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1. Intro

2. Incertitude

Balancing on the surface of existence
Between illusion and reality
I see what I have missed before
I discover the truth which proves false

I let out a voiceless cry
I hear steps behind my back
Dominated by incertitude
I feel more and more alien

Stuck in the mud of the unknown
Locked in the reservation of filth
I slip through cold halls misunderstanding
Though jealously from the outside

Day by day, piece by piece
I run into an absurd emptiness
Irony hidden by the mask of friendship
It all exists in real

Overwhelmed by nothingness
I withdraw into myself
I don’t want to lose
What makes up the core of my life
I have to go

3. Relief

When a dream pulls a dark curtain over me
When the misery of a day
Disappears somewhere in the darkness
Tired thoughts wander off
They leave to rest in a garden that exists
Somewhere in the night
There’s no need to be afraid
In the thick fog of nightmares
Sank all the fear and terror
Reality sank so stop
Your search for you
Shall find nothing

Stars scattered all over the sky and the moon
That shines somewhere in the purple night
Guard the peace among my thoughts

They are my blissful dream
They are my velvet dream
From the sough of the wind and clouds
From the scent of grass and grain
From the scent of the herbs

[Solo: Mister]
[Solo: Arek]

When tired eyelips fall on my eyes
Like stones from the mountains
When the body is still
With all the nerves from my head
To my toes, I rise disabled
Free as a bird, I glide towards
The moon and the stars, towards
The calm night that silently
And warmly cuddles me

So I could sleep, so I could sleep

4. This Can’t Be True

A nightmare hatches from my consciousness
Disorder drills in my head
Bearfoot I run from the pit of a burning house
I can’t believe in what I’m feeling

Bombed with disturbing thoughts
I walk down the steers stairs of fear
The night is an absolute horror
Cold darkness with no beginning nor end

I believe the demons of the night
My life rolls on the edge of a dream
Is this what people call hell?
Where does this eon? Where does this eon?

Who am I?
Where am I going?
I stand naked in the middle of the night
Pitifully playing my role of existence
My thoughts and feelings
Departed somewhere in another dimension
They sink in shapeless darkness

[Solo: Mister]

This can’t be true
The dream was suppose to end
This can’t be true
Where does this end?

5. Perfection

Here on the hill
Among wild grass bent by the wind
You stand, staring into the endless space
Where silence announces its existence
A ritual dance of dawn and dusk
A ritual dance of trees in the rain
And nothing matters more
Than what you feel
And nothing matters more
Than what you are
Harmony of flesh and soul
Harmony of time and space – perfection

You desire unity, with the wind
Standing under the stars
Here on the hill
Where a broken tree’s shadows
Slowly measures the time

A chill embraces your face
The wind’s touch and the scent of the field
Voices of birds seduce the silence
You understand the language of trees and grass
Harmony of flesh and soul
Harmony of time and space – perfection

[Solo: Mister]

And nothing matters more
Than what you feel
And nothing matters more
Than what you are
You’re part of the universe
You’re part of dawn and dusk
You want to last forever
Forever in perfection

6. Comedy Is Over

Tongues of fire
Catch up with the shadows
Paintings whirling in a drowse
Are like a passing wind

Here I am
Here I am
Though I shouldn’t be here
I am and
I am and
I am and than I’m gone

Oh my God
Does this make sense
Is this real
Or is it my imagination
-comedy is over-

Jammed through my veins
Sadness fades away
When I disappear
Disappear – in illusion

My soul
My mind
My soul and mind
Pass into silence
I leave not to return

Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Is this how it ends?
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Comedy is over

[Solo: Mister]
[Solo: Arek]

7. Naked Truth

We’re watching life through opaque windows
Locked up in the hermetic world
Of doctrines and rules
We’re all the same
Equally overage and thoughtless
Equally frightened

Living in shame is the only choice
We laugh though we want to cry
Wrapped in foil we hang in shop windows
The ‘puppet master’ leaves us on the edge of an abyss

None of us can change this
None of us can overcome this
We’re just another number in the statistics
Like non humans deprived of feelings and dreams

[Solo: Mister]

Each day coded on a electronic chip
Our time expires
Our death coded on a electronic chip
We’re dying!

8. Outro

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