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1. Intro (White Architect)


2. Cortex Deformation

Deviation. Hate. Agression
Struggle for life

What's our mind like
What's hidden inside
Hidden recesses
The fold
They carry the grain of blood

Stuffed with world's carcass
We feed our worm
Which gnaws at our entrails

Abnormally we lap our victims blood
We gain new sensations which cause
cortex deformation

Deviation. Hate. Agression
Stench of rotten brain

It is our food. like ravenous woodworms
We penetrate our minds crust
To find the stench and rot.
So we relish the pain and ectasy of this deed.

How much pleasure sadism gicves us.
Masochism in its perverse wear
How much bliss is in our victims screams.
These deeds drives us to erection.

Deviation. Hate. Agression
Stench of evaporating bowels

We cannot resist this theater of grotesque and atrocity
Where main part play marquess and marchioness de sade!
Let's bow to the audience and tear their sweet throats
Let's sink our mouth in the steamy scarlet sea

We are all dead!

3. A Dying World

Agony. Fear. Madness
The image of mordern intoxicated world
Here our existence is written off
Our faith lost
And thoughts directed to murder

The altars of insanity

A world splashed with gore
It flows at our children
But yet they are creations of illness and blasphemy
Here is our dying and wormy world

The altars of insanity

The fire incinerates ancient gods
For the new forms of genocide and hypocisy will be born

The altars of insanity...
On them we are born and we die

Our bodies decompose in illness of fatal virus
Lust for blood and flesh consumes the brain

Like undead zombies we follow
The instincts of manslaughter, rape and sadism.
Savage lust stifle our kollow hearts
And the black blood intoxicates the awareness of existence

The altars of insanity bathed in blood.
Here we bow to false gods.
The altars of insanity strip our souls.
Here we became puppets.

The world died. mankind reached the apogee of disintegration
We become ashes dispressed by winds of future.

The world dies. insanity and death
Opened the gates without return
Nothing exists behind them!
We are the last. the race of degenerates.

We rest in pain and sorrow!

4. War Machine

You can smell this stench
You can almost see this paralysing fear. so unknown to you
Death and contagion all around you
You are a vulgar creation of mass destruction (annihilation)

Extra terrestrial tentacles lurk in you
Enormous so they reach the star frontier
Black blood flows down to you
There is no mercy in you

You are created to bring the message of murder
Your hands and eyes are testimony
And deed of bloody carnage

You were born to kill
You were born in death's chamber

Carnage... is policy. Carnage... is superpower.
Carnage... is me!

Annihilatioin sweeps across the world
Viruses, tentacles of war, famine
Cover the world with shroud of prodigality
Where you are the commandements

Your eyes will never cover with tears
Neither will your souls scream in despair
You are the creation of architects
You are a sick war machine

Carnage... is me! carnage... is superpower.
Carnage... is policy.

Like degenerated priest of extermination
You carry the message of genocide and sadism.
War grows inside you
And transmits at your innocent generations
As they become the end of your existence!

Oh! you are the lord of decay. paralytic stench
– This arena for lords and slaves.

Carnage... is me! carnage... is me! carnage... is me!

O! lord. stay yourself.

5. The Slime

Welcome to the freak show
Here everyone is an actor and a spectator
And the scene is our world

Here are the bizzare arts on the church altar
And the abstract acts of the political arena

So many things unite us
We are the community of falulous colours of rainbow
Floating in the slime

Our souls are rotting. rolled in the putrid slime
It makes us loose our individuality
And the authentic faith

Welcome to the show...
We're just puppies here

This art is real.
But at the same time so grotesque and full of horror
Here are the monstrous creations of our own progress

Here we became masters of evil and lies.
The stage is fabulous kaleidoscope of colours
Where we can see things we want to see

Ha! how poor and depraved are we
Larves of vanity and indifference gnawls at us
We desire only power and strenght
Which will lead us to the emperor's throne
Of Depravation and stench

Welcome to the show. welcome to the stage
Here we are rotting flesh without a soul
Here is our wordl. we die in agony.
It is our punishment and our end.

Slime in the colour of rainbow
The theater of degeneration

The punishment is the price!

6. The Truth Murder

What is the truth? What is the faith?
Hypocrisy and filth
Lie hidden in these words.
They rule us. and we
Meek marionettes bow to them.

Churches prepare this poison for us to drink it in the dark
And then die in torments and hunger

And when the seven bells ring
The time for deep hunting will come
Pure and extatic murder of hypocrisy and falsehood

Gore will drench the altars. Dogs will drag the carcass
And our souls. clean. will flow down to the black soul

What is the truth? what is the faith?
Our lust like tank mechanism
Revolves ardously and slays our true words.
Like fierce armanda we splash our own consciousness
And it falls into the abyss of oblivion.

Still we search for the sense of our own self
Our self was poisoned by hypocrisy and money
Now we are robots.

Will we ever find the truth?
Will it be given to us to fell the faith?

Nothing is the faith and truth!
Those symbols does not exist. they are only memories.
so far memories, even gods don't remember its meaning.
Never will they rebirth
As they were tranished with blood and hypocrisy.

Nothing exists!

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

7. Tabula Rasa

Thou was born in agonal pain
Fear and anguish were the only acompany to thee
Ther is no mercy in thy eyes
And a great cosmic power lurks in thy hands

Thy life is drawn by blood and fire
And eyes closed create the image of paradies
Thou are the part of this chaos

Tabula rasa – the charter written in blood
Tabula rasa – the enlightenment myth

Thou are the image of this world
World full of trepidation and genocide
World made by people similare to you
Innocent but afterwards beasts

Anguish, sorrow, scream
Is thy food. thou find in it
The pleasure of rape and devotion to this world
This world begot thee and gave thee away
To pathological angels

Tabula rasa – the charter written in blood
Tabula rasa – the enlightenment myth
Tabula rasa...
Tabula rasa...

The time goes by peolpe die. Towns empty
Superpowers create the annihilation machines
And thou are this strange scarlet charter
Of murder and extatic delight

Tabula rasa...

8. Portrait Of The Lies

I am the one and only. i am the faith
I stand on the firnament of the celestial sphere
Your hypocrisy rests in my hands

I am the mighty. i am the chosen
In my eyes burns the fire of my own glory
Under my feet writhes your gos

Thy name is truth
Thy name is war
Thy name is you!

I walk the left hand path
It leads me towards the truth
Enclosed in my soul

Never will my soul and flesh
Succumb your hypocritical words
Your god is an illusion. i am the truth

Thy name is truth
Thy name is war
Thy name is you!

9. Destruction Of The Demented World

Our world fall in blood and fear
Ruined are the civilizations of thousand years
After them came another cradles of holocaust
In them was the faith. but genocide
Of ravenous herds cut of the umbilical cord hope

The world is demented. this world is devastated
In it the bugs and breed
Which gnaw at millions of minds
And cause insane devastation

Let's turn away from it all
Raise our swords
And cut us off to find the truth
And the dreams of the eternal ones

Fight! let your mind defeat the gangerne
Let your muscles explode with the power of cosmic rights

Proud with open visor
You will stand at the edge of the world
Which is on the decline over the ocean of innocents' blood.
With arms spread widely you will fall into the abyss
To cleave the skull of bugs
With the sword of stars and the power of the eternal ones.
And then create a new era.

Fight, you are the angel of fate
Fight, you are the demon of prophecy
Fight, you are the architect of thoughts.

The era will bring the faith that cures the minds
And gives the mother strenght.
The mother will give the live to those
Who stand at gods feet
And proudly they raise their hands.
Where deeds and thoughts of new era glitter.

Fight, you are the angel of fate
Fight, you are the demon of prophecy
Fight, you are the architect of thoughts.

I bless those who think!

Mister ‒ Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Mały ‒ Drums
Robert "Kopeć" Jarymowicz ‒ Vocals

Thanks to mella999 for sending these lyrics.

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