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1. From Silence


2. Potema

Potema uses powers, forces,
strengths unknown
She raises from the dead to enslave us all
So many tortured,
so many lives down

She makes nightmares,
deepest fears reality
You'd better hide yourself,
no one's safe from the wraith
She'll tear the world apart
devour your still beating heart

Everyone must pay

Better step up better fucking prepare
The winds have changed,
there's something in the air
She raised herself back from the dead
The world will burn, beneath it
There's nothing anyone can do,
the wolf queen.. will conquer you

Bow down to her now
Beg for mercy from the one they call the wolf queen

Ascend yourself to the darkness,
you don't stand a chance
Bleeding from the inside,
bleeding from the eyes
from the eyes

3. Malice Hands

On the wings of judgement,
you will learn to fly away
These words I write were,
never meant for the world to see
This is my final wish for these bells ring true why would you
Live a life of slavery,
with no goal pointed at you
Tell me what you fear

This life crumbles beneath the weight
your life crumbles beneath the wave
You couldn't resist the thought the feel free
Why didn't you just run away
Why are you scared of me
Is there still.. blood on my face

You've burned every bridge constructed
You have no choice but to rebuild

This will be my final wish for these bells ring true why would you
Think everyone's staring at you
Has this gotten it's point across

Either make your mark or get the fuck up
Whether raped, robbed, or sacrificed
It's all part of this life
Just take back what you think is right
This stands for a better, place to breathe

Hold your heads high, never look back
I've accepted this, as my purpose

How does it feel, to feel so helpless
How does it feel,
to feel so fucking helpless
This is over with

4. Break / Rebuild

Have you ever tried to fucking change yourself?
Has fate ever laughed in your face?
Have you ever tried to be someone you're not?
Have you ever lied to yourself?

You can't change what burns the coals inside your soul
When you're born with nothing you will die the same
It's written in the sands of time, it's destiny

Many think we are the ones that choose our path
Everything's planned out
you can't escape it
Twitching tongues full of bloodlust
it's so easy
To betray the ones we claim to keep

Footprints remind us
where we came from
Footprints remind us
where we go
Footprints remind us of hardships we've faced

Maybe later on I'll give you time to speak
Maybe later on you'll see I was nothing great
I've admitted to every mistake I've made
It doesn"t change the person that I'll always be

Watch the hourglass,
fill the empty space
Just like our lives,
we try & fill the void
The grains of sand represent us, in this world of shit

Footprints remind us where we came from
Footprints remind us
where we go
Footprints remind us of hardships we've faced

I'll die a fucking scumbag,
for betraying those who trusted me
I'll die a fucking scumbag,
for hurting the ones that loved me

5. Hollowed

[feat. Michael of Volumes]

These moments in our lives
We think we know what's best
There's an evil person
You can't stand to miss
I relate
We only know
What we've lived

So let's gather notes
& compare scars left behind
There maybe a different story
You know it always stays the same
Many live life never knowing fail or loss
It takes a real man to know it's gone
I've become so angry inside
I want the life you left behind
How many times must this happen? [2x]

Remember the first words you told me?
You said why couldn't you fuck me anyway
You think for a second I'd forget that
Your legs were open like a door with no hinges

Forget the past
What were your intentions when you spoke to me?
Your thoughts were cold
Just like that hole you call a heart

Staring right back through those hollowed eyes
You'll never feel love inside
You're fucking dead inside
If this is what it takes to get through to you
You should know how much I hate you

& we watch it spin around
Begin another cycle
Line up the virgin hearts to be dismantled
So let's gather notes
& compare scars left behind

6. Revenant

I try to see the world without its atmosphere
Try taking everything for what its not
There's been war since, the dawn of humanity
We have watched the sky aflame
Our decision is the price to pay
We have let down all of man
& so the end becomes our streets filled with the dead
We created the virus,
We spread it onto ourselves
There is no end

Why have we been blinded
Why didnt we see this coming
Rabid forces move in order to infect the earth
There is nothing left but the stench of death that plauges our world

But we,
but we will always fight for our lives
We will not be left to be the last of our kind
We can only fight for so long
This house will be my grave,
be my grave

The mobb begins to move towards me
it only took days to destroy
what we have created
There is no sane man alive


7. Grievance

People suffering misery
surrounding your death
You think I'd accept that

I can't heart any of these voices
Explain yourself to me

Can you explain random acts of violence placed
People dying of disease
You look to the sky for an answer to your strife
You're shot down your cries fall on deaf ears
We are bred to believe in what they tell us to
You think a god would let the evil consume you
People we know dying filled with such love, hope, & grace
Nothing would make it right
You're a fake, your views corrupt the weak


I've seen enough to last a lifetime
You're a fake

When I look at the sky
there's nothing left
Why the fuck should I even try
You're a fake, You're a fucking coward
I could never invest into you

Hold your crosses
it doesn't make a difference now
I can pass my own judgement on what I see
I've seen death & what it does to me
I can only take the situation,
forced day by fucking day
Fell the anger inside me
I can pass my own judgement on what I see
I've seen death and what it does to me
Just a bunch of pawns & games
When you're too scared, To accept the reality

They say that we see the ones we've loved on the other side
& I refuse, I refuse to believe in something that would take you away
I can't live a life not knowing, If I'll ever see your face again
I'll bask in the glory the memory
Knowing we were more than friends we were family

Find peace in knowing, that you were loved

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