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1. Descensus


2. The Great Appetence

Hungered for so long, for the flesh that my hands bear
Entombed in a temple of silence, beyond all recreant care
While open mouths and eyes
Sit afore the flaming brand
Whose parched tears wet alone the touch
Of the devoted master’s savage hand
Obeisant, starved through all the ravening years
A king renounced, a willing feast
Upon my worthless flesh ye tear
And glut your empty stomachs
On my fucking idle blood
To the dregs drink from me... feed on me
I am the food of the burning hearts
And white cold sulphur eyes
A mantle for fleshless forms am I
The meat for the emaciate
And now I am no one, now I am thou art

3. In Nameless Nonbeing

No betwixt is there
Between the dark and the light
Beyond the NonBeing
Walking beyond the between
For no between exists
Dividing sight
And the muted blind
The race of the dead from the living
Between ego and thou
The outstretched blackened hand and the heavens
Stands just a word
A name alone to be unheard
A Logos alone
Sink these names in the ocean of NonBeing
Drown the din of symbols to walk the path behind
Burn these unclean faces that dissect the light and dark
In the strife pyre of existence and non-existence, hexistence...
I who have my seat beyond the seven spheres
To renounce the letters, the speech
and utterances of tongues near
I cut the throat of a thousand words
And weep not at their graves
Nor at their remains

4. Severance And Perseverance

Lend me 10,000 knives to kiss this burning flesh, to deform and savage
To carve, to rend, and cut - these jawless teeth which bite and cast to death
Lend me 10,000 nights for self-wrought torture and unending misery
To pierce with the same gleaming blades that will destroy all our duality
These wounds intone black spells of noetic strength
The power to embrace storms, the knowledge to destroy worlds
To sever time and fuck thee fecund black madonna
And knot all threads of conquered fate
That calcify with every spate
Of laboured breaths that yet churn seas
Granted the wounds of another birth, torture me
By this endless torture
Granted the prayers of bone-deep scars
I will kill everything you love
I will kill everything you are
Severance... Perseverance...

5. As The Light Falls To Slaughter

Light of the dead
Now empty the void
Which slumbereth
In interior seas
Back into the darkness of the womb
Ancient, inaugural tomb
Spit forth thy liquid fire
Of blood upon the face of the moon
And rip the feathers from her skull
As blue fires paint a black sky
Revealing shadows from centuries by
When shall be time no more...
When time shall be
A time no longer
I’ll paint black the sun
In a godless laughter
Speak to me now
Fall at my command
Blood of aether’s ovum
And die with me forever
Light of the dead! Arise! Light of the dead!
By the light of a dying sun
A new fire rises in its place
That rises in the west and sets in the east
A horned and scaled, pure-souled beast
I have already seen too much
I have already died too much
So I pass this light unto thee...

6. Into The Sixth Coil

Behold with eyes closed
Fourfold sable wings
Eclipsing all holy light
Consuming all form, all word
Bestow no ghast deforming sight
Which defiles
Bite thy scaled tail, thou serpent twice thrice about me and weep
And let the hour of death be marked with my blood and thy tears
Nine breaths and visions six
Three whereof one cannot speak
One death, mother of life
Which is nothing, the formless sign
Thus into the sixth coil I lust
For the noetic taste of blood
Yea into the sixth coil I trust
In the quintessence of world shattering knowledge
Mortiognosis! Mortiognosis!
Into the sixth coil I lust, I trust
Into the sixth coil I lust, I lust

7. Open Wide The Gates Of Chaos

Now ye still hearts rent open wide
When violently seized by unseen hidden hands
Agape are the sanctified gates of Chaos
To drown in the black-tongued Abyssos
Beyond and beneath the stygian shadows
Whose suffocating aether bites with serpent fangs
Where no light treads
Chaos fill my presence with thy grace, with thy dread
A whisper of feet falls broken
As the Maelstrom awaits for Chaos to open
I invoke Chaos’ deathly vapours
To fill the throat, to empty the sight
Whose black and bloody waters
Now take thy possession of a quietist heart
In the shadows we tread the way
In the shadows to rise in flames
To fill the chalice of my lungs
Barren of peace my spirit vowed
With drafts of blazing pain and hate
For in Chaos I now drown, to chaos I shall bow
I have opened wide the gates
Proudly I enter
A man become beast
A god become disease

8. Attributions To The Dead

To have gathered out of the substance of the void
Death, thou art the pure source and negation of all knowledge
Clothed in devoted words unspeakable by living tongues
Die and become!
Die and become, to drink from the Sun
Formless presences return to burn alone
Die and become, to nourish the worms
Die now to return to the tree of life
I walk the path of the dead
Following the scent of an age-long trail of blood
Hidden within a tortured recension of signs, oh close-lipped signs
From an unknown wound, spake the dead of violence near
On a course with no trusted guide, no hope, nor fear,
Nor pride... Nor life...
No glimmer of victory, cold darkness, burning misery
Eyeless I walked this path...
Leaving attributions in dust, to speak in signs
Gaining a tongue known only to those who have died
Dreaming the dream of a thousand dead
All seen by a thousand drops of blood
To have slept, to have seen... seen...
To have become, and begone.... gone...

9. Beyond The Earth And Air And Sun

Seeking the black stone, beneath the inverted flood
With claws in the wet soil, submerged fingers blind
Hold me no funeral, but baptise my corpse in lightning
Where is my black stone beneath the waters?
Where is the illuminating light buried in the dark?
Where the indestructible bolt of wisdom blazes
The stone to crush phenomena, the weight upon all ephemera
Only one shall know
That it is knowledge, knower and known
Pierce my heart with fire, and bury me in longing
So swallowed be the final breath, before the ritual death
Celebrate the end of the cosmos and he will turn into dust
For it was already nothing but ashes...

Barghest — Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
Skyggen — Guitars
Specter — Guitars

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