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1. H.A.T.E.R.S.

2. Go Hard or Go Home

3. Temptation

There is a name for you mans ruin. She is nothing new, laced in lipstick, hips lure me in, out of love sick,
Tells white lies to the stars, bites my lip, gives me a glass, which she keeps half full, when I am drunk,
She might stand a chance, laying and praying for blokes up heights
Blinded by flashing lights, a gin glaze pulls over my eyes home is where my heart is, and not on my sleeve
So I will leave with her in the wolfs head and that Shakira stance
The only thing I ever wanted, was to feel love for someone worth it,
Stood up a light house, waiting for her, I have saved a seat by me, for who will catch this beam.

Loose lips sinks ships, that bitch wanted me to drown, so take this line from me
My girl you will never be, as I was saying I follow sayings, you cannot turn bad girls good,
Should you try more fool you, what I did with these see, I told myself, love then leave
That way only the stars catch me, beneath her sheets, a new day dawns, and it asks "where were you last night?"
I was blind to the sky, in between the thighs of last night like.
The only thing I ever wanted, was to feel love for someone worth it
Stood up a light house, waiting for her, I have saved a seat by me, for who will catch this beam.

It was a moment of weakness and I dived in deep shit and of course I was overly pissed, I should have known better but this.
I should have known better but this wet weather got me bored and so I am warning even though I am yawning
Cheap drinks, she didn't stop pouring, a dress sense appalling but fuck this I am horny, so let us see if I remember half of this Shit in the morning, hopefully not, and she will keep braggers rights from last night for the rest of her life
Because she only likes guys with mikes, nice or not it does not matter because while we are hot she is on top
And names make her drop to her knees, I told you she is easy but I do not want to be
Seen leaving the scene at three when I have got standards to keep.
And as I wake up, I look left, who the hell is that in my bed
I apologise for being too drunk to say goodnight, I apologise for being too quick to leave before I said good morning.
I apologise for being to drunk to say goodnight, I apologise for being too quick to leave before I said THANKS.

4. Define Cocky

To the ones four years ago who said this was just a joke, where are you now?
I see your ugly mugs and your boppin' along as if you were always down,
Proud - our ways still cocky, arrogance in the finest form,
We hold no respect for the nameless, just a fist full of hate that your teeth can't take mate,
We built this from scratch, none had our back,
As a matter of fact we've said this on a previous track,
Fuck you, die slow.
Fuck you, die slow.

Yeah, yeah, go!

Alright, you labelled us pricks, so quick to dismiss this, but now your Mrs loves it,
There's something about that cocky thing that makes her wanna know what's really going on,

Now, if you look in the dictionary, you'll find the word cocky described as "overly self-confident or conceited",
But the question I ask to put to you now is "Is it really cocky if you know that it's true?"

I'm better than you – that's why I'm spitting this,
You're lying while we're straight living this,
You're a snake when you talk I can hear the hiss,
What I say you obey like I'm a fucking ventriloquist,

I'm ill at this and these guitars just tempt me,
I'm loving the fact that all you dicks have resent me,
Ever since YoLondon, I've fed off hate
Like those dicks ditch trying to discredit my mistake,

Fuck it
Fuck it
Fuck it

I'll give you three different reasons to hate this...
Cockiness. Pride. Power – all rolled into one,
So light that spliff and let that smoke choke black in your lungs,

You'll need five stars to rate this,
Raise the bar, the class A gear is here,
Stamped by Rucktion straight out of London, a new landmarks built.

5. London's Greatest Love Story

If you never tell that little white lie, then that's one less thing that you have to remember, can you blatantly say looking straight in her face that you ain't telling tales? I can't, I've tried so hard, but things ain't been the same since april, since that day full of tears and never agains, how many times has she heard were just friends? Friends that send texts with more than just a kiss on the end, but those texts are deleted so there ain't no chance of her catching me cheating, believe she's the best thing and il love her for life, I'd be lost if she left me and I don't wanna lie but it's hard for me, I'm in a catch 23, coz there's one more than two and in the middle it's me, is it left? is it right? I mean I know that it's wrong, and if she ever found out what i'm like shed be gone, but she trusts me, and that's what hurts me the most, laying so close praying she'll never know, where I go when I'm gone, what's been said and been done, and how there'll always be another, even if I love her, I can't smother the flames coz the fire won't die, it just burns away inside until I give into desire, I'm a love struck liar, burnt in the past so I keep her in the dark,

Given the chance could I go back, and unbreak promises littered with mistakes, coz I'm telling her fiction but facebook pics are making me the villain, for testing waters where mermaids wait, blowing hot and cold, yeah they're hot for a day, but what I'm left with is a keepsake, as my love boat floats away,

At night i pray that I can change my ways, that these lips won't mutter another lie, that when i look at her prettiest of features that my conscience is as clear as the summer sky, pray that I can put an end to her tears, that her fears and her doubts are laid to rest, our undoing was all my own doing, love over lust is the hardest of tests,

Send text, delete text, recieve text, do the same in case he checks your inbox, don't complain if I don't pick up, but don't you ever phone my house phone again,

When I've written down all I have to say, I'll throw these sheets away and take back confessions of dogs gone stray, maybe you'd stay, if I could look in your eyes, and recite a lie of love untainted and tested time.

6. Closure

7. Blame It On Vegas

8. Crash Landing

9. The End

10. Wait Til' It's Finished

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