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1. Six To Midnight

Don’t give up. What are you waiting for?
Time waits for no one, don’t get left behind.
Don’t give up.

2. Fractures

My vision died, my vision died.
With all the things you left behind.
So take my hand, I will lift you from this place.

All these things have hit me so suddenly,
all I can do is dream.
So take me with you, there's nothing left for me here.
All I can do is dream.
Awake, awake from this nightmare.
Don't you, don't you feel this way at all?

The world passes by as we sit idly,
in our separate lives.
Transitions help us grow and fulfill
our perceptions and our will to live.
Don't you feel this way?
Cause I have felt this way all along.

I will find a way to bring you back home.
If it's the last thing I do. Bring you home.
We are drifting further and further
away from what means the most to us.
Dissociation has got the best of me,
and what's holding us here.
So take my hand I'll lift you from this place.

3. Coastlines

So this is how it feels to be so alone.
I have been drifting away from everything.
Should I look back?
This is the answer that lies inside.
Growing with every step that's made.

There is no way around any of this.
I've been at rest while we've watched,
these bridges slowly burn apart.
This may be the end of us,
and what we have been through.
All of these memories reduced to nothing.

Since we have been apart,
I know that things will never be the same.
The same that they used to be.
We will often forget everything that was great.
The moments we once shared.
I won't let these recollections hold me down.

We need to learn to let go of the past,
and see ahead of what's in front of us.
I know it's hard when you're being weighed down,
so break free of all these memories.
This will fade away, this will fade.

4. Tides

So here we are without an anchor to call our own.
When will you realize we’re all alone?
We’re on our own.
I refuse to fall in this unforgiving sea once again.

I’ve scratched and crawled my way to the surface
to stay awake and not give up on myself.
Don’t crawl to me because you don’t have the strength
to pick yourself up. So get back on your feet.
And I won’t always be there to help you when you’re down.

Don’t lose all hope and depend on me. I’m sick of waiting for you.
When will you realize, we’re all alone.
Don’t hold your breath.
Get a hold of yourself. Stand your ground.
The water is rising up.
I am no savior, and I am no hero.

5. Recover The Light

It’s time to leave everything behind.
New beginnings await my path.
Escaping from all of this will help in the end.
Finally the light has found me.
I can now see everything and what they truly mean.
Returning is no longer an option.
At last I can finally breathe again.
I’ve choked on my mistakes, I’ve learned from all of them.
I know how it feels to live once again.
My life, my dreams, everything quickly returns.
This was meant to be.

6. Paradoxical Sleep

How could you think I would never find out?
This is the biggest mistake you have ever made.
Lock your doors and pray I never find you.
You created the problem, now finish what you started.
See what you’ve done now? You have brought out the monster.
My true form has surfaced once again.
I gave you only one chance to prove yourself loyal to me.

I always knew this would happen, how many times can you
make the same mistake? It just never ends.
You always falter. When will you wake up?
You will never learn living your life constantly blind.

This is how I always will be, change will never come.
The past is haunting, grip is failing, I’ve become so bitter
to the very end. I chose my steps wisely, you should have done the same.

You cannot escape the past. It has stained your every move.
Crumble down to your knees and understand you won’t be saved.
I called this from the start, everything is starting to slip away
from those hands. It’s too late to turn over another new leaf.

7. Breathing In Oceans

[feat. Marino Marte]

Our minds are easily swept and torn,
by the influence of voices.

The essence of self creation fades,
with every breath you refuse to take.
Forget all you've changed in order to please others.
You've been an illusion this whole time.
The anchor is dragging us below the surface.

We build new foundations in hope of,
finding ourselves again.
Purity breeds the boldest form of balance.
Detach yourself from the world that caused you to,
stray away.

Destroy everything that has ever pushed you away.
Their words mean nothing now.
No longer living a life without self control,
the only voice that matters is my own.
It's either sink or swim.

We are creators of the life, the life we choose to live.
Now take a breath and let these words sink in.

8. Departure


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