. Flower

[Matthew 13:3-8; 18-30; Philippians 1:6]

"You're a flower child, You know
'Kum-Ba-Yah' and all that."
-Trever Hoisington

Father, take this seed
For I am waiting among the weeds
Plant me in the fertile ground
Where Your richness and mercies abound

Where my life was undone,
Something new had begun

Break me - my shell
Cause my spirit inside to swell
Guide me through the toil
Move me up through the soil

Will I fade away?
Or die in the heat of the day?
I want to push on through
An in the morning bring glory to You

Drench me with living rain
That I may never thirst again
Clothe me in your grace
Safe and warm in Your Son's embrace

For He who began this good work in me
Is able and faithful to make it complete
I'll turn to His light
and His goodness repeat
Over and over again...

See me, I'm alive!
In Your garden I grow and thrive
Gentle, calm and still
I am rooted within Your will

And as my petals unfold
Speaking mysteries long foretold
The world is not enough room
For the faith of a flower in bloom

7. Dood


8. Lust (Including 'Testimony' & 'Droon')

[Proverbs 6:25; Matthew 5:27-28; 1 John 2:16]

"As a result, we are more and more directing the desires
of men to something which does not exist - making the role
of the eye in sexuality more and more important and at the
same time making its demands more and more impossible,
What follow you can easily forecast!" - Screwtape
[C.S. Lewis - "The Screwtape Letters"]

Seductive images
Creating an illusive mind
A gifted young imagination
Twisting 'til it binds

Here it comes again
Through my dreams, through my eyes
Fatal attraction
I desire, I despise
This constant battle
Cannot be heard above my cries
"Please hold me up Lord!
So I won't fall for these lies!"

Nurtured by the media
A wretched social disease
Infected my innocence
Brought me to my knees

Brought me to my knees

This is the story of my life
And how I've struggled with it
It looks good, it feels good
It's NOT good, it's NOT worth it!

They tell you, "Look but just don't touch"
I tell you they are lying
I let this lust invade my heart
I only end up crying

This fantasy cannot begin
To fill the void within you
This hole was left inside your Heart
So God could reside in you

Habitual sin
Perpetual desire
Driven by a hunger
To play around the fire

Here it comes again
Through my dreams, through my eyes
Fatal attraction
I desire, I despise
This constant battle
Cannot be heard above my cries
"Please hold me up Lord!
So I won't fall for these lies!"

Clutching at the emptiness
Of what cannot be had
Cause enough for sadness
It's no surprise I'm said

No surprise I'm sad

9. Look On The Cross

[Job 31:1; John 3:14; 12:32]

"The damage is done
My child, it's time to change
And from this way of life
To find yourself estranged
Now seek forgiveness
And reap this loss
Your strength must come from Jesus
And His blood sacrifice upon the Cross"

"Look on the Cross! Look on the Cross"

10. Dawn


Kevin Mack: Vocals, Bass
Ian McDuyhard: Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Mac "Gregory" Hines: Drums
Randy Michaud: Vocals, Guitars

Thanks to trogdawn for sending these lyrics.

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