Dark Lyrics


1. Daddy's Happy

In need of extreme sensations
You can fuck your dirty life.
While listening to our madness, frustrations
Still you remain with your ordinary life!

Daddy's happy

You are the fucked up one!
Eating your fucking shit
After pissing on my life
Like me after washing hands covered in spit!

Making money for the god of profit
Buying (your) security from society's greed
What will I eat today, while the children
Are dying from hunger!

Learn to respect everybody and commit suicide
In the silence of a school learn to glorify yourself
Preach the morals that apply to everyone but you
The pathetic embodiment of a silly jerk deified!

Guilty of being the devil's son
Classified plague stricken to the bone
You can judge me but when looking out the window
Daddy's happy

2. Glowing Cloud

Nobody listens to you,
Nobody wants to hear you
Nobody and nothing since always
Lost and forgotten soon forbidden
Shut up motherfucker and pay!
For what you are!

(it's) easy to become crazy!

Without money, without hope in tomorrow
When people cry with a face of sorrow
My butt on a sofa, head burning drunk,
I don't care, and daddy's happy!

We are blood of life
And free poison it too
This earth is hot
Like a beautiful whore/war!
No more fucking solution
For a world of depression
Look, in your own eyes
The only problem is the human race!

Become the menace, become a virus
Become wreck less, become poisonous
In a breath of a glowing cloud!
We are the glowing cloud!

3. Blink Of Time

Sometimes when I see my life
This world, these times and the cult of lies
I just want to understand why
I can't live like I want to

Too many bastards spitting on my face
Telling me how to think
About my mind ans vision of this earth
While you are just a number

You just live for the time of a blink
So don't waste you're time with what the others think

No remorse, No regrets
No masters, No god
Just filling my life beyond
All I can do

Everything can change all at once
You can lose or be crushed like nothing
And you will hear sleep well tonight
While everybody sleeps well everybody

Fuck it all
Fuck off
Fuck you

4. Addicted To Oblivion

What do I want to forget to day?
Once again betting on my shitty life
Drowning my fucking self esteem
Into bottles of sweet vice

Another round
Again and more

Completely plastered it seems so clear
Shit faced but I don't fucking care!
Midnight life until morning hangover
Going with the wind in the wrong train!

Surrounded by the night life people
A crooked smile on my face,
But still on my own
Cease the day in my only faith
Drink up! Heal the pain
Reckless! Feel the strain
Until the filthiest arouse in my spirit
How long until I start longing for it!

Sleeping with my clothes on
Waking up my own vomit
Last night seems like a dream
My sanity forever gone!

5. Inner Hell

I don't know I don't Is it real?
Whatever happens I can't change!
I'm just a lonely fuck!
Endless nightmares betrayed my deranged conscious
It's over no more stories I made up!

I just wanna corrupt, humiliate, abuse
Of a life for the time I cum
Give me more It's never enough!
Body fluids, the stench, ecstatic screams
Biting is better than kissing, look into my eyes

I don't know if it will calm me down
Your fear or your turn down moans

Stabbing not to kill just for pleasure
Feel my blade going deep inside

Give me more It's never enough!
From now on I couldn't care less
Nothing can stop me not even what you call humanity
Call my fantasy madness
I call it necessity

And now it's for real!!!

6. Unexpectable Lies

Regardless of what you think!
I'm alive, and out of control
Watch it crumble then feel it sink
Laws, society, the downfall of morals
The dawn of a new age
Beyond the holy law of carnage

You can cry but nothing will ever change
Neither your misery, no your complain
I am the one in a million but still nobody
A shadow amongst everybody

You'll get to know me!
Event thought you've never seen me

You'll get to know me
There is no more forgetting

So what do you feel?
When you look through my eyes
Does it give you a hard on?
Don't you dare it's surprise

You're still reading your own fucking life
Still I was behind you all the time

7. And Now...

Endless screams of agony
Conclusion of my own Calvary
Trapped by what I've become
There is no way to escape
Breathless, bruised, feeling down
Yet still on my own Destitute by morality
Like a carrion dying in the trash

Nothing but worms
The lowest creature
Nothing but war
Until Rapture

Addicted to pain killers Felling numb, anxious
I have become ravenous
In need of something spicier

Tame my impulses For it's all I have
Witness of my destruction
Anger is all I gave

Now there's no return
There's no need to look back
While I'm burning away
Everything fades to black

And now My fucking resurrection
Calling me from the dead

8. Usual Crap

Too small, too fat, too shy
Too small; too skinny, too blind
Too twat, too creepy, too "has-been"
To cast myself astray
Too fake, too sly, too boastful
To be right
Too cocky, too dumb, too hateful
To tell me what I do

Tomorrow will be better But it keeps going on
Give me you're usual crap And life goes on
So that you can live on it
You call yourself a friend
While you keep beating on
The sadness that fuels my hands

Too drunk, too fucked, to write
Too chicken shit, too frightened, too much
Fuck you

You don't know who I am
Neither where I come from
So shut up motherfucker
And find someone else to blame
I'm offering you barbwire
And light yourself on fire
Now if I break you're legs
Will you get on you're knees and beg?

9. Become

Restricted by the wrong reasons,
Confined to this crappy vision
My desire narrowed down to a substitute
Too busy to even try to think!

In front of the TV, devoted to plasticity
It all seems so perfect, so far from reality

No matter the channel, it's all so wonderful
Dead drunk, forgetting myself into people's lives

Entertainment has made me another clone
No longer a threat to decency!

Contemplating everything I despise!

No more wasting time with this bullshit
Turning off the TV, lightning up my mind
Reaching for the courage to carry on
My enemy identified

To all those who put me to sleep
And made me a creep
You are my primary target
A civil war that you'll never forget

Become your own god!

10. World Plague

I am a member of a secret society
We are numerous, we are everywhere
Like a bomb we are always ready
To explode without reasons nor answers

We are a menace cast in the shadow of everyday life
Raised by it, and always on the razor's edge

We have no tears to cry for our lives
We can't really understand why
Just for being the fucking personification
Of a life-time of depression

Never strike our sadness
Watch it sleep for madness
We are numerous soon ravenous
And our hunger wants more
More than we can do, To let it scar our soul

This crew can always do
More and many than you
When they will be ready to use
Our frustrations against you

What made you like it?
Your depression is your only will

Depressed generation
Ready to out-burst

11. Sadistik Peace

I have tasted everything
Fucked every walking creature
Emptied every sources
Smoked from every braziers

I have walked along the path of uncertainty
And I abused from everything I was given
I found no complicity
Only preys craving to be eaten!

Covered with all the rubbish
Apologies to humanity
Life is just a bitch
Come on life suck my dick, I am not a sadistic martyr
Waiting for the fucking grim reaper
A dictator like you're savior
Who remains he biggest joke ever!

Taste my sadistic peace/piece/piss

Life has just given me
Enough to destroy her
Or kill the others, with all my sympathy!

Taste my sadistic peace/piece/piss
Treasuring the grimmest of my ideas
Licking the (holy) debauchery
Fucking in the middle of a butchery
Raping beauty for eternity

12. Fant-Easy Reality

I wait in the dark
The best moment to react
Sleeping every time
Once more second to become out of control
Possessed by the will for hunting
Just tracking and wanting to catch
Anything other than loneliness
The illusion in my eyes
Of a lost hope forever
That we live together

I feel, I see, I smell
As my mind touches and more
Lost in my fucking thoughts
It is my fantasies that I shall drink

In the beauty of my dreams
I stay awake lost in you're scream

Until I get drunk from it
In the middle of a juicy scream
I want to carve it like a diamond
Anything that wants my daemon

In the beauty of my dreams
I stay awake lost in you're scream

Thanks to jlb.1993 for sending these lyrics.

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