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1. Guess Who's Back???

Mind the gap, kicked off the train, thrown head first - you're off the train,
If your mouth's clogged up with jealous lines, aimed at 8 of the best that you despise,
I'll bottle them tears, the ones you cry, I'll neck your fucking fears coz you're too shy,
You're too weak, no heart or spine, and like the ones before you'll be out of sight when im done,

Either bleed with us or by our hands, we're pulling out snakes from beneath the sand,
Round you up, city to town, one by one we're cutting you down,
You wish you walked in my shoes, you wish you held what I hold,
What I've gained, what I've earned, green eyes flare but you'll get burnt,
With these words I'm firing shots at you,

So you think you've got what it takes to beat this, lyric by lyric, who's running this shit?
You're swinging in verbal fist fights, when you don't live what you write,
You've got no guts,
Gut the dead wood, rip it out, tried to take back what now is mine,
Old man you ain't in my league, I bet you choked now that she wants me, listen to me,
You can't compete with me, you'll never spit on beats like I beef on these so don't fuck with me,
Because I won't lose,

We smell the fear in non-believers, through blood hound eyes, we see what's ours,
What's gained is earned, fucking green eyes, you'll get burnt,
With these words I'm firing at shots at you.

2. Home Is Where The Art Is...

3. Beefeater

4. Destroy And Rebuild

5. Dark Days

6. Backlash

7. Sad. Fat. Desperate.

No use, or abuse
Of music wrote with half a heart,
An overweight bloke claims were fake,
He's not happy to ruck-son, their "filled with hate"
And that's bait, nothing peachey mate,
If you want the truth then its facts wel state,
If you spent less time, watching weird films
Then your last CD might have dropped as hard as this...

Are your words first person perspective,
Verses with filled with verbs, you aren't reflecting
The way you live life, your posing with a knife,
On a cover of a CD where all songs sounded the same...

5 minutes spent and this is better than your whole entire set,
I beg you give it a rest, your best ain't enough to test us,
We see through you and all your lyrical shit,
Lame lyrics from half arsed hard men,
It's ten fold the fear now that TRC are in
Ear shot of your words, a verbs a doing word
So please do what you say or pay the price and be exposed like mugs

8. Vip (Bouncer)

9. ...Define Cocky...

To the ones four years ago who said this was just a joke, where are you now?
I see your ugly mugs and your boppin' along as if you were always down,
Proud - our ways still cocky, arrogance in the finest form,
We hold no respect for the nameless,
Just a fist full of hate that your teeth can't take mate,
We built this from scratch, none had our back,
As a matter of fact we've said this on a previous track,
Fuck you, die slow
Fuck you, die slow

Labelled us pricks, so quick to dismiss this, but now your Mrs loves it
There's something about that cocky thing that makes her wanna know what's really going on

I'm better than you - that's why I'm spitting this,
You're lying - while we're straight living this,
You're a snake - when you talk I can hear the hiss,
What I say you obey like I'm a fucking ventriliquist,
I'm ill at this and these guitars just tempt me,
I'm loving the fact that all you faggots resent me,
Ever since YoLondon, I've fed off hate
Like those dicks Ditch trying to discredit My Mistake,

I'll give you 3 different reasons to hate this...
Cockiness. Pride. Power, all rolled into one,
So light that spliff and let that smoke choke black in your lungs,
You'll need 5 stars to rate this, raise the bar, the class A gear is here,
Stamped by Rucktion, straight out of London, a new landmarks built.

10. Homegrown 2007


Home grown on London's streets
We're Specialists of raw hate on this new blood beat,
Our beef's too much for you to swallow down,
There's no stopping what we've started 'til we've taken the crown so step down...

Stood strong through faith and doubt,
Step Down,
Your fucking bait - Don't know what we're about,
Step Down,


We've got our own vendetta and we'll die before it's through,
We're passed the bounds of being beaten and we'll see the death of you,
Our name's engraved on London town,
It's the city we come from - It's where we lay down,


I'll take this life and conquer all,
I'll take my time and conquer all,
I'll take this life and conquer all,
I'll take my time and conquer you.

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