Dark Lyrics


1. Soul Vice

Trapped in my mind, I've been doing time
There's a voice in my head that questions "what is life?"
Live with the vice
I live with the fact that you're not coming back to life

2. Reality Unfolds

Reality unfolds before my eyes
I've spent 21 years living in lies
21 years that I've paid
For mistakes that I never made
And I'm finding there's no hope for love

Devil in my ear tell me what I want to hear
He said this place is cold, better do as you're told
Or the true chill, of the world will freeze your soul
And i'm finding that devil ain't lying

I need something to keep me warm
Please tell me that you will
I'm so cold and all alone
True chill

Reality unfolds what is true
I've got no love for myself, I've got no love for you
So pay no mind to the stories that you're told
Life as you know it has become so cold
You will never feel the warmth like the warmth you felt before

You sucked the life out of me
I've felt your true chill fucking ice queen
So I'm going to freeze, and I'm going to burn
Until god calls me home, take away my hurt

To know a life of pain and strife
Too many years spent under the ice
I'm so alone
I've been living my life so cold and I will die cold and all alone

3. Evelyn

When I lost you, I lost my mind
Depression spread like disease
Blinded by hate I can't see a thing
So I've been swinging my fists at everything
in the dark

No love for me
Did what I could to preserve what should have been

I just wanted to live my life
Without disruption
Escape the ways of my self destruction
Its that kind of life I try to lead
But there's a ghost in my brain that won't let me be
Keeps haunting me

No love for me
Did what I could to preserve my sanity

I've been looking for love
In all the wrong places
Dealt some dirty hands
I've been dealt some dirty faces

I keep looking for love
In all the wrong places
Keep eating from the dirty hands that feed me
God knows no love for me

I can't escape the things I've done
Trapped under ice my brain is numb
No love for me
I'll find my love in the street
Fighting and stealing - give me some kind of feeling
Cheating and lying - find me in the street dying

4. Unfinished Business

I think that we have unfinished business
But you don't want to face reality, don't want to
face me

Unfinished business
You should have stayed out of my way
There is no more chance for peace
You're on the wrong side of the bed you made

Run, run get your fucking boys
They already know my name
Know what they're in for

There's no turning back for you
Unfinished business

5. Heavy Thoughts

Guilty of the vice that keep my wrong from right
There was no one left to turn to in the middle of the night
Nights I use to spend alone, and I spent in fear
Fear is all I've ever known

Can't bare the load of these
Heavy thoughts weigh down on my head
Look into the shadows but the dark has turned red
to my dismay
Everything I love is slipping away, slipping away from me

I was always told that the world is against you
Make no apologies just do what you got to do to get ahead
Because the world would rather see you dead

Wake up in the morning, grab my heart from the freezer
It's grown a little cold and I have grown a little mean
I force these thoughts in my head that challenge my sanity
because a bitch ass heart will get broke in the street

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