Dark Lyrics


1. Conjoined

Long for obliteration
born from a lack of hope
that sunken eyed reflection
the darkest afterglow

Nailed to it for a lifetime
I’ll sever, this time
Recoil from the death blow
and pain a thousand fold
we are conjoined

At five AM, compulsion
With no place left to go
The piercing cries of guilty
The only song you know

And will you stand before me?
Demanding sacrifice?
Which protocols to sever
If I’m to save my life?

Should I be afraid?
if I go down, you’re going down with me
This ends tonight

2. Believers In Black

from demagogues, the hate increases
seek not the truth, obey your leaders
war gods prey on grief
and spread like sickness their beliefs

All hail to kings, the liberators
Arrive on tides of gasoline
one hand, giveth life
the other hand will twist the knife

believers in black

One more fallen hero on display
Another effigy in flames

In empty words, the fate of nations
face thy enemy, it’s in your reflection
End, times cometh now
the final chapter shows you how

Your safety compromised
by those who praise the lord
no light that we can find
Pitch black in the shadow of swords

3. Blueprints Of Metaphor

I know the rage, page after page that told me nothing
a few twisted half truths, some outright lies
dependency, it fills a need, believe in something
a new breed of victim, in line to die
and they don’t ask why

So bow down, so give in
the vultures circling again
they sleep well, they do sin
and our clock is ticking again

Revelation, ruination
Blueprints of metaphor
Ghosts of hatred, the darkest divinations
thy will be done

no burning souls, no endtime roles, unless we make them
no resurrections, no chosen ones
page after page, it sets the stage, for dumbass mayhem
Silence the pious eternally, and finally

So liberate, from your own superstition

They build their weapons,
For they know they can’t be wrong
prepared to meet their god
as they cast us into the new dark ages

4. In The Misery Machine

Rotten. Institution.

Wash out the red with black and white

fear is a way of life, around the corner it is there
steroid machinery to smash tomorrow’s prayers

in the mouth of madness, and you won’t like what you see
vicious entertainment, hail the misery machine

Dead man, in the river
bound hands and feet, ruled suicide

Behind the silence, danger and disease will breed below
dead last in hearts and minds, despised and rightly so

in the mouth of madness, and you won’t like what you see
human lives caught in the teeth of the misery machine

And every day, the taste of fear
(in the ruthlessness of cold)
there’s no mercy for us here
(beneath the waves, how many souls?)

and daylight doesn’t even stand a chance
against the crooked shadows that you cast

5. With Only Sorrow Now

Through freezing cold, through burning ash
through seasons, only loss will last
around the void we dug a grave
to bury what we could not save

So won’t you show me how
So won’t you tell me now?

What can I do
where can I go
with only sorrow now
How can we sleep
how can we breathe
with only sorrow now

The cold reality comes fast
it drives a stake right through the past
you led me so far from my home
and now I stagger back alone

Please take me out of this place
lift us out of this phase
show me the meaning of forever
show me forever

6. All The Promises

Where were you
When I was freezing by the river?
Where was your kind
When I was screaming in the fire?
Pouring gasoline…

Upon my bones
The building of an empire
The dust of souls
The building of…character?
Pour the gasoline

All the promises
So distant, watch them fade
All the promises you made

Save your breath
no time for liars where I’m going
Life on one’s knees
Not nearly worth my living

7. Upon This Day

It’s been weighing on my mind
think about it all the time
and I know that I can’t stay for much longer

I’ve been planning my escape
last resorts and fail-safes
and the things I leave behind are forever

My time will soon be over
They won’t tear my heart from my chest
Leave nothing behind but the flesh
when they lay me to rest

Is there any saving grace?
Just how will I leave this place?
there are those content to crawl
for any dignity at all
but I’ve got a better way

No more time for suffering now
Leave this all behind

Thorn in my side

Beat me into submission
I won’t participate
I will not wear a mask for you
I will not play this game

I will leave this behind
Only taking what’s mine
there will be no regrets
on the day that lay me to rest

8. Ancestor

Protector… of the darkness in all hearts
the contradiction pacifies
The scope of tyrants, panoramic now
as lies fall from a bastard’s crooked mouth

The golden era, bloodstained and wrong
The way it has been, all along
The numbers rising, the names have changed
All else the same. Ancestor.

eyes carved in stone, can not reveal
Human feces smeared across our frail divinity
forever….our own worst enemy

high priests and traders, prey on the weak
the exploitation of what you believe
the choice of hunger or slavery
The truth is that the ways of old are hardly gone
the oppressed still scream the song…

The way it has been, all along
The numbers rising, the names the same
Nothing has changed. Ancestor.

Contagious ignorance, your promise is defiled
Amnesiac, repeat the past, again.
again and again and again.

First. Last. Only.

9. Embracing Nothing

What goes around
belongs to cowards
what comes around
might force you under

Who sets the measures that we cower to?
was never me and it should not be you

I was reaching out for something
just more than they’ll allow
I was reaching out for one thing
embracing nothing now

a gracious host
does not await us
the scorn of most
a mighty chorus

Just as oppressive as our nemesis
what venue left for real grievances?

When you come to doubt it
I can do without it
Just get used to it somehow

Nothing new can come of this
better days my catalyst
I’m embracing nothing now

So where were you when this meant something?
on the deathbed, in the womb?

Now we’re no better than our nemesis
I always knew that it would come to this

10. Spirit Leaves

[Bonus Track]

Throw me from the highest skies
drown me in the deepest sea
Let none object now
where are you, my oldest friend
to pull me from the spike again?

This game is never ending
changing in me
and in the darkest hour
the spirit leaves

Let my sorrows block the sun
Tell my foes that they have won
Let none object now
all I’ve got that’s unabused
and all you want is to be amused

This game is never ending
changing in me
and in the darkest hour
the spirit leaves

This game is always changing
it’s ending me
just when it’s badly needed
the spirit leaves

All our heroes have their flaws
All our idols, merely stone
Spirit leaving me – all things must end

This game is never ending
changing in me
and in the darkest hour
the spirit leaves

This game will not be ending
it’s chained to me
and in the final hour
the spirit leaves

Usha Rajbandari – Bass
Adam Kopecky – Drums
Mark Sugar – Vocals, Guitars
Ryan Bruchert – Guitars

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