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1. And Now It's Happening In Mine

There’s nothing that can shock me anymore:
from actions to reactions, I want more.
What is it you want to hear? That I’m doing great?
Well, I’m lying.
We’re just a parody of ourselves.
I’m wasting all my time.
I’ll go to Morrissey to answer my questions,
‘cause Ian Curtis has left me hanging.
With our intentions at our worst,
we give away all our worth, and I am spent.

2. Honest Sleep

Sun down, Sun up.
I speak in sarcasm to relate to all the things I appreciate.
I lie in rhythm to open doors.
I follow suit and just want more.
My reputation is the same it’s been,
and I don’t care what happens.
I read the book, so I know the end.
I’ve probably said too much,
but I’ve never felt more accomplished.
I’m losing sleep.
I’m losing friends.
I’ve got a love/hate/love with the city I’m in.
I’ll count the hours, having just one wish.
If I’m doing fine, there’s no point to this.

3. Cadence

I’ve got my own brand of patriotism.
It comes with nights of emptiness, where I show my true colors.
The real meaning of independence.
I’m hanging this flag as a warning for you to keep your range.
It’ll be better if you keep your distance.
It’ll be better if you just keep away.
I am marching to the beat of a dead horse.

4. Throwing Copper

Like staring at a flickering light:
you don’t know when it’ll burn out,
or how much time you have left to let it light up your life.
Because when you’re at your darkest,
it’s all you have to survive.
Like throwing copper in a well:
you’ll never know if wishes work only time can time.
But if superstitions can give someone faith,
then I’m throwing my wallet and begging for change.

5. Swimming With Sharks

It’s the most important game of chance.
Judging judgments with a glance.
But a spade’s a spade, so it’s all the same.
A different shade with a different name.
I’ve got my eye on the queen of hearts,
but I’m tired of searching through this house of cards
because I’m playing for keeps.
With nothing to lose, you can’t lose it all.

6. History Reshits Itself

Was it for purpose or obligation?
To rip the happiness from those homes to insure your own salvation.
When you’re walking a thin line between ignorance and confusion,
you won’t know the difference between a cycle and a revolution.
I’ve been counting the inches in that giant step back.
When love was on the line, circled in with blue or black.
The history books won’t forget to tell of this embarrassment.
These closets have been closed too long;
there’s no more room for your skeletons.

7. Suckerfish

That sinking feeling when you’re not yourself:
searching for a reason for some kind of help,
but all that comes is empty promises and feeling anxious and useless.
Then, when I’m my worst, comes someone who I don’t deserve.
I’ll call her destroyer, and I’ll destroy her.
If you never had the chance, sing hallelujah.

8. Broken Records

I said I’d never be the same:
possibly for the impact, but possibly for certain.
I also said that I would never know another you,
but fate is making me a liar.
I place blame on the Golden State;
my heart lies in Los Angeles.
Maybe it just needs the attention.

9. Nine

I’ve gotten good at hiding, when I feel like hiding.
My mouth is great at running, when I feel like running.
Now I’m biting the hairs on my arm like I do
when I don’t know where I am or what I should do.
I’ve been blessed with these eyes that come
with innocent questions like where I’m from.
Holding expectations to give obvious answers and tell no lies.
But I swear there’s nothing innocent in these eyes,
because I’ve seen dead friends, and I’ve seen murder,
and I’ve done things I wish I hadn’t done.
But that’s not to say that I’m not afraid
of long nights dwelling on past mistakes,
because with life moving as fast as it does,
I’ll still have stories to fucking tell.

10. Always Running, Never Looking Back

This may read like an epitaph, a commemorative telling on my behalf.
But before this thing gets dated and printed,
we’re going to need a few more witnesses.
My eyes are weak, so I could never focus
on decisions that have left me hopeless.
I’ve chiseled my initials in the shovel
that I’ve been using to dig my own hole.
Driving faster in the wrong direction,
convincing them this was expected.
I’ve lost my mirrors through the crashes,
so looking back just can’t happen.
Living up to how we feel about ourselves:
one foot in the grave; one foot in our mouths.
When you hear those sirens, just know that they’re for us.
You’ll know who we are by the mark on our sleeve,
in the shape of a heart that never could beat.

11. Adieux

12-31: I counted down the days
’til I could wave goodbye to that early grave.

01-01: the weather hasn’t changed, but the story’s over;
it’s time to turn the page.
I was not born with a strong voice;
it’s never been one to boom.
But I’ll be damned to go out quiet,
if it’s the only thing I’ll lose.

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