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1. Aeonscourge

Lend me 10.000 flames
that I may bequeatht them
This peerless gift to man
This wandering scourge
who's hungered to return

Blind the World and cosmos
in your glare, abyss
And pluck out their eyes
that bejewel the sky
Insane the glory of the torment's advent
With honeyed tongues and edicts of fire

Vomit upon this ailing universe
Years pregnant with its destroyer

Engulft the earth from
one black horizon to the other
The coming flood cuts the broken
shore with razors
Each sanguinary wave
that lacerates the land
Only the mountains of corpses
will soothe its temper

Lend me 10.000 eyes, and I will fill them
With tragedies and prophetic tears
Practice your hearts with grief
your maws with howling
And your children burial's art

Vile, vile creaton scorned
All things will receive
their revenue of vice
Vile, vile creation scourged
The timeworn centuries fat for butchery

Fat for slaughter. Fat for death
Time ends

The gleaming darkness abyss that reaps
the seeds of this dying husk
Light the webs of cosmos
with your brilliant fire
Deep within pitch bowels erupt violent
chaos upon the world
Over-gorged on her rotten milk
of desolation, blight and death

2. In Pestilence Majesty

To consecrate longevity of meaningless
life as a prince above all
To assuage suffering, all famine,
diseases and glorious war
That all life may endure
their bequest of fucking doom
At the cost of prudence and reason
All this is a crime, more vile than rape
Than murder, incest - who blush
at its sight

To weep for the salvage of human flesh
As an ideal you consider
worth my strength
To cry for the hand of reason
To toil against another's demise
Would their ruin soar

May a thousand diseases plague your kin
May sweet poverty famine
and death lay siege
May the sky rain a black deluge of blood
On your morbid vanity, your hubris

The world serpent shakes his mighty tail
Preparing a feast of joy to reason
In his malignant strength
you find but pestilence
I, majesty

Delegating poverty to the pages
of a past you adjure to come
To dream of freedom from
global disease and blight
All this is a consummate
sickness of the mind
More dreadful in itself than genocide
You will not be rescued
nor helped by these hands
Would that you all perish
and the floods ever rise

3. Grace Of Hatred

Offer your pleas to the deaf sky
Ye who bark like fucking dogs
Entreat with lowing and cold tears
May they staunch earth's dry appetite

The whips on your backs, dulcet, fall
With more sweetness
than your mother's kiss
May your cries pierce the guts of heaven
And your blood drown this planet of shit

Drink deep the blood of your sons
May it choke your rotten lungs

No horizon spared, no flesh unscourged
By the gentle grace of total death
By the black whip of apocalyptic hatred

May sleep grant no rest
Till every last soul is dead
To the fist of annihilation
Till every last living vein is dry

Filling the ocean with blood!

I'll plant my seed in the fecund stomach
Of the still-warm corpse of mn
My child will be misery
Hs mother total hate
I'll tear the womb of nature
The leech that grows at her breast
To father a thousand sterile whores
And rape this planet to death

4. All Mercy Devoured

The sands, which have worn
away the esteem of mercy
Grain by grain, like the knife
pressed against flesh
Who unmask the hideous face of amity

Stand fast to the day of hanging
Of sickly peace and all her swains
Gilt with a handsome noose
Let the throat of man be nobly adorned

The hour demands a plague
upon your miserable existence
A pax upon ye whoresons of Gaia
A blade in her cunt engenders
the belated abortion of man
All mercy devoured in hatred's maw
All mercy devoured! Weak pity consumed!

The hour demands pure devastation
a ceremony of kings
A fist in the septic eye of creation
To speak of mercy would blight
and infect this cloven tongue
To utter pity would blacken
the very mouth
Hymnist of so many words
of exalted torture
Hymnist of mockery in
the ear of laggard mankind

By the sands which have pity drowned
Each grain a thrall
in the kingdom of murder

Onto the ravening pyre cast
Not even your blood will quench
the hungry flames

5. Kindling The World Conflagration

May war be due his endless
and sovereign honours
As the king is due his crown,
the dead their obsequies
Let august murder serve
at the hand of its prince
Deposing the dark years
that neglected its fiege

How the flaming silence
will drink the screams
Of the aeon that incurred
a coward's name

Return the stolen laurels
that were thieved by
Reverence of all life despite how weak
Ill-gloried with all the flattery
of a ferid tyrant
And the pomp hat defers
to a vain throne

The contemptless aeons of our fathers
Prostrate themselves duty
in shameful sorrow
Their heads upon the block,
of lives too protracted
That words would not themselves befoul
To enumerate the course of years
Ignite these impious words and kindle
the world conflagration

Now the flaming silence
will drink the screams
Of the aeon that incurred
a coward's name

6. Fucking Worthless

Each and every value has been uttered
by mere human mouths
Sculpted by the hands of men alone
an nothing more... Nothing more!
Making man the measure of all
his poisoned eyes behold
An architect of his own conceit
and atrocity... Atrocity!

Where is deemed to lie the higher
domain of reference
For the value of fucking life?
In and of itself its worth is nothing
This value that man puts on man

Scarred will be the skin of these
miserable daughters you prize
Cast into oblivion all values man made
That suffocate the intellect with
the foul breath of empathy
That lies alone on filthy human tongues
All jewels of treachery
Hear thou this patent truth:
all life is fucking worthless
As is every empty word and every
futile fucking deed

Torn apart shall be all senile values
Mere emblems of insolence and vanity

Only in death will they find rest!
Only in death will they find rest!

7. Gloria In Extinction

No drop of water from the oceans
or from the sky
No grain of soil, nor sand,
or dirt from the earth
No, no world
Death unfurled

No verdant branch, no root,
no flower, no seed
To generate new life, existence,
within its skin
No more...

No more man, nor more breath
That animates the hooved,
the scaled, feathered or fleshed
No drop of blood, no bone, no limb
nor beating heart

No mournful bell will ring this burial
Nothing at all shall remain
Nothing at all will echo
In the frozen halls of isolate eternity
Not even the heavy words
that fell on deaf corpses -
"Extinction has triumphed
This is the end".

No word, no act,
Not even a single thought!

8. Mother Infirmity

Each aggrandized yet loathsome life
Is called sacred in your mouths
Each crawling worm is worthy deeed
And every barren mind

Each life in death crawling
In frailty and idle flesh
An existence like unto the rat
Whose meat is other rats

Mother pity, vile, great deceiver
And wolfish governess to the other rats
Mother infirmity
How Beautiful and sweet
this burden to fools

Mother infirmity

The strong mind for the crippled one,
of strong be the right word
Enlarding a fat - already sickness
The strong hand for the crippled wrist,
that feebly grasps its crown
To bow Before a weakling child

The open door that invites and tempts
these rats at it to pick
Who glory every hideous disease

Upon whom it is impossible to pour
too much contempt
All worthless fucking vermin scum

9. For The Ruin Of All

Concrete shrines and mourning candles
Whose fumes father black hatred
To sweep across the light
That glimmers in all mortal eyes

To cloak the very sun

A loathing that is as pure
as a young virgin's cunt
A hatredd that is limpid yet black
That drips with the naxious
tentacles of abhorrence

Utter disgust and revilement
To wrap around the throats
of all your women and children
A raging ejaculation of hate

A hatred that could swallow
passing stars or flickers of light

Disgust towards the firesome tears
of mongrel beasts of recreance
To see these tombs and funerals
gather a thousand-fold
I'll place a knife in every hand
and hatred in every heart
To see the horrowing of every human life

Murder is sacred

May the blood forever flow in a deluge
of crimson bliss
Of those who are not even worth
the air their lungs corrupt
Not the life that will be torn
from viscious veins
By this hatred that is untoched
By each birth and death, every affront
unto the light
By the foul poison of life

Skyggen — Guitars, Bass
Barghest — Vocals

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