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1. Decease My Life

Created with the rubbish of morality
I was only your brother but
Now I'm a spirit I'm a nightmare
Still born of humanity
A rotten child addicted to sluts
I disgust you but I don't care
Incarnation of the plague
Society's creation!

Decease my life. Decease...

Tomorrow is nothing
Just an illusion of the future
Since my dreams are bleeding
The drop of my blood's fever.

Decease my life. Decease...

Addicted to perversion
Watching the world suffer
Gives me satisfaction...
Gives me an erection...

I'm sorry, I apologise
Cause I know that
My personality disturbs
Your everyday life's false morality
I'm here to kick your fucking ass

Politics is a goddamn art of lies!
I crap on religion
Morality is a holy prison of mind!
Break the law, it's time for action

Decease my life. Decease...

2. Modus Operandi

It's always the same story
Seduced by the warmth of desire
You wanna burn your body?
Because my love is sharp like a flame
First of all
I lost hope
I shit my regrets
And I stitched
My fantasies with barbwire
Then I came multiple times
Until I became the monster
That you long for

Second I bathed in my own semen
I wanted a sordid feast of wicked lust
Pre-frontal lobe suction
Casket removal concrete reflection

It's either you or them!
I breed mayhem
It's either you or them!
I take without asking
No remorse, pure blessing

It's either you or them!

3. Decayed Emotions

Depraved Reckless Vicious
Vile Hated Dirty caress
Conscious Tied up....

Let me destroy my emotions
Creepy crawl rebirth
Sadistic addiction
Fucking plague of earth

Polical pig
Cerebral corruption
Holy reckless idol
The cross on your forehead
Stands for dread
Psychological intimidation
Helter skelter revolution
Don't you know who I am?
Polical blaspheme
Hide and I will get you
(I'm) devoted to kill
In my voice her the truth
(You) only do one thing!

You gotta stab. You gotta...

I'm your desire
Your hunger for destruction
I offer you fire
Give me a revolution

You gotta stab

You made me. I'm only a
Reflection of yourselves

4. Alchemick Clockwork Of Disorder

My life... My bitch
You make me sick
My dope is hope
Forgotten by my cries

Suffering is my own way

My voice just screams
And my body became rot
I just wanna dream
In this stupid world

Hypnotised by
The sound of
Depression's clockwork
I just feel my tears
In a torment of cries
In a torment of decay

The suffering
It's all I have
The suffering
Is the hollow of my grave

For I am nothing

I write on the (my) floor
All my suffering
With my dirty blood
All my depression

My life... My bitch...

My voice just screams
And my body became rot
I just wanna dream
In this stupid world

The suffering...

For I am nothing

5. Vesania

Everything that made me come
Was disgust and fear
I was myself but I became
Your mother fucking freak...

On a path of penitence
No apology I smash
Negative joy, sad existence
But I found who I am
Society's creation
Reckless reflection
Beautiful sensation
I'm like you bred me

Vita non moralis
Mortis non penitencia

Alone in a carnivorous world
I shamble more and more and more...
I'm just reckless, vicious
Crazy sadistic... and I breed gore
Watch me
And understand my mind's evolution
Nothing is forbidden
Everything is allowed

Vita non moralis
Mortis non penitencia

Everything that made me come
Was disgust and fear
I was myself but I became
Your mother fucking freak...
A lone in a carnivorous world
I shamble more and more
I'm just reckless, vicious
Crazy sadistic... and I breed gore

Watch me...

Vita non moralis...

6. One Breath Of Peace

7. Perversion Of Reality

Every night when I close my eyes
And wish to sleep in peace
They are here to lead me
What's my body

So much frustration
So much deprivation
My dreams are a reproduction
Of my mind's degradation

I hear someone opening the floor
If I open my eyes
Nothing nobody
I listen, cry
In this dream I'm the king

Oppressed, suffocated
Everything ends by death
And I decide
Who can live and who must die

Where is the beginning of a dream
And I awake I have
Blood on my hands?
What's the truth what's the dream!
What's the truth what's the dream!

I need to forget myself
To understand my life
My mind's order call for disorder
I know who I am!

I am nothing

Corruption of morality
Perversion of reality
Deprivation of felicity
Rapist of beauty!

8. Ritual

What's left for me
Just wait for eternity
What choices can I make?
Since all my hopes are fake!

I will be mild and willing
When you'll break my bliss
Make me suffer and only
Give me one thing
When you'll give me sadness
And madness

When I watch beauty
I see fucking crap
My fucking orgasm
Born from the dark

Torture rape kill
Obsessed with perversion
My body feels the pulsions
Torture rape kill
This is the other side of pleasure

I will feel the fever!
I will feel the pleasure!

Caress love kiss
The cold flesh
Of sweet banishment
Caress love kiss
The cold death
With angel's eyes

I love to suffer
Cry for me
Become the murderer
Die for me

In a dream of loneliness
In the middle of emptiness
I cry for my lost soul
Everything shall be grim
My mind... frustration
Became a sexual deprivation
I just want one breath of peace
Without thoughts...

9. Psycho Theme

10. Pulsion

You shall be afraid
When you realize
That if I smile
It's because I'm nothing
(Just) (but) (and)...pain
...I'm someone different!
Unique, I'm the character
The illusion, the smell, the scent
Which you deny to see
I am always after
The last limits of morality

Everything is lost beforehand anyways...
For nothing will be better tomorrow
I'm a fucking psycho
But I will be crazy
I'm a fucking sickhead
But I will be insane

I want to desire more
And this obsession makes me fear
Kiss me, leak me, leak my perversion
With a good scent of aggression

Empty mind, my heart filled with
Regrets and memories
I must progress and evolve
Now my only law...
To be the destroyer
Now call me... ...Into my obsession

I listen but I don't understand
Hope, but nothing in my hands
Words of consolation feel like plain bullshit
Just one truth.....
For a worm I will be the meat

Beyond the horizons of the mind
I build my life with the dead
Everything is lost beforehand
I would have never succeeded anyways

11. Sick Boogie Murder

When we come on stage
To scream our rage
There's always one to spit on
Someone else's face
In the other place
Spree killer

If we abuse
Many many people
In one fucking song
We become mass murderers
We start again
More and more
To kill with our preaching
Like serial killers

12. Who's Fucked Up ?

My future is called pollution
Since the human race is god
Tomorrow shall decline
By the virus of bio technology
If I want to drug my hope
I must believe in political lies

Who's fucked up
Those who can or those who act
Who's fucked up
Those who think or those who know

I know all is lost
For the future is a ghost
Fed by society
To condition everybody
But see, look at the world
There is nothing here for you
Everything is doomed to be eaten by worms
Oxidized and corrupted

I listen to the lies of peace
I see violence bursting out
I relish the nature of corruption
And I smell the pollution
I just sense freedom
Into madness
A few years ago
I was an innocent
But I have hope
I know now that
I became the pestilence

I believe in nothing and
I am nothing

Thanks to jlb.1993 for sending these lyrics.

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