Dark Lyrics


1. Thanatos

Pathways beyond the fold
The endless dream
Calls beyond the void
Does the sour remain
Does the spirit die
When flesh decays
Does the will prevail

Our savage gold
The living dark
Life is a dream
In a sea of violence

Life is a dream
In a sea of diamonds
Life is a dream
In a sea of darkness

2. Portraits

Frozen lifeless clay
Stare stand silent virtue
As ego slips away

Landscape dark alone
No sign of the sun
Darkened shadows fall
Portrait of the night

3. Séance

Its name is memory
It lives inside your flesh
The serpent strikes
Feeding on itself
The serpent's eyes
Stare into forever

The world of memory
Exists outside of time
Serpent's eyes
Timeless thoughts

4. Echoes

We live by the sea
In towers made of clay
Flowers fade away
Our world turns to dust
Cast your eyes to eternity
Legacy remains
Through shades of darkness
Kingdom of ashes
Lost between the waves

Time the great illusion
Echo through eternity
Into the void
Across the void between the stars

Inside your mind
The serpent coil
Exist beyond the veil of time

Fear lives inside forever
Let it fall
Let it slip away
We will remain
Life is so fragile
Mortal remorse
We will remain

Echoes and shadow
Through eternity
Darkness prevails
Through eternity

5. Deathtripper

My mouth tastes like lead
Fear cuts like glass
I can't stop the dream
Of blood and suicide
It's a one-way street
You're already lost
You're on a trip down a one-way street
You think there's nothing to lose
You're already lost
Already lost

Fear cuts like glass
I can't stop the dream
Of blood and suicide
Already lost

I see the world on fire
Watch the setting sun
Flesh and blood and suicide
...and suicide

6. Edge Of Darkness

A sullen rain upon your life
Your thoughts are not your own
Drawn forth beyond the veil
A fragile world of illusion

Behold a silent world
Gaze beyond the land of death
Travel deep inside
To the edge of darkness

There lies a golden bridge
Beyond this world of light
Cross into the dark
Find the great unknown

Consciousness fades away
I see the end of time
Still spirit shadow world
Still spirits feed the dark

Edge of darkness
Far beyond the edge of darkness

7. Ashes

You can see it in my eyes
This burning world
Somewhere beyond the void of my life
Beneath this bloody cross I end my life
I fly on broken wings
Across this mortal coil

As the dark sets in
I feel the world dissolve
I feel it slip away
I'm alive
In the shadow of the sun
Cast these scales from my eyes
Once again into the breach
Deny these gifts of heaven

8. Legacy

Release the world
Into the darkness
Reach in to see
Dreams of past lives

Cast away our mortal form

Ashes of time
Left behind
The secret world
Lost in time

Time is a cycle repeating on itself
World of illusion we play a part
Eternal dark cannot be fathomed
In a secret world
Shadows forever

Legacy of ashes

9. Severed Lives

We came from far away
These severed ways
The world in flame
Burning in the dark abyss
To fall from grace
To rule the world

Severed lives
It feeds the world
This poison world
We rule the world
This burning world

10. Spiral

Scorpion dance
Live in solitude
Climb the spiral path
To darkened realm
Bridge between the stars
To the land of death
Ascension to the light
Break the chains

Scorpion dance
Leave this poison life

Deep inside
We line in fear
What lies beyond our mortal soul
Deep inside our fragile soul

And when you feel the darkness calling
... your final thoughts assemble

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