Dark Lyrics


1. Tormentizer

I’m built of stainless steel
Before me you will kneel
Hear my engine roar
I’m the mighty saw

Beware of the tormentizer
Or you will end as fertilizer
For your prayers it’s too late
The tormentizer seals your fate

I’m the mean machine
The beast you’ve ever seen
I came to tormentize
The ones that you despise

[Chorus / Solo / Chorus]

To cut you like a tree
Brings satisfaction to me
I have declared this war
You shall obey my law


Tomentizer! [x4]

2. Let's Get Extreme

Adrenaline’s pumping as I hear the crowd roar
Out for blood, they’re screaming for more
Hungry for violence I enter the cage
I hear the bell ringing, my heart pounds with rage

Blood, sweat and beer, that’s what I need
I’m the king of hardcore, I’ll make you bleed
I love to fight, I’m dirty and mean
Ready to rumble, let’s get extreme

I have my enemy locked in my sight
The last man standing will win this fight
Barbwire and glass all over the place
I grab hold of a chair and smash in his face


Let’s get extreme [x4]


Bones are breaking as you hit the ground
I will knock you out, it’s your final round
I climb upon the cage, I’m ready to fly
Your time is coming so get ready to die


3. Nothing To Repent

I live a life that’s full of sin
I’m running free, I live to win
Ten thousand miles, a thousand gigs
I’m still on the road to get my kicks

No drug too hard, no drink too strong
This is the life where I belong
No ties or limits could hold me back
I wander off the beaten track

I don’t repent a note I wrote
I don’t repent a word I spoke
I’m the master that you obey
No remorse I’m here to stay

I won’t step down, I’ll fight my fight
Stand up for what I believe is right
Stick to my guns, straight to the end
I’ll never break, I’ll never bend

[Chorus / Solo / Chorus x2]

To stay!

4. Heavy Metal Whorehouse

Come and let me take you by the hand
I will lead you to the promised land
Where sex and metal is bound together
The music’s loud, the chicks wear leather

The girls are willing and waiting for you
Bang to Motörhead and Rose Tattoo

Heavy Metal Whorehouse
Get ready to rock
Party ‘round the clock
Heavy Metal Whorehouse
The hottest club in town
We’ll bring ya up
If you’re down

The booze is cheap, the coke is strong
You can fuck and party all night long
High heeled porn stars dancing on the pole
Please Jenna come and take my soul

The girls are willing and waiting for you
Bang to Motörhead and Rose Tattoo

[Chorus / Solo]

I’ll show you one more reason to stay here
A whirlpool filled with ice cold bear
Happy hour goes from nine ‘til three
You pay one blow job the second’s free

The girls are willing and waiting for you
Bang to Motörhead and Rose Tattoo

[Chorus / Bridge / Chorus]

If you’re down!

5. I Hate The System...And The System Hates Me

I don’t want no nine to five
I don’t want your boring life
No daily routine no suit and tie
Just realize your life’s a lie

A slave like you I’ll never be
I hate the system and the system hates me
A slave like you I’ll never be
I hate the system and the system hates me

I can tell you got no class
I’m not made for kissing ass
Even if you have the might
I will carry on this fight

[Chorus / Solo]

The golden cage will break down soon
You’ll suffocate on your silver spoon
Money makes the world go round
But I prefer our Torment sound

[Chorus x2]

6. Wind Of Change

Crumbling ruins, crawling scum
Like rats from the sewer they’ll overcome
Creeping zombies are on the loose
Time to put your head inside the noose

Can you feel the wind of change?
Our world is growing strange
Freaks and junkies everywhere
The stench of decay fills the air

The daily news just blood and war
Violence, terror, murder and gore
What you see around drives you mad
Voices are screaming inside your head

[Chorus / Solo]

The rich will always walk away
The poor will always have to pay
Child molesters are running free
There’s no justice for you and me

[Chorus (x2]

7. Stalker

You sense a presence, but you don’t care
You should because I’m there
I’m on you back, I’m always near
In ecstasy I feel your fear

I’m your stalker
Your shadow walker
I’m your stalker

I know your name, I read your mail
So watch out, I’m on your trail
Your phone is ringing in the night
I get excited by your fright

I could see right in your soul
I pull the strings, I’m in control
I’ll break your will and make you mine
I’ll send a shiver down your spine


Your life’s an open book to me
I’m the one you’ll never see
Don’t try to hide I know you well
I could send you straight to hell



I follow you wherever you go
Become part of my horror show
My starring eyes on your back
Feel my hot breath on your neck


Hear my footsteps closing in
Now your nightmare will begin
Don’t turn around, don’t try to run
Just one hit and you’re done

Stalker [x2]

You’re mine!

8. Temptress Crystal Meth

It’s like having sex with an unknown whore
It starts real simple then you beg for more
You can’t withstand the urge any longer
Know you got to stop but she is stronger

She is the princess of the night
Just one kiss makes you feel alright
But don’t fall in love with Crystal Meth
She looks innocent but she brings death

You feel like god but act like a clown
Slowly and constant she will drag ya down
A waking zombie with a fucked up head
You already look like the living dead

[Chorus / Solo / Chorus]

You know you’re completely over the top
You’re longing for more and you can’t stop
Your heart is pounding, your veins explode
You’re on the fast lane, on a one track road


She is the princess of the night

9. We Are The Boys

We are the boys who can turn on the heat
We are the boys and you’re under our feet
We’ve got nothing but the clothes that we wear
We’ve got attitude and we don’t care

Hey! We are the boys
And we make the noise
We call the shots
‘Cause hey! We are the boys

We are the boys of another class
We drink the beer while you hold the glass
We are the boys and we’ve got nothing to loose
We take what we can and what we can use

[Chorus / Solo]

We are the boys, we like bending the rules
We are the boys and you are the fools
You don’t have to pose to mean what you feel
We are the boys and we mean it for real

[Chorus (x2) / Solo / Chorus (x2)]

10. Politics And Religion

Two thousand years of fear and oppression
Now your time has come to go to confession
Peace and freedom is what you proclaim
But money and power that’s your only aim
We need no leaders on a golden throne
We’re not born to follow leave us alone

Politics and religion
A deadly combination
Politics and religion
Eternal damnation
Politics and religion
A deadly combination
Politics and religion
They strive for world domination

You’re lying, stealing and twisting the truth
But it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
For all you politicians whether left or right
Swallow your lies tell your ass good night
And to all you religious extremists
Kill each other you fuckin’ terrorists

[Chorus / Solo]

Free speech is blasphemy, knowledge a crime
To the dark ages you bring us back in time
You only want to enslave the human race
Under a holy garb you hide your ugly face
All your hopeful promises are lies
Be certain our resistance never dies


11. The Ones You Love To Hate

Torment, for us more than just a name
We’re ready to take the blame
We don’t give a fuck if we win or lose
This is the life, the life we choose

We’re the ones you love to hate
From our path we’ll never deviate
So if you don’t like the things we do
We don’t care, fuck you, fuck you!

Twenty five years and we’re still alive
There’s nothing we won’t survive
We’re the black sheep of the scene
Mean, loud and obscene

[Chorus / Solo / Chorus]

Teach your children to stay aware
We’re your worst nightmare
Don’t ever try to mess us around
Or your face will hit the ground


12. A Tribute

Sid Vicious couldn’t even play his bass
But the whole world knew his face
Brought anarchy and chaos to the UK
Died much too young but did it his way

Bon Scott drank his self to death
The party went on ‘til his last breath
Much too much but he wouldn’t learn
The highway to hell had no return

This song is a tribute to honour the true
We raise our glasses to salute you
Nothing lasts forever, only death alone
But you are immortal, you are cast in stone

GG Allins suicide date was close
Before he was killed by an overdose
He was a real punk rock renegade
‘til the day he dies a live hand grenade

Cliff Burton dies on an empty street
Faded to black on the concrete
He was pulling teeth with his bass
His talent was from outer space

[Chorus / Solo / Chorus]

Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee Ramone
A punk rock family bad to the bone
Always dressed in Jeans and Leather
The Blitzkrieg Bop brought us together

Peter Wells was one of the boys
A Rock ‘N’ Roll outlaw by his own choice
Gave us Remedy with Rose Tattoo
My friend I wrote this song for you


This songs is a tribute to honour the true
We raise our glasses to salute you!

13. Over The Top

[Bonus Track]

Jörn Rüter: Vocals
Carsten Overbeck: Guitars
Tom Ramone: Bass
Chris Gripp: Drums

All songs by Carsten Overbeck & Torment
All lyrics by Jörn Rütter
Except “We Are The Boys” by Blitz
Produced by Eike Freese & Torment at Eikey Studios in 2009
Artwork, sleeve design & photos by Dirk Illing / XMD
Cover concept by Drik Illing & Jörn Rütter
Layout by Nadine Sauerland

Thanks to technotomy for sending these lyrics.

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