Dark Lyrics


1. Born To Die

Been put to the test once again
Time after time
Time I can't rewind
I can't reverse
Look into the future all I see is dirt because
Life's been unfair in my past
I can't get past this feeling that
My breath is getting short
I don't have much to live for

My future is bleak
And I know it just fine
With every breath that I take
I'm embracing my

Big kiss goodnight
I was born to die
Embracing my big kiss goodnight
Dying to survive

Been put to the test once again
I won't bitch and cry lose any sleep at night
I'll be just fine
With or without you in my life

Good times turn to hard times
But baby girl don't cry
This time is our time
One chance to live
We got to make it right
One day we'll die
Big kiss goodnight

2. Pleased To Meet You

I don’t want to be followed by sheep / Don’t need the respect of the mentally weak / I have no interest in leading the blind / But walking amongst those people with open minds / Because I’m TUI—as long as I’m still alive / I live to spite you / I can’t believe how stupid you must be to follow everything that you read, hear and see / You could never walk the path that I walk / you’re too afraid of the risk involved / Because I’m TUI—as long as I’m still alive / I live to spite you / Realize I’m not one of your kind / I’m nothing like you / You shake my hand, say “Pleased to meet you” / Look me in the eye, I don’t believe you.

3. Jail

Sink, swim—the choices are that / I’ve been to the bottom and I ain’t going back / Sink, swim—the choice is yours / I keep my head above water searching for something more / Times are tough but I’ve had enough / I’m through with giving up / sink, swim—I refuse to go under / Weighed down by your lies / Motherfucker, I’ve invested too much into this thing that I love / To turn my back and walk away / You’re just too fucking late / You can’t stop from drowning in your fear / You’re nowhere to be found when risk is near / You’ve been dragged to the bottom of your mind / You’re holding onto anything just trying to survive.

4. Outcast

The books they read don’t say much to me / The streets are talking so you better believe I’m going to listen / And take advantage of every chance I’m given / I won’t be sad / Never look back at what I don’t have / I’ve been outcast / You only have one future, one past its true / I’ve been outcast from the likes of you / Outcast from the likes of you / True outcast / The blueprint for American dreams / Wasn’t built to advance the likes of me and you / And you know that it’s true / But you want it so bad / You’re getting nowhere / Don’t be sad / Take advantage of every chance you have / True outcast / I didn’t want to do it, I was forced into it / I didn’t want to, but I was forced in two / From the likes of you / I’ll always be outcast for life.

5. Victimized

The American dream is a lie / That’s why I say I was born to die / I can’t be forced into your perfect world / I can’t coincide / Quit pointing fingers / Uncle Sam wants you pulling triggers at your fellow man for an unknown cause / But I don’t think I can / You’ve been fed lies / We’ve been robbed blind / Put the past behind, it’s time to unite / It’s we who’ve been victimized / Can’t beat their system / Some have tried now they rot in their prisons / You can’t stop the cops / Some have tried and got shot / Now our brothers are dead and hate is all we’ve got / Quit blaming races / It’s so easy to see that our enemy is faceless / And they fucking hate us all / I hate them too, but what can I do / Victims of society and American dreams / Victims of a system breaking at its seams / Do you know what this means? / We can’t stop them if we try / So find solace in your brother / He too has been victimized / You want to see the evidence? Look to the street / You want to see a solution? Unity / Beat them at their own game / Redirect the hate.

6. Time Waits

Listen to me boy / The future’s bright, what they say is true / But don’t lose sight / Time won’t wait for you / Can’t let the hands of time slip right through these hands of mine / I was once young and bright eyed just like you / Scared to step into the world because everything was new / And then I woke up / Opened my eyes / Came to the realization that everything must die / Because time waits for no man / Old man you’ve got to wake up / In the blink of an eye your life’s passed you by / What’s left to show / The future is uncertain and you’re dying slow / Can’t let this life you live slip right through your finger tips / I was trying to be what was expected of me / When the ground fell out from under my feet / I’ve got to do my own thing / Live my life for me / Why can’t you understand / Time waits for no man.

7. Dead Inside

From time to time you slip through the cracks of my mind / I try but I just can’t keep my hard feelings inside / it’s safe to say too many times I’ve walked away dead inside / I try but I just can’t keep my hard feelings inside / I said I wouldn’t react / I said I wouldn’t go back to that place / I can’t control my rage / I turned my back on that and then I ran so far away / Feelings are hard for me.

8. True Love

True love set fire to my soul / Can’t keep living this life alone / No love can make me lose control like your love, sweet love that I let go / I’m gone because you pushed me away / After all those times I said that I would never stray / And now you look back and see me in the distance / A thousand miles away but you can catch me blowing kisses / And the burning ain’t quite as bad as the thought that we never had true love / I’m back from a dark dark place / Now your love has been replaced by my friends, they kept me alive when I was so so weak I didn’t know how I’d survive / It’s a shame / True love don’t know my name.

9. Disconnect

Got to disconnect / Pick up the pieces of the life that I have left / And rebuild myself to depend on no one else / How can you stand alone when leaning on a crutch is all you’ve ever known / You got to cut the cord / Sever the life force / Cut the cord / Have self respect and make the best of the time that I have left / True to myself, true to myself / No one else / You’ve got to stand / Stand alone / I will stand / Stand alone / Leaning on a crutch is all you’ve ever known / Cut the cord.

10. Draw The Line

Don’t lean on me / Got to do my own thing / I’ve seen too many problems in this world to be held back / No sympathy / I’ve been there before and I’ll be there again my friend / I was at the end of my rope / Searching, never finding a sign of hope / Where do you draw the line? / Looking back is just a waste of time / But if you want to walk by my side / I don’t need you to suck me dry / In this world trials are absolute—my life is living proof / What should you do / Should your world crumble down on you? / There’s a man in need, but I can’t intervene / If I do, his misfortunes could fall on me.

11. You And I

It’s clear that you fear the truth, you live in fantasy / That’s not for me / I live my life everyday like it was my last / While you live in the past / Walk through life like anybody owes you shit / You’re going to regret it / You’ve wasted years running in fear / And now its clear / We can’t coincide because you and I, we’re not alike / You and I can’t coincide / I refuse to be consumed by bitterness and pain / All you know is hate / What you gonna do when it comes back on you this time? / Run and hide / You talk behind my back and to my face you tell me lies / Don’t even try to justify / You misuse the truth in attempt to vilify / I can’t deny.

12. Still Cold

Still cold / Realest of the real / Understand how I feel / Untruest of the untrue / Live their lives just like you do / All by myself / All out of hope / So alone and lonely / Die cold and all alone / Sucked dry / I’m all out of love / Nothing left to give / Live or die / I’ve got no choice but to live / All by myself / I found my home / So alone and lonely / Die cold and all alone / Life’s a bitch / Or so it seems / I won’t live on my knees / I will die on my feet / And you better believe / I will die cold and all alone / So you want to know why I’m so real / You want to know how it feels? / I can’t begin to tell you why / I’m still cold / life’s a bitch or so I’m told / As reality unfolds.

13. Reality Unfolds

Reality unfolds before my eyes
I've spent 21 years living in lies
21 years that I've paid
For mistakes that I never made
And I'm finding there's no hope for love

Devil in my ear tell me what I want to hear
He said this place is cold, better do as you're told
Or the true chill, of the world will freeze your soul
And i'm finding that devil ain't lying

I need something to keep me warm
Please tell me that you will
I'm so cold and all alone
True chill

Reality unfolds what is true
I've got no love for myself, I've got no love for you
So pay no mind to the stories that you're told
Life as you know it has become so cold
You will never feel the warmth like the warmth you felt before

You sucked the life out of me
I've felt your true chill fucking ice queen
So I'm going to freeze, and I'm going to burn
Until god calls me home, take away my hurt

To know a life of pain and strife
Too many years spent under the ice
I'm so alone
I've been living my life so cold and I will die cold and all alone

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