Dark Lyrics


1. Heic Noenum Pax

...And this drawn on the horizon, the dawn of faith
The virus propagated without twilight...

Run, run, disciple, run
Your shade, fades, made
To believe and hope!
Misconceiving facts,
Intertwining lies
Write your tracts, and sign
Your soul's pact!

…Build new temple of hope from pieces
Of new slavery!

Do what they say,
What they write, slay!
Be a knight in this new
Holy fight
Nothing to lose,
All is lost!
Sell your soul
But lower the cost!

...Alchemical Stones and Promised Land
Reduce it to fire and blood...
Heirs of sciences and knowledge
Are manipulators of the story
Conditioned, fashioned
The community's war scorns now
Just a few last words in thirteen's mouth
Heic noenum pax

Heic noenum pax
Born alone, live alone, die alone
Heic noenum pax
For a long time it's been gone
Heic noenum pax
Work, buy, believe, be a clone
Heic noenum pax
Be the right hand of the clown

Here no peace!

2. Prescription Of Crisis

Easy to be crazy
Fucked up, insane,

To be different, only
get out your brain....

Life with answers
Mind cancer, wanna know

Anxiety, paranoia, megalomania,
Guilty, obssesed!

Posology, remedy
Give me straitjacket!

Bad or nice
To day what's my facet!

Sweet, and so false
What can you know

Try to understand,
Contain and be undermainned

Then, now we can speak a little
Or just see a freak, attached well
Wipe the spittle and all can be told
Give pills again, you offer me loneliness
Eyes disgusted towards the paradise
With the sweet sound of cries...
Along lane where I can only get lost
I had to be cured but I just fed my madness
I will tell you what you wanna hear
And never see which I am not any more there,
let me free, I m already
Ouside, I m already!

3. S(l)ave The World

Those who make of you guilty
Have no virtue of the innocence
So, we overcrowned cities
Of dreamers pulled by the insolence
To have an opinion, an ethic
That we will exchange for a no life!

By the fear be a slave

Chest of drawers, and diverstissant
Will be your addictions
Substituted your liberty

You are a hanonyme of which
Nobody cares!
All you have is prayers

We shall show you the horrors of life
And little by little it will become your reality
Brain washed by aggressive images
The spirit occupied by the media rules
When you watch you don't think
And during this time they take money

By the fear be a slave
Slave the world
By the fear be a slave
Save the worms

4. Order The Labyrinth

Died and buried, now on this inox table
It was inner body that was tattoo his heritage

Perhapse a new beginning...

Throughout his veins and throughout his flesh
It was enough to understand or to interpret
Analyze, dissected, to order the labyrinth
To distil creates the rite and the faith.

Under… lonely stars
Thunder… inner madness and scars
Plunder… life’s rape, evolutions shape
Believer… on your knees and pray!

And those who one knowns…
Beat, that says the clown…
Drown in the media camera…
Born again a new philosophy!

They know, now what they see
Thirteen the number of the nines unknown
The worst and the better, the three!
Thirteen Stanislas Crowley Rosencreit

5. Insane Architect

Better or worse it's all the same
The clockwork promise, paradise or flames
One life to masturbate with this,
Feel yourself in bliss?

Take, give, look at, feel and more,
But in final just have sores,
Don't care, for me it's finish,
And you try to find develish?

Live like if this day is last!
Spend time... too fast!
Live like if this day is last!

Nothing is crowned,
Everything becomes blurred and fades!
Nothing sad, just a smell of ground
Sealed under a grave,

Let I give you my code
Many reflexions bode
Of news reasons and motives
For order a explosive

Live like if this day is last!
Spend time... too fast!
Live like if this day is last!

I see the light at the end of the tunnel
My life was just a puzzle
In peace, far of what gave
And the regret I cant pissed on my grave!

And if I see on my back...

People want until have,
And after? Life halve!
Between what you can and desire
The perfect duality promise!

Rebel angels lightning
Bless by consciousness!
Fucking slave alchemist
Architect of madness!

Lone prophet with the face of a clown
Everywhere prepare a war
For just harmonize life...
It is always the same
That it has a good laugh

6. Let The Clown Rise

I fell asleep in Iron maiden
Last border to not be eaten
Maining stork not arrived has to contain me
My soul wanted to feel and to see.

My life was as the wheel
My need and my urge as vaginal pear,
Always on one razor blade
Just be the right hand of hades!

Morality, consideration was my stretching rack
Sweet like chain flail with iron stars

Just let the madness rule!

Then I laughed in spit on an Heretic's fork
And just let the suffering work!
I broke my Garrote for sleep on wake
Kill or be killed, crawl like human/like snake

Just let the madness rule!
Torture justified fools!
Violence to correct the crowd
Don't give your thoughts aloud!

In front of my eyes of curiousity
There is one thing to understand
Fucked up always have the last words
Because it's necessary to become a true man!

Just let the madness rules!
Torture justified fools!
Violence to correct the crowd
Don't give your thoughts aloud!

Just let the madness rules!

Let the clown rise

7. (A) I Was (S)

Draw what I live,d outlaw are is what I gave!
whith holy madness, scythe, slowly discover the badness!

...Smile and world smiles with you!

Write that I have all the rights, Letters become of the fire
Tightrope walker on a spade steady, I’m already dead,

Shem hamephorash
Nahash Lightning the fanatism.
Your body of fervour explodes
Open gate of mind
With the fascist of faith

What you build with believe?

Burn a wax candle on my coffin bastard!

Aiwas speak in my voices
Delight you forgotten people...
And freaks take free choices!
To be and become beyond
Laws of knowledge
Worse than dogma!
Above the deadly sins
Halam, not really? My brother!

And the clown becomes
Prophet of a lost world
Became Templar of light of truth
Priest of absurd!
Many religion about tolerance
And so many reasons for hating it
With a little chance
Find reason to hoping!

8. The Worst F(r)iend

Grow, become, corrupt, evolve, educate,

Grow and be a good slave
Become a pet who distract the mighty
Corrupt Will be the sermonizers
Evolve, will be the name of there ambitions

Breed inside wild boogeyman
Be insane the will in veines

Serious, Careful, quiet strength,
Personality trouble, mind desorder

Serious student I learnt well
Carefull I choose to be so far of this hell
Quiet Strenght waiting to play again
Personnality trouble, mind disorder ?

From the shadow of the light...
Where was born, my worst f(r)iend !
I was screened and declared weaned
Of every remorse and need of redemption
Greater I was... Be my own dictator
Just self destruction and open some gates
Of fever to discover and for you to be the priest !

9. Raining Past


10. I'm Broken

[originally by Pantera]

I wonder if we'll smile in our coffins while loved ones
Mourn the day, the absence of our faces, living, laughing,
Eyes awake. Is this too much for them to take?
Too young for ones conclusion, the lifestyle won.
Such values you taught your son. That's how.

Look at me now. I'm broken.
Inherit my life.

One day we all will die, a cliched fact of life. Force fed
To make us heed. Inbred to sponge our bleed. Every
Warning, a leaking rubber, a poison apple for mingled
Blood. Too young for ones delusion the lifestyle cost
Venereal Mother embrace the loss. That's how

Look at you now. You're broken
Inherit your life

Ludovic Chauveau ‒ Bass
Sylvain Bouvier ‒ Drums
Nicolas Amossé ‒ Guitars
Harun Demiraslan ‒ Guitars, Keyboards
Kéké ‒ Vocals

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