Dark Lyrics


1. Half A Person

Bear witness to the birth of
Broken promises
As the truth escapes
An honest man breaks
And I'm always getting worse
At keeping words
Can't erase the things
That my anger brings
Can't erase my striving relationship with loss
Agony I was taught

Moral standard has been maladjusted
And senseless acts reinforced
Anything to forget the pain
The agony I was taught

Becoming everything
I never wanted to be, somehow
Until I close my eyes and just fade out
Just fade out

My soul slips out
Out the back door
To the city streets
I can only hope for
Things to get better
But they never do
Growing further from myself
Without you

Bear witness to the death of
Love I never received
When I was young
Just wanted to be by your side
But I guess I wasn't good enough

Can't say that I'm proud
Of the live I've come to know
I feel the worst things in my soul
And if I never make it home tonight the streets will swallow me whole

Love to love to love to love you
But FUCK it
Love, I couldn't cut it

2. Stay Cold

Lost concepts of reality
Make loose the screws that secure my sanity
I take a look at my life
What it's all about
The answers bring me pain
And I want out

I pulled you close because the world failed us both
Always knowing nothing could stay gold
The navigator of pain points my way once more
I will always stay cold

You can't hurt me anymore
I stay cold forevermore

So alone
But you can't hurt me anymore

3. Skeleton Heads

There is no peace
Within yourself
Only burning spirits
In your living hell
Evil works
In your favor
But judgment time has come
No saving grace

When it comes face to face, you're faceless
In the name of your faith, you're faithless
Burning are the spirits that you've deceived
Among the people you burn

There is no peace
Within yourself
There is no peace
Within your living hell

I do believe
That every man will pay for his sins
And I pay, and I pay, as you slip
Through the fucking cracks
So let the pain begin

Nishinga, motherfucker!

4. Street Lights

I feel the warmth
Of the street lights
Police sirens in Baltimore
Over the sound of endless street fights
You can watch your life slip
Through your finger tips
Abandon all faith in love
For greed, blood, mistrust, hate and vengeance

I feel torn
Between good and evil
Hear the paramedics in the middle of the night
Rush to the aid of helpless people
As my life slips
Through my finger tips
Abandon faith in love
For greed and blood
And mistrust, hate and vengeance

It's a way of life
That the sunlight never sees
There's always blood in the city that bleeds

Because the cost of the drugs outweighs
The supply of the jobs, and the minimum wage
And we still want more
Murder in the streets of Baltimore

There is so much hate
That I can't escape no matter what I do
So hard to face the reality
But it's the truth

Thousands of lives spent in prison cells
With no future to look forward to
Separate the unreal from the real
And the untrue from the true

5. Brain Waves

Return to the point of no return
You can't clean the slate you can't wash away the dirt
Now my patience is fleeting
I can't escape the feeling

Brain waves
Like a vortex in your mind
Your time
Is coming it's coming it's coming
I'm going to be there to see
The death of your desires
As your life expires
To the guillotine

6. Between The Sheets

I would if I could
But it's too late
To take back the damage I've caused
The people I love
Have been hurt by the things that I've done

Baby girl don't cry
I know what you want, but I
I can't give it to you
Dead or alive

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