Dark Lyrics


1. Misguided

Soaring through my consciousness
Only to be awakened before the dawn night falls
And when this sets in, will I be able?
Is this the life that I am seeking, or am I just dreaming?
Is this the life I’m seeking and is it worth dreaming?

2. Drifter; The Hopeful

Shadows dance across the walls
But nothing is as it seems. Allow the eyes of perception
To hear them speak, the age of acceptance
Knowledge falls upon me

The dying kind, wise men with brittle bones
They wander, the night searching for the light
We've been misguided

The signals will take hold
We've been lost all along
Barely holding on, architects envision
The design of our lives like clockwork

I knew this day would come
So rise before the ashes, become new

For the life you live will be all that saves you
This changes everything, an altered way of thought
A deserted place within the hourglass
No sense of time or space
Ancestral spirit enter our world
Guide us from here to our chosen place
You'll see this life never seemed so new
This was always timeless

I’ll send out a flare to catch your eyes
Oh drifter, become the messenger
Your world is unraveling at its core

Change is everywhere search within
Dissolve yourself and shift your views
Step through the doorway
Oh drifter, become the messenger

3. Dear Traveler

Seizing minds, strangers with open eyes
Counting down the hours
All their eyes, reflecting like glass
In your memories

The arms on this persistent clock will not let up
The only arms incapable of returning what has been lost
As if pushing forward wasn't enough
All of their eyes reflecting like glass
Memories and all the scenery is all that I need
To see them and hear them, where did the time go?

Withstand the forces that oppose your nature
We've all been yearning for that same old feeling
Withdrawal from the burdens
That frame our atmosphere but time never stood still

These pages keep turning
And i've been holding on for far too long
Enjoy this life just take your time
Enjoy this life and just take your time
I know this isn't easy

I know this isn't easy
Potentials are endless
We can make it through this

We've been given the will to adapt
The ability to grow, it's all in your hands
Dear traveler, you have a lonely heart
Follow me, follow me

Strike down the snakes and arrows
Your faith will help you survive
Break the sacred honor and sever all of your ties
A power you haven't felt until you free your heart

Seizing minds, strangers with open eyes
Constant changes, different faces
What will become of us?

4. Evergrowth

Reaching out to the new you
Emerge from the rubble of your self-construction
Life as you knew it, is gone so yield to the truth
I’ll be there to see this through
Before I become the very thing that makes me sick
But I won’t be you
Wearing me out by the minute
And all I can do is refuse to give in
Inhale and exhale I’m fighting this disease

And after all of this
Oh what do you say when you don’t believe in anything

We can awaken the part of you that no one sees
Where do you run if they never seem to understand you
You’ll forever sleep with your demons
Nothing is beyond your reach, put together the pieces
Immerse yourself

All around me recovery is alive and all the things are here
What do we have, now that we’re gone
Distance yourself from all your fears
And grow to be something

And if closing your eyes makes this world disappear
You’ll stand beside them here
Motions are movements but I’ll stay grounded
We are the silent ones, the ever growing

5. Glass Wolves

This great empire of stone
Nature will not spare its suns
To the judgments of man
I am lost to my vision now
When all these lies I feel inside
Like daggers to my throne

With streams of color
The clouds will absorb me
I am reborn
And I will be renewed
I've made myself along the way
We'll brace the failing strands
We'll steady heavy hands
When structures bend and break
Beneath the pressure

Decipher the codex; it's within your grasp
Extending our roots but never waiver from the truth
I wonder if your life is like my own
Channeling what it means to be human
This is what faces you and I
The trail traces back to you
The contours of our hands will align our memories
They surface like sharks, with the hunger like wolves

The end is only the beginning
The re-emerging phase, will strengthen the cycle

Discoveries aren't made over-night
Trust the stars; draw your line in the sand
And we'll watch this world rebuild itself
I'm looking in, I'm looking in
These color schemes of empty spaces
And nothing changes
I'm like a ghost, a silent sleeper.

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