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1. Born

The scent of burning flesh
Of human origin
I breathe of life still
Suffering, burning alive
Eyes singed by smoke
Inflicted blind
Gaze into devastation
Picture of mass cremation
I breathe of life still
Skin charred black
Raped by a furious flame
Smoke induced suffocation
Tightens the reign
Like a rope around my throat
She tugs at it endlessly
The flame, she knows me
The bite of her majesty scorned
Struggle, a waste of expression
A melting of dermis reversal of life, I am Born
Drowning in the black
Confusion presses the extreme
Skin stripping from the bone
Until none is left to peel
Begin a human form
Complete a melting bile

2. Prepare For War

Born in me
These eyes have seen the atrocities of man
Machines of sadistic torturistic killing
These eyes have seen Hell upon this Earth
Men of blackened souls kill upon the holiest of grounds
Buried beneath the feet are the ones who came before me
Reborn on this ground with their blood spilled upon the plain
I am your last enemy born with a wicked soul of fire
With the taste of blackened torture
I am a life taking God
Steady your gun
From the grave be torn
To prepare for peace
We must prepare for war

3. Great Punishment

The Great Punishment
Men from the black sea brought forth the pestilence
Ships of dying men brought forth ships of dead men
There is no cure for this, no prayer can save you
No one is listening, let the blackness and the bleedings begin
By the hand of God
Death came driving
And for your guilts and your sins
He grinds all good men to dust
All the priests are gone
No one left to pray
No Christian burial for you
When you die
God has brought you death
Streets littered with the dead mark the dawn of the fourteenth century
Promises made by the church as their priests run for cover
Mothers leave their sickened sons
To preserve their own lives
No one knows the sick
Only the dying know the dead
Mark the door of the infected
Leave the sick behind to die
Cover the eyes of the children
Carry the dead under cloak of night
Cover with flame the devastation
From the poor and the weak to the highest of crown
God is deaf now and does not hear
Ashes ashes, we all fall down
Breathe in the Black Death
Sickness knows no name It buries you all indiscriminately
Choking on the stench of despair A short trip to Heaven, but no God to take you there

4. Razor And The Flesh

I come alive within the stench of darkness
After darkness, she touches the Earth
I prey for them, the beautiful
The pretentious ones who do not see
The taste of power that lingers on my tongue
Beauty presents itself before me
And beauty shall experience all of my pleasures
Sexual distortion muddle with her childlike cries
The bleeding amazes the black in these eyes
The way your blue eyes still dance upon me
The way the tear trickles down your face
A love from beauty I'll never find
When contempt in my eyes is strickened blind
When love is suffered at the edge of the blade
Suffer all the you can
Bleed unto me
Taste what I am
Fortunate you are not
Bleed unto me
As I relish in your skin
When the razor meets flesh you are caught
I taste the salt that dances on your skin
Before it ends it will surely begin again
Chance to live is as thin as thread
When all that's life soon enough is dead
Before it ends it will surely begin again
Again...and Again
Don t look at me with those mirror
I cant see inside what you think I am
The monster I am

5. 4018

6. Bloodline Unbroken

Blackened gates, castle walls
White snow dresses the ground
From its mistress I drink her life to sustain
The blood stains the lace from her gown
From my lips it falls upon those from which it came
Across my tongue her warm blood burns
A new life, for we now are the same
Our hearts our masters are one in the same
Procreation of the beast nocturnal
The bloodline quickens the flood
Blood from her throat fuels the fountain of life
A celebration, Communion of Blood.
He knows, my sins admitted
With his blood upon my face
My bloodline unbroken
I am but a man
Of darkness feeding
Shunned from the warmth of the sun
Aspiration for release I've been mocked by God
He hath damned me a millennium ago
He burns inside my ever bleeding heart

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