Dark Lyrics


1. Night Of The Blade


Night, down on the streets, nothing seems real
Shadows playing games on your mind
Victims all around, the fear here is real
Never knowing what you will find

KILLER, prowling the night
KILLER, can this be right?

Night of the blade
There's no escape
Night of the blade
Run for your life

Run, something is near, the plan is attack
Jack the knife has called out your name
Scream if you can, no one will hear
People say he's going insane

SINNER, prowling the night
SINNER, can this be right?


[Guitar Solo]

Run, run, run, night of the blade
Run, run, run, night of the blade

2. Warrior Of The Rising Sun



In a long time ago, when the sword was your soul
And the sun turned to gold, and the day turned to night
A man stands alone, knowing he has the right
And the power of life, over all he surveys
With his sword in his hand, he rules all the land
Even fools understand, he lives just to fight
A man rich in pride, no one dares to defy
Don't stare in his eyes, 'cos he's the samurai

He bows his head and cries
'By The Sword I Will Live To Die'
His eyes are ablaze when he screams out his name
He lifts his sword to the rising sun
The sun hits the steel as he's shielding his eyes
He rules with the blade, will it drive him insane?

Death in life is his only way
Blood stains the land as they heed his commands
He'll fight to the death, when he makes his last stand
The time will come when they claim his crown
He'll be cut down 'cos he's only a man
But until that day, he will rule all this land

By the sword, You live to die...


You first killed so long ago
The way the warrior learns to fight
Can you feel your life's blood draining away?
Has the power to foresee
Knows the future, what's been before
Can't you see he's getting stronger? Sa-mur-ai!


3. Unleash The Beast


Step this way, don't be afraid
Ten minutes of your time, the show has begun
Don't wait too long, there's room for more
Straight through that door, no need to run

Now you pay, too slow to see
How it's too be, oh the lies
Death on the run, take me now

Running, running for cover
Running, unleash the beast
Running, running for cover
Running, unleash the beast

The time has come, don't run away
Just step a little closer and you will be mine
You've made the choice, you're free to go
The price you pay is anytime


4. Love Struck


I can't stand it, feels like a heart attack
Don't know what's right or wrong
Just want the night with you
My head explodes, burning fireball
Caught in a one way street
I imagine the things we can do

Love struck, overload
I'm losing my head over you
Love struck, overload
I'm losing my head over you

Hungry and wild, losing all control
I'm being ripped apart
But I'm caught in the heat of the night
My body screams, I just can't get away
I've got the stage tonight, I know that the timing is right


5. Attack Attack


Sunrise, another day, smile on a killer's face
Strikes terror through the heart, all's lost without a trace
Pressure high at overload, fever pitch, it's gonna blow
They're closing in, the time is short
Somebody's gonna steal the show
A game of chance, the stakes are high
Spin the wheel, the ball will ride
No escape, no return
Squeeze the trigger, it's time to die

Power mad, the path is set
Can anybody tame this land
Terror deals destruction
Are we gonna change this hand
Make a stand, the charge begins
One step from genocide
And everybody's screaming why
It's hard to tell who's on your side

Attack, attack
Until there's no one left to fight
Attack, attack
My gun is ready to explode
Attack, attack
until there's no one left to fight
attack, attack
my gun is ready to explode

[Repeat chorus]

6. Fever


Run for your life, there's danger in the air
You know the fate
Can't reason why, I look into the past
But it's too late

Down on the streets, into the depths of the night
Never, never look back

Fever, fever, fever
All night long
Fever, fever, fever
All night long

Dressed for the kill, blood is running hot
Again tonight
Time's running out, all hell's breaking loose
It's dynamite

Neon lights, battle fights
No one stands in the way


7. Dead Of The Night


In the dark of the night, you stand all alone
Once you were glad to be free of your dreams
Now you can't stop your screaming
Cos the words never come

The dead of the night
The dead of the night


The time's ten to midnight
When the price will be paid
The night is black and there's nowhere to run
He believes what he's doing
Now vengeance is mine, hear him cry


8. Breakout


Stare through the window, a cold and empty cell
Recalling all the fear I feel about this night
Time's standing still, my spirit's running low
I'm not afraid to die but I know the end's in sight

Another prisoner trapped inside these walls
Tell me that I'm dreaming, I hear them call my name

Danger, danger, breakout, breakout
danger, danger, breakout, breakout

Siren's screaming out, searchlights burn my eyes
My body's aching, the dogs are on my trail
Tears in my eyes, roadblocks up ahead
Somebody's screaming, the dead men tell no tales

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus]

9. Madame Guillotine


Running through the streets
The silence is haunting you
You know they prepare for attack
Can't walk around, I got to beware
Keep in the dark, out of sight

Got to keep running, time's running out
Beware of the knife in your back
Victim of hate, no one believes
Who cares what is wrong or what is right

Screaming vengeance, I want to be free
Murder or treason, what's it to be

Stand and stare so silently
Death awaits so patiently
Priest approach, the rites are read
Wait and see, the blade will fall

Running like hell and into the night
Wait 'til the time is just right
People are screaming out for revenge
The price is a life for a life

Fighting and screaming, bodies lie bleeding
Fires burn into the night
Years of restraint begin to decay
It's the law of the knife

[Repeat bridge]
[Repeat chorus]

The tide of power has turned
Now you are screaming don't let me die
Silently you fall down to your knees
Scream that charges are lies


It's too late now, the angel of death hangs over you
Tears fill my eyes, you hear the blade slide
You're going to die

10. Someone To Love


That girl, she don't give a damn
I try to fight it but its driving me mad
Nothing stops her, nothing ever could
Like a flame burning inside
One look into her eyes, she'll burn you alive
I can't fight it, don't know if I should

I know you run around, I know the things you say
I feel the pain but I can't turn away
I know its wrong but I just can't break the spell
Cold as ice, always in control
But you're so distant, always far away
Can't believe it, thought I knew so well

Someone to love (someone to love)
Gonna make you feel alright
Someone to love (someone to love)
Gonna make you feel alright
Someone to love

Red hot, burning fire, gonna bring my love to you
I can feel your blood run hot
Gonna bring you, to your knees

[Repeat Chorus]

11. Hot Breath


There's a heat wave steaming, somebody's screaming
This ain't no place to walk alone at night
She looks every inch a lady, talk about gun crazy
Hey don't point that thing at me

(Smile for the camera, do your striptease, the looks of an angel)
She ain't no dime a dozen (she is the look)
You never did a thing that your mamma said (no no)
Your teacher cried and your daddy wants to know where he went wrong
So wrong
Sweat it out

Hot Breath, warm me from the storm outside
Hot Breath, like a switchblade cutting through the air (still night air)
Hot breath, turn my pain to pleasure when my body cries

City hot and sleazy, take it slow and easy
Squeeze the trigger, pump it right on time
Ease the gun down babe, you know my safety's off
Move your sweat drenched body close to mine


Oh down there on the streets
I'm burning from the heat
Shooting hot lead, hear it call
Be there, catch me when I fall


12. Poor Little Rich Kid


Roll the top back, hit the road
That young boy is too well protected from the heat
(like beer in a cooler)
No time for work, it's party time
He's too busy living on easy street
(oh real good times)

Oh he's the hotshot in the city (hotshot)
Oh he's sitting pretty (oh yeah)
Messing around with the boss man's daughter
Oh he's never doing what he ought to

Poor little rich kid
Money can't buy a little thing called love
Poor little rich kid
Oh, oh no

Kick back, feel the beat
A bad attitude from living in the pleasure dome
(gotta major personality problem)
The streets are gold in credit zone
You could fill a book with his alibis
(and no lies, no charge)

Oh he's the hotshot in the city (hotshot)
Oh he's sitting pretty (oh yeah)
Messing around with the boss man's daughter
Oh he's never doing what he ought to

Poor little rich kid
Money can't buy a little thing called love
Poor little rich kid
Oh, can't get enough
Poor little rich kid
Sell anything, no deal too tough
Poor little rich kid
Oh oh no

Feel the heat, hear the crash
This rich kid's worlds about to turn to ash
Why trust you, deception all the while
Learning how to backstab and how to falsely smile

But everyone goes through it, and all the deals are all the same
Rip 'em off before they rip you, and no-one takes the blame
Reach for the radio, turn the dial
The DJ's talking about the high cost of living, that ain't living
So sad, so sad, burned out at 25

Oh living on Easy Street, dancing to the beat
Oh baby, take a seat, it's showtime
Get out of that one junior

13. Women And Love


It's the way they move, it's the skin tight dress
Nothing I can say that ain't already said
Turn out the lights, turn up the heat
We're going higher

They put a smile on your face, we all slave to love
Hits you like a hammer when you're already nailed
Slip down your shoes, pull down your hair
Whoa, desire

She's got the look (she's got the look)
Whoa, firing on all six
She's Miss Perfection (little Miss Perfection)
She'll tear your heart out

Nothing as dangerous as women and love
No there's nothing as dangerous as when love bites
Nothing on Earth can make you feel the way they do
No there's nothing as dangerous as women
Oh yeah
Whoa, women and love

Throw down the rule books, love don't read or write
You don't stand a chance when her body talks
You've got the feeling, you've got to know
She's Miss Temptation

'Cos the body is willing and the spirit is weak
Oh you start to burn with the fires of sin
Down on your knees, crawling 'cross the floor
No hesitation

She's got the look...

14. More Than A Pretty Face


Oh I know love is the name of the game
But what I'm feeling, well it ain't the same
Whoa, whoa, whoa, you've got me on my knees
There ain't a doctor with a miracle cure to shoot inside of me

Oh the way she talks, the way she walks
The way she throws her hair when she walks down the city streets
Its a criminal offence (oh yeah)
Oh her stiletto heeled strut could start a cardiac, oh that's a fact
She's a certified thief of hearts (oh yeah)
She's the prettiest girl I've ever seen

More than a pretty face
Smoother than a slick black limousine
More than a pretty smile
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere
(Oh you know what I mean)
Oh she's more (yeah)
more (yeah)
Oh much more than a pretty face

I know the symptoms and I've got them all
I need her affection before I stumble and fall
Oh deep down inside you know that its a crime
Just you and me on the back seat honey, we could have a hell of a time

Oh the ways she talks...

15. Boyz Will Be Boyz


Run your hands way down your body
Oh yeah you know you're feeling the thrill
Every night out on the town
You know that you're dressed to kill
Every move that you make
I think I'm falling in love

I don't need no medication, no designer drugs
'Cos when I look at you I feel your body talk

Me and the boys going wild in the streets
Looking for some back street love
Watching high heeled girls wearing teasing smiles
We all play the fool in the name of love

Don't need no doctor, no medicine man
Naughty naughty, boyz will be boyz
Slow and easy, fast and smooth
Naughty naughty, boyz will be boyz

Oh its a no win situation, we're all born with this addiction
Oh don't need no provocation
Just cant live without that body friction
You silhouette is kicking
You make me feel so proud

16. Young, Bad And No Good


Bad boy, bad reputation, late nights at sleazy bars
Nobody's gonna bring that young boy down
Midnight temperature is rising, when he cuts loose he's really flying
There ain't a girl that's safe in this town

Oh just one step inside the law
This dude knows he ain't gonna go to heaven

Young, bad and no good
Little bit hot, a little misunderstood

Don't play by the rules but he don't care, someday there'll be a price o pay
But before that boy burns it he'll have a hell of a time
Who's the hero, who's the villain, it ain't so easy anymore
While he rocks and rolls we'll tow the line


Originally released 1984
Recorded at Fairview Studios, Hull
Produced & engineered by Roy Neave
except tracks 11-16
Originally released as Mr Ice on the 'Have An Ice Day EP'
Recorded at The Old Chapel Studio, Winchester
Produced & mixed by Martin Johnson & Tokyo Blade
Mastered by Chris Jones

Thanks to lordzombie for sending these lyrics.

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