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1. Psycho Surgery

[Words & Music: Kirkpatrick]

Cranial vault the mind's map paved by heart and soul's aim
Transfer of DNA forms the cerebral mainframe
Just like a computer garbage in - garbage out
Subdural detour shuns the embrace of logic and reason
Shrouded in doubt

Divine mental biopsy reveals you need psycho surgery
The renewing of your mind by cosmic mirror

Spiritual angiography illustrates the mind's sorry state
Barnacle ridden psyche man's own demise to demonstrate
Burrowing mole exposes the dry rot within
Abundance of wormwood, euphemism for sin

Divine mental biopsy reveals you need psycho surgery
By His Spirit the symptoms are starting to clear

Blind cavefish, inbred victim of ocular atrophy
Inky blackness everywhere, there's no reason to see
Wait is someone there? I can feel the heat
Limbs wax useless, help me, can't rise to my feet

Divine mental biopsy reveals you need psycho surgery
A shred of truth is illuminated by miner's light
Divine mental biopsy reveals you need psycho surgery
From the first touch a faint pulse begins to appear

2. A Dog's Breakfast

[Words: Ritter, Music: Lenaire]

[Scientology (Dianetics)]

Listen to Ron Hubbard's son
"Dad was con-man number one
Through black magic dabbling
And drugs his books were born" *

Dianetics says I am
A reincarnated Thetan god
If I buy E-Meter
M.E.S.T. a-ok
L.R.H. says, "Jesus never
Reached potential grade" *

[The Watchtower (J.W.'s)]

Jehovah's Witness make the claim
"The only prophet of today"
But every prophecy was fake
And so they upped the date

As they read their bible wrong
John 1:1 "The Word was a god"
"Triune God is of Babylon
The Church is of the beast"

"144,001 and all that follow
Jonadabs that cannot go to Heaven"

I was fooled again
I had made up my mind
That truth comes in styles

I was fooled again
Wastin' my time
With life changing lies

[The New Age]

My^6 self I love so much
Because the New Age teaches me
"The source of good and secrets lie within"

If this present life ain't good
Astral to the past one dude
"You can make adjustments
In your linear time zone"

"God is you and you are God
So whatever you decide is right..." *
Right? [S. MacLaine]

[Mormonism (Latter-Day Saints)]

Joseph Smith a Mormon god
Murdered men, condemned of fraud
An angel gave him golden plates
Which no one ever saw

[Faith Movement]

K.C. says that "Christ was lost
Sign of Satan on the cross
Bore the Devil's nature
And was born again in Hell"

If you've got a little bod
"You can all become a god"
Benny hinders true conversion
"Christ is not within"

"I have faith in my own faith
Cause I'm a little god" [Hagin]

I was fooled again
A message from God
That was only a fraud

I was fooled again
Truth and joy was inside
But it's only in Christ

I was fooled again
By a spiritual force
That had disguised its source

I was fooled again
By the Lord's latest mail
But a novel from Hell


3. Viento Borrascoso (Devastating Wind)

[Music: Kirkpatrick]

4. Vitals Fading

[Words & Music: Kirkpatrick]

Young child drowning in a sea of pain
Body infested with debilitating proteus strain
Distant footsteps approach, but they're not for him
The anticipation of visitors wanes, spirit dim

Through the drone of a hemodialysis machine
God says oh dying frame, there's only one place to lean

Antes de que la muerte venga a llevarte as­
Quiero que aceptes a mi Hijo, muriã por ti
(Before death arrives to take you away like that
I want you to accept my Son, who died for you)

Wrinkled hands reach out for cold metal rails
Whom the human bond of callous family ignores
Body starts to shake in violent burning rigors
This decrepit life is so very frail
Though the mountains crumble deep into the sea
God is ever present
He sees everything

5. Spineless

[Words: Kirkpatrick, Lynch & Hogan, Music: Kirkpatrick]

Gimme the track get back and let me rip this up no jive no shuck
as I truck loads of funk for your rump so pump your fist and
come and get a bump of this

Witness a kid don't even own his own soul playin' the other role
just to be down with the foe I can't understand a coward giving
up his power when you're livin' in the last hour twelve o'clock
Jesus is comin' back schedule is tight I gotta keep my stuff intact
slack is wack it's time out for the hack strngthen up your back

Take a look at your friends is that what you want
They're as empty air, just out for a jaunt
3,7,9,10,12,14 times harpin' at you with those stale old rhymes
Tellin' you that livin' yout life for Him
Is a waste of time you're out on a limb
Remember the times I pulled you through
Or maybe you don't, you never knew

What a tragedy it is to see you become less that you ought to be
Lose that grade-school mentality the key to see the Trinity
Lies open in the Book of Life to put an end to human strife
Speaking out against idolatry He came to set the captives free

You think you got rights, well I had 'em too
But I gave 'em all up when I died for you
You can't come to me cause you're good enough
Since the fall of man I'll call your bluff
I don't want to see you suffer anymore
So go ahead friend, open up the door
That leads to freedom from guilt and pain
Got nothin' to lose everything to gain

Give it up
To the one
Who gave you
His own Son

6. Dysfunctional Domicile

[Words & Music: Lenaire]

After school my stomach sinks
From the thought of just how much he drinks
Broken home broken dreams
Mom and Dad forsake the family thing

So I slither in up to my room alone
Shut the world outside and rot inside my headphones

Nothing matters to the wounded mind of a child
Who becomes a victim of the family home defiled
I've been there once before
Today the child is you
Sacred vows are torn in two

Then he drinks himself to sleep each night
And dreams of how it could have been
She stays away and hates the day
She'll ever have to see his face again

Good enough for them is
Good enough for me 'cause
I treat myself just the way that their vow does now

Pain has past and now I see that the bitter roots
Can down the biggest tree
The broken home within my soul is buried now
Forgiving grace I know

Good enough for them is
Good enough for me 'cause
I don't tread myself
The same way their vow was now

7. Broken Chromosomes

[Words & Music: Ritter]

I want to take my life today
I don't belong here anyway
My God if you can hear me now
See if Your hand can reach this far

You stopped playing father
As soon as mom conceived
The only time we touched
Was just before I screamed

The gift that keeps on giving
Your father gives to me
History repeats itself
Now history meets me

So what if I'm retarded
Mentally delayed
I'm sorry for annoying you
But I was born this way

You speak so much better
Got an aerodynamic face
Mega-babes and tons of friends
So why show so much hate

Vultures are circling again
My open wounds are food for them
Oh God if you will reach your hand
You can deliver me from man

But I'll get up
I'll get up
Watch me get up

Men fail me...
But the Son of God saves

When I'm face down
And I'm scared and lonely
You are by my side

I'm talkin' face on the ground
My back is painted with footprints
You're the only one
That hears me cry

I seek I find just one name
By which a man can be saved
And He comes before
My tears can dry

Now I'm not alone
No I'm not alone
And I'm free now cause
I've got no pain to pass on

8. Stereotaxic Atrocities

[Words & Music: Kirkpatrick]

Brilliant scientific enterprise
The altruistic benefit of humanity justifies
A white lab coat represents the icon
Eradicate disease, the pedestal it stood on
Lies shattered on the floor

Just another day, the dead half a million lay
Your taxes will foot the bill, supply animals to kill

Stinging infusion of chemical
The moribund patient clings to the wall
Another scapegoat to suffer for our sickening vices
You cut their neck, they cut your check
Endless barrage of repitition, satisfies your need
Of colleague competition

Pseudo scientist watches in fascination
As electrode-ridden monkey #32
Has his dignity completly destroyed
We need another $200,000 to find a scientific reason
Why cats land on their feet
Feline fuel for the incinerator

Even though this test will not help the human mess
Continue it anyway, the car payment's due today

9. Officium Defunctorum

[Words: Lenaire, Music: Lenaire & Kirkpatrick]

Nigh does the tempest
Draw to devour him
Through sullen seas of throes
The end of life begins

His fame will fade in time
His name is you and I

We died the day that Adam died
Outside the garden we're denied

Nigh does the Master
Draw to receive us
To give unto our souls
Harvested deeds we've sown

His fame remains throughout eternity
His name the Prince Of Peace

He died the day our sin connived
Outside the gates was crucified
His blood was shed for all mankind
Outside atonement we're denied

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