Dark Lyrics


1. Hivemind

I sleep the sun away
So nothing good can stay
I wish you could settle in my bones
Just for a day
Maybe you’d see how much this is killing me
The foundation of my home is incomplete
I tried to mend the roof on my own
But it’s always raining on me
I’m pulled across state lines
I’m pulled apart
In tow behind the the horses
One day we’ll say we found a way
I know this road seems long but you’ve got to keep up
I’ll never say you failed me
I never was what you wanted me to be
I want to be strong
To make amends
I want to be strong
I want to make amends
Get out of this slump
And breathe again
Don’t you want to be strong and make amends?
Get out of this slump and breathe again!

2. Stand Alone Complex

[feat. Micah Kinard]

Was I damned from the start
Of just when their marriage fell apart?

Come back in time
Take hells flames out of my eyes
I'm setting fire
To everyone and everything
It burns beneath my skin
Sending smoke signals to heaven
For him to save me
It would stain heaven's gates

The pearls will never be replaced

They serve as a reminder
His children still suffer
They serve as a reminder
His children still suffer
They serve as a reminder
His children still suffer

Come on

Does my "try" make god blush?
Does my heart still decay?
Does it still rust?
Cause I feel
That all my gears
Are starting to dry

It's beginning to be too much for me
Oh, life how could you be so cruel to me?

Cut me some slack
And I'll pick up everything I lack
If you'd grant me this strength
Then I'll return it to you
By a thousand fold
A thousand fold

Dear brother
Though our mothers aren't the one
We share a father

He never wished the weight you spit
To be collared
On you own
You cast your fault
Project your loss
But reflections must
Mirror the victor
Your heart longs to honor
The fact remains
That his flawlessness waits
To accept only
Utter surrender
And he's extending his arms

Mom, come home when you can
I swear dad has changed
He's still a good man

If I'm wrong I'll hold my head high
I'll let god
Spit in my face

I know you would still grab the flame
I know you would still grab the flame

If I burn
If I burn

I know you'd still grab the flame
I know you'd still grab the flame

3. Vertigo

I still get afraid
I still can’t compete
We’re losing the thought
And you’re losing me
You burn out so bright
We all go blind
It’s not your fault
They cut you in pieces
They tear you apart
They wont care about you or what you wanted to start
We will fade away
Tomorrow won’t care about you
Or the life we shared
You’ll see the shift and move closer to me
We’re staring at them
They’ll watch from a far
I still can’t see you or who’ve you become
You rise to new heights
You capture the dream
Through the lens and flash
That dock is still waiting
The tide pulls me down
But I still see it in you
If you go down
Pull me under
Pick up your crown
Get to your feet
Get to your home
Find your release

4. Broken Birds

Broken birds can’t fly
Broken bells can’t sing
Your spine yearns for healing
You can’t seem to believe
Your prayers wings are wilting
The toll it takes on you is relentless
The hands around your throat are your own
You just can’t seem to let go
I hated watching you grow cold
But if you learn to fly you have to let go
Caught in the storm
How did you get here?
Just keep in mind hope is always in eye
There is love in the depths
You feel the Devils breath
I still see you wrapped in the glow
You are the tide beckons me slow
You pull me down
And I wont fight it
I’ll be content
I wont fight it
I want to give my memory to the flame
I want to burn it all away
And now you lose your soul everyday
As it wastes away
You can’t face the day
You waste away
You can’t face the day
You lose your soul everyday
Broken birds fly
Broken bells sing

5. A Simple Thought That Changed Everything

Do I have to kill all the sheep for the shepherds attention?
The tension is growing
Like a train wreck in my chest
I’m trying my best to get a hold of you
But nothing is working
Healer did you get my call?
Sewn between the cracks of wood
We all hang on what could be
Healer will I claim your call or deny you until I fall?
We all hang on what could be
I know I sound like the Devil tempting you and such
This cross on my back has grown to be too much
The crown on my head won’t fit
My sword is dull from the drag
I am the wounded carried
I’m not carrying the wounded
Give me your eyes
So I can see the potential inside
Give me your eyes
So I can see why you claim to be part of me
Storms coming soon
I’ll be there with you
Was it my debt I saw it through?
Every conviction reflecting you?
I feel you near me

6. Nostalgia Seeds

This is only gonna make a mess of me
Soon enough you will have to see
This is only gonna make a mess of me
Every day pushing pulling and grinding
In every way defeated failing and breathless
Selling yourself so short
It’s making a mockery of me
Your suicide salvation has only put a veil over your eyes
Though unworthy we can stand and fight
God, why do you feel dead?
It repeats in my head
Over and over again
The thoughts of you and I
I’d trade it all
Nostalgia only lasts so long
Before I forget
If it’s not one thing it’s another
The killing feeling that I can’t save my brothers
The loneliness of my father
The abandonment of my mother
The confused thoughts of my sister
Raining on me
It’s always raining on me
I’m gonna die in this undertow
I’ll turn my back on you
You’ll see
And everything that you wished for me
And all your hopes and dreams will fall
When you see how vile I’ve become
And if you love me then stay
Nostalgia seeds keep on growing
It’s always raining on me
When the water starts to rise
Just remember who sent you

7. Je Suis Fini

Are you gonna do anything or just stand there and bleed?
Rise up!
Gain your ground
Be who you were born to be
If it’s never meant anything
Then let it be your crown to claim now
Just keep your eyes to the sky and your feet to the ground
We will reclaim
I’m not the one to blame
The inherited wound that grows inside of me
The light pulls through every seed inside
As the ribs turn to roots
My heart and lungs collide
From this hole they dug for me
It’s everything I see now that I know
It’s gonna kill me
Oh please oh please
release my body from the jaws of the beast
Let my savage triumph be a site for all to see
Day in
Day out
All you taste is stagnation
So spit it out
It’s getting so old
So spit it out
It’s getting so old
So spit
Spit it out
So spit it out
If you come out of the coma
Then we will repeat the end

8. Oregon

My mom rests her head
Cries herself to sleep
Cause she thinks she failed
My dad rests his head
Cries himself to sleep
Cause he thinks he failed
Inherit, the wound
Walked in to your room
Staring out at the balcony
Was dad crawling through your memory?
I was the only one to watch you leave
Well I rest my head and I cry myself to sleep
Cause their both lonely
When there’s no need to be
And that kills me
Band around all you broken
We’ll shine a light on words unspoken
We’ll be brighter than the sun
I’ll burn brighter than the sun
I’ll shine brighter than the sun that burns inside of my body
Contributing all the bitterness inside
I’ll wrap around everyone I love and you’ll see everything that I want to be
They’ll be warm with the love

9. Dialysis Dreams

And there was nothing I could do
I was too far away from you
And there was nothing I could say
You had to let go any way
Everyday I lose a memory
I feel the pull of time
A piece of me dies
A bit of my life unwinds
But I’ll never ask why
Because everyone grows and everybody dies
Last night you came back to life
We took your Ford for a spin
You were driving
You were young again
Please don’t decay
Just stay next to me
These days
I’m missing you
I wish
You pulled through
But there was nothing I could do
To keep the blood rushing out of you
I hope you felt the pull of it all
Broke my back when I hit the wall
And I can taste the sand
I hope your free running wild
With your dreams in my hands
I remember when you lost your leg
And I remember when you lost your hair
And I knew I was losing you
I’m always losing
Could you feel your heart beat fade?
Did it hurt to let go of everything?
Did that bed feel like a grave?
Did I ever cross your mind?
I know I’m just dreaming
You’re never coming back
I’ve got to wake up
You’re never coming back

10. Voidmaker

Changing lines and shifting sides
Coward can’t you grow a spine?
You will fail the test of time
Watch me unwind
Forfeit your birthright to be righteous
The crown was yours
How could you?
Oh, defiant lion tearing your way through life
Oh, Father it’s just me
How do I start to see
Who I was beckoned to be?
I was dormant
The war wages in me
Would it be you who awakens me from the void?
Who slits my throat?
Bleeds me dry only to renew
Father stare from your throne down at me
Please bring help
I can not carry on
On like this any more
You have to kill and renew
Because I can’t stand alone
Give me my worth and I’ll come home
Blood in my teeth but I’m still thirsty
Oh, Father it’s just me
How do I start to see
My defiance
Who I was beckoned to be
I was dormant
My defiance
The war wages in me
Find your worth
Come home

11. Rearview Memories

[feat. Levi The Poet And Bree McAllister]

[Bree McAllister monologue]

I missed the cleansing
I missed the wedding
You missed out on so much more than me
In December I watched your daughter grow bitter
Then January came she took off her crown
I watched it shatter when it hit the ground
Hey Bree, it’s ok
You can fall apart everyday
And I’ll pick up the pieces when I can
I’ll stand you on your feet
Like Levi did for me
We’re all going through the seasons
Everyone falls apart
Everyone has to get a new start some times

[Levi The Poet monologue]

What did you see?
I got to know
Was it little Levi peddling down Date Street?
Were you sitting next to your wife with open eyes staring into hers?
Was she telling you “I love you, please don’t go.”
Were you walking Bree down the aisle giving her away to a better man?
I can’t stand it
Was the Devil in the bathroom with you?
Were his hands on the razor?
Was he drawing on your wrists?
Did you see God?
I want to know
I want to know where your soul is
What was it like when you took flight?

[Levi The Poet]

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