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1. Intro

2. Short Fused

Short fused, no other reactions
Only negativity,
My hands begin to sweat
Destroy the good in life
My hands cut from the pieces left
I'm short fused
It's my creation
From my frustrations
Why am I so violent in these situations?
I'm filled with so much anger
My lips are beginning to shake
A cold chill down my spine
Makes a bitter man break
Obsessive, compulsive
It's falling in on me
My thoughts are repulsive
I cannot let them be
Well aware of my surroundings
I won't help myself
Well aware of what I'm doing
I won't stop myself
I won't stop myself
The cage is open
Yet here I sit
In every bodies problems still neck deep in shit
I am illogical
Taught to hate
Manifest this feeling,
Focus on the pain

3. RIP

Look at someone right in their eyes,
And tell them one day that we're all gonna die.
Make everybody realize,
Your time is worthless.
This world was made for you to fail
Only fools think they can prevail
The outcome is all the same,
No matter what
We all rot away
Who cares if people fucking change
Who cares if we all stay the same
I'm still a deadbeat,
The ground beneath my feet,
Consumes me whole,
Six feet deep,
Rest in peace.
I am the best of the best,
Erode into my mountain.
Higher than the rest,
Watch my blood run deep.
The point of life is death,
But I took it too far,
I will die perfect.

4. Blatant Disrespect

Stuck in a mindless rut
I want you out of my world

This is my fucking swamp
Don't get stuck in the sludge
I hold the world to blame
Another wasted day holding a grudge

People, I want them out of my world
Out of my world
I bring in all of this hate
And recluse

I've grown this stain on me
This is my stagnancy
You can see the filth I still wanted to secrete
Through the cracks of my skin
In hopes I will be born again
In hopes I will be born again

It's all these people
They're always talking down on people
This world is filled with deceitful, conniving, foul faithed, finger pointing people

They're always talking down on people
We are the root of all evil
We are ungrateful and pathetic
Deceitful, foul faithed finger pointing people

It's all this blatant disrespect, I'm set off
You better back up
So drive your words deep into me
Your sharpened blade with crooked teeth
You can see you're evil by the way you speak

We are the root of all evil
Deceitful, conniving, foul faithed people

5. Interlude

6. No Peace

You will never get your years back!
You'll never have your innocence
All things will fade as your body begins to degrade.
Just like everyone else,
You'll begin to understand there is no heaven or hell!

No answers, no peace!
Just live your life in grief
Who gives a fuck about your morals or beliefs?

No answers, no peace.
Just live your miserable fucking life in grief!

I am barely living,
I am barely alive

7. Medicine

[feat. Chris Whited of King Conquer]

I've had a silver spoon but I lost it
Spoon-fed myself medicine that caused it

Now these demons won't get off
I am the final nail in the coffin

I create my own
My insane little home
Protecting myself with words
That poisoned my bones

I don't anyone
I don't anything

And I don't need a crutch in my life
I've shunned of everyone who's tried

I've been through the thick
I've been through the shit
I've told myself to die so many times
I'm sick but used to it

I've been through the thick
I've been through the shit
I've told myself to die so many times
I'm sick but used to it

8. Lashing Out

[Single Bonus Track]

They say take a look in the mirror,
But I can't see eye to eye
I can't even look at myself,
But this pain I won't deny.

Feels like a parasite,
I try to ignore it.
Slowly it builds up to a manic psychosis [2x]

Hatred from the inside out,
I am foaming at the mouth.
Hatred from the inside out,
I'm lashing out

I am dangerous.
The ever-volatile.
Don't be fooled by my manipulative smile

I am arrogance,
It's in my blood.
I am just another stick in the mud

I am better than you,
I put myself above
I am lashing out when push comes to shove

You are all in the wrong
I don't want to hear it
I'm a self-centered narcissist
I can't help but fear it

I am dangerous
I am volatile
I am lashing out
I am!

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