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1. Cocky Is Back

Hello, hello, it's loud and clear so here we go,
Just a quick note to those who said we're crap,
This deal States facts, and says cocky is back,
5 tracks of back to back
Better than that, with a brand new outfit to match,
Smash through the doors, you didn't want us here,
But you'll be the first to cheer,

For the new revolution, each word a statement of intent,
This is a true revolution, in every sense, a sense of purpose,
In every person around me I trust, and that's a must,
At a time where ties are cut, climbing to the top,

Join the revolution,
A true revolution,

We'll burn bridges and break backs,
Well do what we do and you do what you can do about it,

2. Bastard

I hope you washed your hands before you shook mine,
Because I know where you've been, your kind are sick,
I've washed my hands of you,

And yet it started civilised, what a friendly guy,
But those eyes always made me question what lies behind,

That's a twisted mind you've got, sick plots straight from your pot belly,
And I rarely hate a man straight from the off, I'll give anyone a chance,
But you're an exception, desperate for attention,
Just looking at you pissed me off,

So send in your letters, and your emails,
Sign anonymous, get every detail,

Like where I went to school and what I didn't do,
Like I should've been giving attention to you?
You make me sick, this little prick tried pushing his luck,

He got caught in his plans to muck me up,

He could've cost me my job and fucked it,
And now he prays I'll forgive and forget, but I won't,
His sick little tricks only brought out the bastard in me,

We could take him outside, and then bash him,
Yeah smash him - I mean do him up bad,
What other choice do I have?
Well you could sit down and ask why he's mad,
Fuck that, he's a sad little sinister man,
And he deserves every whack of my hand,
Probably, but think about where you would end up,
And then who wins?

Well it won't be him, sure I could ignore it,
I could fake a smile and swear under my breath,
It's just another test, will you rise to this pettiness?
Are you tempted to react? I am tempted to react but I'll hold back,

I'll be the bigger man, I'll let it go but I will not shake his hand,

Because I know where it's been.

3. Diamonds From The Smoke

Some tread that tightrope for too long,
Won't take that leap of faith, scared of what might be,

Over the table, I'm laying out all that I own,
What we built from blocks, hopes to blow,
As time lanes are thrown,
Now nothing's plain, we're one stones throw away,
From all gains, but it's cost us the old faces lost,

If tomorrow was today, would you be able to say,
You were pleased with the way things have turned out?
Would the same doubts still sprout of a morning?
Or would you smile through a yawn on your way to work?
Are you happy? Or are you screaming for something to change?

We can all have the hearts to take a hold of our dreams,
Childish to some, but some few do do it,
By running risks, so run the risk,
You see mistakes, we see a chance to take,

A few teeth less, we'll shine a smile, like diamonds from the smoke,

On roads away, head lays wherever,
Then I wake up battling stress and strains,
And it pains to weigh up, if she'll take having half her man around,
And I blame the time apart that parts a pair of hearts,

It's what I chose to do, where they could not,
So they should not feel fucked by us,

A few teeth less, miles ahead from chalked steps, clenching on our hopes,
We'll shine a smile like diamonds from the smoke.

4. Sweatbox

Welcome to the sweatbox, crammed in like sardines, raise ya fist it's open mic with a twist, there's no stage, no barrier, no bouncer banning dives, just under 100 of us coming alive, whether hooded, skin, hair or new era we all share this dance floor with each other, so duck and cover or brush it off, or simply stand at the back then pick a point to move to your favourite track,

World wide, every city has it's own, a little hard rock hot spot, that spot where the shows blow your socks off, a real loss if we lost yet another but they cant take away what built this, DIY, how many know what he means here, how many choose small gigs over sixth tier stadium shit, mic smashed to bits coz the crowd don't leave you alone,

Years go by and were still loving this, we all made a good choice, were all here tonight and even if my face ain't about as much as then, were still filling these floors, and on the outside wel all share a drink, here's to the good gigs gone and the thought of plenty more, those inside wait patiently, toes at the edge of the deep end, stunned eyes of a few new comers, they see an empty space blitzed,

From the bottom of our hearts, on the highest of mountains, we all climb to sing along, and then comes the drop that sets the room alight,

Harder, louder, we could bring this place down, if your on it let's have a show of strength, step forward and shine now,

Some do dog us for the way we dance, swing legs and arms so get a guard up, and keep it high coz you don't wanna miss what's next,

What kind of dance is this then, that's a newcomer nervous, kicked not on purpose, off he brushes his shirt, nose is bloodied, he smiles, claps and then he hits the floor.

5. London's Greatest Love Story

If you never tell that little white lie, then that's one less thing that you have to remember, can you blatantly say looking straight in her face that you ain't telling tales? I can't, I've tried so hard, but things ain't been the same since april, since that day full of tears and never agains, how many times has she heard were just friends? Friends that send texts with more than just a kiss on the end, but those texts are deleted so there ain't no chance of her catching me cheating, believe she's the best thing and il love her for life, I'd be lost if she left me and I don't wanna lie but it's hard for me, I'm in a catch 23, coz there's one more than two and in the middle it's me, is it left? is it right? I mean I know that it's wrong, and if she ever found out what i'm like shed be gone, but she trusts me, and that's what hurts me the most, laying so close praying she'll never know, where I go when I'm gone, what's been said and been done, and how there'll always be another, even if I love her, I can't smother the flames coz the fire won't die, it just burns away inside until I give into desire, I'm a love struck liar, burnt in the past so I keep her in the dark,

Given the chance could I go back, and unbreak promises littered with mistakes, coz I'm telling her fiction but facebook pics are making me the villain, for testing waters where mermaids wait, blowing hot and cold, yeah they're hot for a day, but what I'm left with is a keepsake, as my love boat floats away,

At night i pray that I can change my ways, that these lips won't mutter another lie, that when i look at her prettiest of features that my conscience is as clear as the summer sky, pray that I can put an end to her tears, that her fears and her doubts are laid to rest, our undoing was all my own doing, love over lust is the hardest of tests,

Send text, delete text, recieve text, do the same in case he checks your inbox, don't complain if I don't pick up, but don't you ever phone my house phone again,

When I've written down all I have to say, I'll throw these sheets away and take back confessions of dogs gone stray, maybe you'd stay, if I could look in your eyes, and recite a lie of love untainted and tested time.

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