Dark Lyrics


1. The Prelude To Annihilation


2. Renewal Through Collapse

Spreading the words of bitterness
Is like a killing the human will
In silly system of our vegetation
Innovation powers are in holy dream

Wake up and catch last days of your life
Destroy the archetype chains in mind
Feel all the unleashed winds of freedom
Open the gates to hidden abilities

The ways of unlimited sarcasm
Will never again blow out your perfection
In torment of soul redemption
Like sacrifice of rotten corpse

Stand up and fight with enemy in mirror
Internal equilibrium be your guide
Breaking the walls of never-ending sins
Struggle with worlds full of growing fears

3. The Nightmare Of Your God

Hundreds of centuries spasms of hate
Global domination of monstrosities
Human hands in service of broken minds
Brilliant minds in ambush of mourners

2000 years marked as age of mercy
The horrible tool to melt your soul
From beginning! the child's consciousness!
The nightmare of your God

Terrorized horrified by black dimension
Depraved words to make you slave
Desire false will to clean yourself
From beginning! the child's consciousness!
The nightmare of your God

Deteriorate the black, demons in my heart
The mighty power of instinct be my guide
The absurd dogmas for slaves: "bum in flames!"
For my glory and a nightmare of your God

Repeated poisoned words becoming hate
Whispering demons hidden behind the verses
Suppurating memories in our minds
Crawling fear of death in old man's eyes

4. After Death

There is the underworld once tangled in chaos
Created in suffering of stars
The blast of energy called "God the creator"
Burnt prophecies found on the pages of filth

Children are branded as worms of messiah
They are the "good ones" and lambs of God
In stench of religious slavery
World drowned in the brutal lies

Degrees of deity are measured in millions of souls
Progress in abnormality will show our blindness
Like on the ship of fools in catastrophic storm
They are the bastards possessed by fear

Where is your rule of love?
Where is our free will?
The mighty conductor has died
But show must go on
The work must be done
After death

5. Renegade

Crossing the eternal path of self-destruction
The sempiternal act of mass dysfunction
Through perverted sins of mankind
The soil bleeds in maniac euphoria

Full of hate, full of grace, i am renegade

Full of pain - again, full of anger - again
Full of malevolence

This is the place where all pain is clear
The cursed abyss for forgotten souls
Destructed by mechanical disharmony
Without care, full of malevolence

Another shot of brainless body
Another stream of fatal decisions
Total collapse of system ruled by mon
The world keeps turning to nihility

Projections through wisdom of ancient
Rejected solutions by evil minds
Revelations of devoted lunatics
Prophecies of cybernetic hallucination

6. Veil Of Obliteration

Through the veil of obliteration
In cold embrace of ancient wisdom
Growing spawn of human immolation
Blessed by tyranny of utopia
The dweller of the abyss in emptiness
Like sworn enemy in our martyrium

The rotting flesh in holy communion
With a full cup of acid blood
There is the fetish of insanity
The paradox of God's obscurity
Like orgy of his darkened dreams
Ultimate order to wretched lambs

There is a time to break your fear
The monger of fleshfull installation
Like a thorn in newborn mind
The gateway to dark salvation
The crestfallen by endless renewal
Unleashed from the illness of pathology

To the endless game
For life, better life
The animals are beasts
But humanity is fucking vile

Pandemonic necrophobic prophecies
Visions of soulless annihilation
Here are the gifts of his emptiness
Shame for the mankind's stupidity
Onward to the ungodly extinction
Rise from the ashes of slavery

7. Spiral Of Extinction

The wicked kingdom of sick souls
Breeding the martyrs of new millennium
In holy terror of sick deities
I have lost' my last fucking doubts

Last chapter of my life
The first breath of tainted ash
Am i a madman? am i the victim of...?
Essential raptor and enemy of mankind

To destroy the stream of life
To annihilate the structure of God
The maniac forces of filthy ideas
The words that made them living dead

That world is gone for all of us
Flowing horror that is the only way
In biomechanical spiral of extinction
In every flash, in an eye of the worshipper

Materialized fear is growing
The spirits of life are going away
What is the price of creation?
The highest law of extermination

8. The Edge Of Depravity

Yearning in the age of depravity
Convulse between love and nothingness
Of fallen world and its all substitutes
The created substance of new life
Forbidden for the weak creatures
But alive! as disease - a constant gift

The serpentines of DNA chains
Demonic patters improve them to immortality
The imprecated souls - keepers of wisdom
Curse me in the name of human progress

Chaotic molecules in devilish motion
Ordered in the colonies of energy
Most organized structures of hate
Macrobiotic greed of endless power
Breeding the spawn of deity monsters
Burning the obsolete manuscript of rules

The vanguard of lies, impious tribunal
Lead us downward to the agnostic hell
The world keeps turning on in slavery machine
The worshippers of nothing
Thrown away to endless Eden
Profoundity of bleeding, human nature remains
That we are rise to ruin, that we're raise to pain

9. Awakening Of Masses

In crystal words of your misery
We cannot see your endless love
Misunderstood by holy heresy
In saint funeral or angry pride

Worthless cycle of perverse worship
The monolith of lies collapsed
We don't believe in incarnations
Will not support this mental crime

The wretched voice of bloody sermon
Will never more kill pure conscience
By extracted false, by insulated fear
The awakening process has started

The fading psalms of holy carcass
Make us blind for real happiness
In revocation of this ancient sanity
We'll build the world free of myths
Shall rise the clan of evil ones!

Arkadiusz "Mały" Sinica – Drums
Artur "Chudy" Chudewniak – Vocals
Jarosław "Mister" Misterkiewicz – Guitars (lead)

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