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1. Shouting Aloud

Reach down to the Earth
We will know the meaning of power
If God is dead let's take the world
From now on destiny is ours

Steel and disease to the bones
Raging against all we stand for

I'll make use all return
Back to the heathen shores
Proudly on raven wings
We will overthrow
What always made us weak

Loud, shouting aloud, we're ready to fight
Breaking the bounds of the nations
Loud, shouting aloud, we're shaking the ground
For a new revelation

Reach back to the Earth
For all that is scarring in me

2. When The Enemy's Close

Hear my calling

We'll live, we'll bleed
We'll grow like a raging fire...
Or we will be ruled by liars

Their hell awaits, an age of hate is coming
You'll see our peace is fading away

We need to be one when the enemy's close
Then you'll see the enemy fall
We need to be one when the enemy's close
Hear my calling

Today they killed to give our sons a lesson
We'll teach to keep fear from our way

With a song that's keeping us together
That we'll shelter for long
Through these times our hardest ever
Fate's giving us the choice

3. Death Blow

You live to calm your avarice
And hunger for wealth
Your soul is dry like a wilted flower
The great dream of power
Is already crumbling
What is it for when everything's gone?

Soon you'll be on your own
Then you'll find out
Hiding by, yearning for the death blow
Hiding by, greed in your veins grows...
Making you die for gold

Behold the door is closing,
Your strenght decays now
It's time to clean your guilt
Before the dawn comes
Your wills and desires are all you lived for
What is it for when everything's gone?

4. Echo Through The Days

Spare me - from the lies
I was always driven to believe
Spare me - they'd surround me
In the darkness
For my time is coming to the end...
And'ive no rest

Had I felt the soothing wind before
Seen the agening trees climb up forever
But you'll hear my name
Echo through the days
Then you will know
I ran away from the storm

Calmly and in peace
Like an infant walking to the gates
Take me - such heart never felt hatred
For to die in peace is to return
To Mother Earth

5. Everything Returns

Don't you see how the night is falling?
Don't you see the end is coming?
For all the past I left Behind m
I learned that everything returns

You must pay in life for all that you did
There's no place for sorrow
Grieve for old days
And you will get nowhere, you'll see

Too many take the easy way out
They will die as cowards
They will sell what is ours
For a fake little jewel
And keep it all for themselves

6. The Snake & The Pit

Followed the snake to the pit,
Room for lost souls
They took me to sleep,
With a thought to choke on

Who wants to live seeking saviours
And reap what is sown
In a never-ending circle?

No water drag me, no flame can harm me
I rise higher and higher
No chain can bound me, No eyes defy me
I rise higher and higher

Fear will feed with what you let in
You won't see how firm the rein is

I'm not the man you betrayed,
Now I know that
Hope isn't my game, It is a jail made for us
I saw the fiends drool for my skin
But I stepped without fear
As I walked they made way for me

7. The Might In My Blood

When you rode with your hordes
Down through the glen
In your eyes what I thought
Could be our end

A fire inside in control
Ancient and fierce
Begged for blood of yours
Shed on the field

Now's the time... Soon you'll die
For the ground is now clear
between you and I

And I hold...

All our might in my blood
No one will ever shed my blood
All our might in my blood
Not one of your swords will shed my blood

You are not hard to defeat
Stepped from your masks
Severed heads laid in row
Will prize my wrath

8. Galloping Shadows


9. Becoming

"Repeat" - says the liar
"Repeat a thousandfold"
A lie into the truth becomes
Beneath the power always lie the weak
For whom the lie becomes real

Tales of equality for the cattle
The rule is to remain asleep,
Not knowing who's who
Never dream out of tune

Playground of Darkness
Children of deceit
Pray and then have your meal

Becoming - Walls falling down
Falling down to the ground
Becoming - On goes the storm
Sweeping who dares the throne
On goes the storm

10. Everlasting Lie

Real and grim 'til the end of our days
Looking from within,
You're going to find me
Counting sins with an eye
Stinging in like an arrow

Feed on the guilt of those who believe

Hear the rhyme, the everlasting lie
Dare to defy it... Everlasting lie

Running blind to the saviour of souls
They were told about...
But they don't find him
In the eyes and the face
Of a cold lifeless idol

11. Awakening


12. The Power & The Will

Some men just want a soul to devour
Some men just want to make their way
Some men go through their life
Meek and tired
Some men just laugh at their fate

To seek for an answer, to hold one inside

Through the power, burning like fire
Guided by desire to their freedom forever

Some men believe in God... Always praying
Hoping another life will come
They will look to the sky that is graying
Wondering what wrong they have done

Pablo Allen: Bagpipes, Whistles
Ranz: Drums
Juan José Fornés: Guitars, Vocals
Diego Rodríguez: Bass

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