Dark Lyrics


1. With These Hands

I’ll find myself, before I find the one.
This could take a lifetime
Remembering everything I’ve done was always wrong
I feel like I’ve wasted too much time
We still just don’t, don’t seem to give a fuck
Looking back on the past will bring
us more hard times in our lives
(Oh) (I), I really mean this, I say this from my heart,
I fucking mean this, so write this down
So here’s to your loss, we fell, and got back up,
Not scared to be alone cause I left my fears at home
[x2] cause I left my fears at home this time,
but this is never enough
With These Hands I push myself,
but never fall on my own
With These Hands I push myself,
always keep my head up for these times
It won’t kill, not this time.
So what did you expect
we can never have everything for the best
So what do you want Bitch!
I will never be the same again,
I care and will always be here
This is not the way it was, not back then
but you will be remembering (us!)
With these hands, I push myself
With these hands
With these hands, I push myself
With these hands

2. Holding On

We await this moment, only to fake the truth
and set aside the guilt we’ve brought to this table.
to live out this truth and be worthy to each other.
And in the end, this is what makes us who we are,
I’ve been told to listen to the ones that care
and it has brought me here in this very moment,
along with everything.
I will give it my all, put that trust in me,
what is there to lose, so take a chance.
This is one you won’t regret. This has,
this has been brought to your attention,
our hopes are left hanging on by just a thread.
Just know I said somethings
but I didn’t mean them in any way.
one good tug will wipe us away,
we will be washed up on to an unknown place,
and I seem to fall behind.
Leave me, chocking on all these words.
Wake me, from these dreams I’ve made for myself, wake me.

3. Nothing Less

I’ll take my time and follow my own set path
and to succeed is the only option now
It won’t go down from here, not on us
Because we keep pushing on
Ill wait, to see what’s come of this
I want, us to be all that we can
We cant, struggle for this long
I never, wanted to be forever stuck within these tracks
So we’ll tear apart this path
We fail but still keep up for these better times,
While writing in these lines
We’ve been thinking in these lines
Write the things that come to mind
I had found something I’ve lost
I was the first and can’t be last
We wont stand for nothing less
(We wont stand for nothing less)
(We wont stand for nothing less)
Let this be known we’ll take this in our arms
Take all that’s left, stand strong with what we have
We will tear apart this path wish I could shut my eyes
And blank out the past but strive to make this last
Is there a reason for us all?
How do we see through blood-shot eyes?

4. A Mighty Heart

Take a breath, don’t hold your back against the wall
It’s your life, so make some changes till its right
Because nothing last forever (were united with the same beliefs)
And this is the tie that binds us
We have never been here before but we still made it out
It feels like these waters move around me
My hometown is drowning in this rain!
It’s a never-ending step and we all look for someone to count on
We live our lives, Day by day, To the fullest
So live your life, Step by step, Keep that in mind
We will be living on, till the end
Break me down and pick up our hands
I wont give one more inch of my time
Its been wasted on ourselves
Let my fist clench your helpless hand
One last time, I’ll break apart with one look in your eyes
You’ll see inside of me (you’ll see this side of me)
Fade out my name from your head
But you’ll never forget me.

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