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1. Awaken The Serpent

Awaken the Serpent
With just one breath
The bastard is showing its fangs
We prepare for death

Today's your nightmare
Tomorrow is through
There's no tomorrow

The venom starts flowing
In veins of the lost
A constant delusion of mind
Surging to the top

The serpent awakens
With just one step
The rattle is clouding your mind
Prepare for death

2. Silence

Mountains of wasted corpses
And bullets much too close
Sentenced to eternal silence
The bunker is their grave

The piercing screams of wounded and silence from the dead

War is just like a nightmare
From which you won't awake
A nightmare eternal
Will haunt you 'til you're dead

Slaves to the war crawling on your knees
Its hunger keeps growing as you're feeding the machine
Risking your life without ever knowing why
Shots called from high above while you've been left to die

3. Rat Eater

Feeding our fear with the meat of a rat
Trapped in a cave you've been given
Living a life on your knees
Mentally rot in your prison
A sentence like a disease
Rat Eater

The vermin you eat is feeding the sick
Stocking up flesh to be eaten
Nauseous just from the smell
Never seen locks in this prison
Choosing a life in a cell
Rat Eater

Crawling, make your way
Moving on through the sewers of hell
Anguish and misery
They built us up now suffer the fall

Cruelty has made your path
Like a rat you're stuck in a cage
Sadness and misery
Choke it down you suffer and suffer

4. Salvation Is Waiting

Approach the coming hour
Pining for death
Handing him over your life
Trusting with mercy
He fills you with hope
Death will be painless and quick

Transformation's calling or will you fucking rot?
Inside the coffin or live eternally?

Peace you are seeking
And death is a friend
Onward into a new plane
Heaven only an action away
A martyr paying the price

Trust yourself in his hands
End it all, take the final step
Push through and witness the meaning of life

Salvation's waiting
Waiting for your soul
Hungry for your blood
Give it to 'em all

Salvation's waiting
Waiting for your blood
Hungry for your soul
Give it to 'em all

5. Out Of The Fire

We've got the power
We've got the fire that won't ever go out
Strength built in numbers
We're not under control

Out of the fire
We bring the strength
Out of the fire
We bring the strength to fight

We've entered the lair
Inside out minds they've put us to sleep
Stand up for freedom, stand up for your rights
Stand up for what they control

We are losing our identity
As the walls are closing in
Approaching the hour
When our inner mind awakes

Signal our demise
Invasion of the mind
Signal our demise

Fighting for security
All hope has been lost
It's a sign of the coming times
And we need to take it back

6. Acid Fuzz

Open up the door that closes off your mind
Lift up the astral veil you know you are so blind
Shattering perception

You can't trust your eyes
Melting shapes and blurry vision
Acid Fuzz consumes
Becomes your new religion
Shattering perception

Drowning in infinity
But never knowing why
On a plane of consciousness
The acid gets you high...

Dose me

When a person feels, society reels
There's no holding back
Morality is limitation
You are what I was

You've made the choice
Now choose your path

Acid Fuzz

7. Deny The Truth

Deny the Truth
Don't believe what you see
Or trust what they've taught you
"Truth" has you trapped in a cell
The prison you create
The time is now to open up your eyes
'Cause this affects everyone
It's fucking clear. the writing's on the wall
They're wrong- We're right

I stand in the way of the control
I stand in the way of the deceit

What you conceive
Will manifest
In what you believe

Overdose on random thoughts to keep you down
There's a war inside your mind you can't escape
Stand up for your rights before it's too late
Shackles will bind
You're denying the truth

8. Mkultra

You are now under mind control

Manipulation of mental state

Manipulation of mental state
Human weapon of chosen fate
Chemical commands

You are now under my control

What secrets hide inside your head?
Voices looped for days on end

Torture, drugs, deprivation
On a quest for truth

How much more can you take?
Up the dose increase the pain
How much further can we go
Move ahead up the dose


9. I Serve...

Stoking the flames, fanning the fire
Each day we're closer to feeding the pyre

I serve death
When all is said and done
I serve death

Otherworldly streaming thoughts
Like a river through my mind
Conscious action's all it takes
Chanting repetitious thought
Psyching driving in my head
Piercing through my mental state

Fearing the outcome of fate
Empowered by feelings of hate
Never a war has been won
A spiral of shame has begun
The higher we get down we sink
The time's not to feel it's to think

In the pyre we gather up and feed the fire
In the flame we're closing in to feel the pain

10. International Conspiracy

Prophets falsely claim the gift, the eye that sees it all
Harsh reality is crashing before you
Spreading the panic all hope has been lost
They feel what we stand for - fear all our strength

An International Conspiracy

Give away another right to ease your sleep at night
We come closer each day to a prison
You make a chance but the outcome's the same
It's tine to wake up - this is your warning

Privacy stripped away it's time to act today
For the cowards who won't stand behind us
Panic is leading to social unrest
They're hiding their motive - total slavery

11. Chemistry Of Consciousness

I saw a vision of a lost time
A serpent with a man's face
An entire village under its spell
Bred into the human race

The struggle wages on we are under its command
In every corner of the world lurks a deadly plan
We gotta take control back, break the fucking chains
The Chemistry of Consciousness attacked

We've hit the wall

Into the cortex of the mind
The sounds begin to fall
Where knowledge meets imagination
We gotta break through it all

The power surges up through my spine
As my neck begins to ache
Speaking close with a higher power
Nerves are coiling like a snake

No concentration, no sanity
Through doors of perception is the key you seek

Through divine connection lies a hidden path
With mind possession comes the truth you need

No imagination, no inner peace
With realization lies the key you seek

Through chem-awareness in an altered state
Inside your mind lies the truth you seek for all

12. Wargasm

[Bonus Track]

Wargasm, wargasm one, two, three
Tie a yellow ribbon around the amputee
Masturbate watch it on TV
Crocodile tears for the refugee

Wargasm, wargasm one, two, three
Smutty, bloody pictures, ecstasy
Blue balls waiting impatiently
From Alcatraz to Lady Liberty
Body bags and dropping bombs
The pentagon knows how to turn us on
Wargasm, wargasm one, two, three
People, people, ecstasy
Wave those flags high in the air
As long as it takes place over there


Body bags and dropping bombs
The pentagon knows how to turn us on
Turn us on
Turn us on

Joel Grind – Vocals, Guitars
Philthy Gnaast – Bass
Nikki Rage – Drums

Thanks to kgeosteve for sending track #12 lyrics.

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