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1. Intro Monument


2. Greed

Look around you, you've lost everything
What was important greed led you to this wretched life - fucking life!
Persons like you awaken only compassion
The difficulty lies in the fact that you're not worth even minute of attention
Greed - the sin of greed, greed human seen of greed,
The sin of greed, is not the sin, when evolution is based
On the endless run, for higher form of being
The greed of goods, always means trouble
In this morbid world "Humans have no pride only price"

3. Altar Of Vanity

Through your eyes I can see my fear in torment of haunted mind,
Created to unleash chaos
I destroyed my memories in struggle for tomorrow,
Through the ascension to equilibrium
Through hedonism to the gates of hell
Adrenaline is our oracle in the amok breakthrough made
Our private revolt real life is dominated
By schizophrenic visions and all crumbles into ruin
I (can) see blaze of infernal fire, hell! - The nightmare of enslaved
Hell! - The paradise of condemned
You are searching for the essence of life, hidden in labyrinth of patterns
Spit tail through mouth of snake exchange it for lions heart
Rise of power - prize for the mad minds, stimulus for the generation
Forever lust of consuming nation
You and me connected by destiny, it's our scream
We're going through the mirror's passage,
Because we have to know the truth
Altar of vanity on the road to hell

4. The Eternal Quest

You expect sincerity
But you're afraid of truth
In every word and every thought
You express your wrath
To mouth a summit
Which eternally sinks in clouds
And nothing gives hope
And nothing builds will to life
How much could you offer for prolonged nirvana?
Whichever time do you fight for the unknown?
Freedom, love, happiness
Collection of values you haven't learned
In infertile existence you master only
A bitter taste of substratums of your life of illusion
Every day is only fear
It's internal pain which you created yourself
You hold out your hand but there's no help
Your painful scream unattained
Gives despair to millions of glances
Time is imprisoned in everyone
In everyone private dimension is hidden
Although the clock has burst, counting is still on
How long will this moment last?
To reach the stars, to find time
To gain the long dreamt summit...
And you will rise when the bell will rings
To suffer in a struggle for a dream...

5. Unexpected Lie

All you waited for is journey
Journey to private heaven
The dream about happiness
Appears as unexpected lies
Silent killer moves through vein
Torment without end
Hell means nothing
When dependence prevails
For blinded losers
Life as undead
There is no place
For divine intervention
Standing in pain
Surrounded by walls of ignorance
I was trying to set my teeth
But I lost control
I failed to achieve
Purposes from my plan
So I closed my eyes
Falling into chasm
Unexpected lie
Promise of better life
Smooth-bore friend
And all problems passed away!

6. Neurotic Mass

Fear is our strength
It determines our will to fight
The phantom of destiny and the curse of death
The strongest ties in a dying instinct
The heart explodes with powerful energy
The march of thousands of drums
In a condemned parade
The mind doesn't control a body any longer
Hormones in service of muscle hydraulics
The sloth in which you have existed for tens of years
Is only a strange remembrance
In veins radioactive blood is revolting
The spinal cord as a huge cyklotrone
Adrenaline propels an organized chaos
Pain is a fuel for insane fury
The orgy of impulses in deceptive logic
The only proze is to capture the summit
Bellows are contracting a life-giving debt
Perception created millions of enemy eyes
The world created faster than a neuron's flash
Perishes in the war of carbon and oxygen compound
Strenuous look has stopped in the distance
Time has thickened creating a critical mass
Tauten statue of organic structures
The last deal in energy balance
Fear is our strength
It propels this murderous world fear is our pain
It propels this fucking world

7. Immolated

That cold that feeds my blood,
Beholding the dead fortress of conscience,
Hold my hand while I stop breathing the flames,
My suffered corpse will hit the
Ground while you pray for my life.
I can live anywhere,
Once it be outside my flesh,
Yes! I belonged to the nightmare of existence,
Finally I've reached the rotting world of god,
I can't accept a god bigger than death,
Feel the sun getting colder,
Awake the demons
You fed on your cries and laments.
Revelate them in a stream of endless contempt.
Memories will adorn your coffins,
An orgy of mass destruction
And unordered thoughts,
Mindless and violent ritual,
The seed of perseverance that dies in reverence.
Chaotic antithesis described in a book as salvation,
Denying the image of a god
That no longer deserves being adored,
Sculptured in world that forgot to be buried.

8. Edge Of Vegetation

Hanged between illusion and reality
I'm searching the dimension of freedom
Only my breath reminds me that I'm alive
In convulse of enslaved bird
In simultaneous dance
I've lost my own part of life
But I'm not dead
But I'm not dead yet!!!
Day by day I'm still searching the truth
The truth - my only salvation
My day - I'm a part of morbid race
For... nothing?
Night - in embrace of dreams
Still balancing on the edge of...
Vegetation, life, existence...
In daily struggle I'm still learning
I'm discovering this hidden way
To the truth?... or to nowhere?
In vision without colors
I can see only more shades of greyness

9. Dead Macrocosm

Foredoomed to choose the most disgusting form of all,
Sacred ablution into the temple of all blinded,
Into broken retorts, here lost life huddels low,
Deprived of courage and mortal burden,
Brought on the female shoulders out of obscurity
Out of obscurity
Carnivorous creators of horror are ready for slaughter,
Fallen into the depth of all gaping,
Sliding down into the depth of shaggy combs
Of matriarchal inner matter,
Through the fragments of blood garners cut with spines,
Longing to the taste of ascetic flesh,
This is the legacy of titans stream through the veins,
Panorama of passion battles,
Pathos of heroic spirit tired with struggle,
Anathemic lust besieged with metaphors...
Silent liturgy of empty moralized conscience
Out of dead macrocosm
Blasphemously, fading away... ramped and torn apart flesh,
Night riders of poured moisture,
Delusioned in boundless breath of the dead macrocosm.
Following the leprous ways of the purulent messiah...
Bridled black divinity of erected intellect

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