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1. Like You Not


Tired of this head load, pressure in the red
Ain't gonna fall into the trap set by the company yes man
Oh man, surely the clock is running slow
Teasing me, letting me know

9 o'clock on a Monday morning getting those downtown flashbacks
Oh my feet are set in concrete, ain't enough time to get it on
Got to cut loose, gotta kickback

We want to be like you, not
I don't want to be like you
We want to live like you, not
I don't want to be like you

Working on the ground floor, monkey on my back
Shot myself in the foot
Oh man, but I ain't alone
Oh pretty lady working out the back streets
Teasing me, says I gotta let go


2. The Ultimate High


I've been here, I've been there, I've tried everything everywhere
I've done this, I've tried that, I'm an adrenaline junkie
I've hung here, I am experienced, I've tasted it I swear
Been there, seen that, tried it, done it, yeah that too

Like a moth that dances with the fire
Can't resist the flame
What is the ultimate high
What price to take you higher

Such a killer rush
Touch a killer rush
Feel the killer rush
What goes up comes down

What do you do to make you feel good
What do you do to make you feel good
What do you do

I've been high, I've been low, been everywhere in-between
I've felt good, I've felt bad, felt everything that I could
I've been to the top, I've been to the edge, where do I go from here
Been there, seen that, tried it, done it, yeah that too

We dance, we party, are we puppets held by burning string
What is the ultimate high
Some get up, but not back down


Do you feel the rush
Can you feel the rush
Do you feel the rush
Do you feel it


3. Gerald's Game


I could do better than that
Don't need no wise ass telling me I'm wasting my time
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
When it comes right down, we're all the same

I remember it well, just about 16
Dad said what you gonna do with your life
No sweat, no problem, don't you worry about me
When I get old I know what I want to be

Would I lie to you
Would I lie to you

We bear the scars from Gerald's game
He names his price you sign your name
He's gone to hell, ain't that a shame
No one can win at Gerald's game

Who is the hero, who is the villain
Who is who, who do we think we are
Its a mixed up, screwed up, fucked up world
We wish you well but hope you fall

I remember it well like only yesterday
don't seem to matter, do it anyway
no pain, no gain, luck don't come for free
I'm your friend, put your trust in me


Would I lie to you [x4]

4. Pay The Man


Hey you, you'd sell a bible to the devil
Steal my bed while I was sleeping
Hey you, inflated ego
I want to be there when you get yours

Hey you, you're doing all the things that you want to do
Oh the mighty will fall
You've got a real bad attitude, personality that sucks
Subtle as a shotgun but you ain't gonna get to me that way
Oh so lonely at the top, overcrowded on the ground floor
Big shot knows it all, when you fall on your ass its gonna make my day

No sympathy, no tears, cos man you had it coming
No crying over what you got, I've had you up to here
Dance, dance, dance, you party while you can
You've made your bed so lie in it, time to pay the man, pay the man

Hey you, you're doing all the things just like you want to do
Come on down, its payback time
You've got a head so big no hat will ever fit you
You can talk 'til you drop, you should have been a politician
Got to be bigger, got to be better than the Joneses
Use everybody, everybody's a fool, gotta get yourself in the best position


5. Wrong Chair


I'm listening with both ears covered
(can't hear those lies)
I'm watching with both eyes shaded
(I still defy)

Oh you fill my head
That dirt it causes mind pollution
Oh you push me with your fuck (far) extreme solution
The screaming hate of anger shrieks and never makes a sound
I blink my bloodshot eyes and kick the ground

Why don't you do something to help me
I'm sick and tired of sitting in the wrong chair
If you have something to say then say it
I'm damned if I ain't sitting in the wrong chair

Sitting in the wrong chair

I'm running but my feet are walking
(but I still try)
We suffer and you just keep talking
(but I don't know why)

Oh your schizophrenic attitude beats nails into my knee
Oh you raise the lid and set the chaos free
The parasitic rats live off my back take everything they can
(all they fucking can)
Here's a finger, spin on it, sick man


Spin on it sick man!

6. It's Only Money


Working for the company, working 8 to 5
Working for every hour, I just cant work it out
Boss don't even know my name, don't even pretend to care
Won't someone tell me what's it all about?

Oh yeah, everybody wants it
I know everybody needs it
We cant just live without it, material world
We want it all
Gimme gimme gimme more more more

1, 2, buckle my shoe, everybody knows the score
It's only money, money
3, 4, Knock on my door, everybody wants some more
It's only money, money

My house is bigger than your house, I've got the biggest car
Got everything but what money cannot buy
Stand in your suit of gold but money don't make you the man
Chill factor zero, cant take it when you die

Work hard for the mighty dollar
Give me, give me just a little more
We just can't live without it, material world
We want it all
Gimme gimme gimme more more


One law for the rich, another one for the poor
It's I'm alright jack, you'd better work harder


7. Character Assassination


You don't like the way I look
You don't like the company I keep
You spend your whole life planning my character assassination

You'd link hands across the ocean
But you wont link hands with me, your brother

This is what I am- take it or leave it
The is what you get - you'd better believe it
Ain't gonna compromise - ain't gonna do it
This is what I am - take it or leave it

You cant break down your barriers
No model citizen but who the hell is
Its still my country and I'll do what I believe in
Get down off my back 'cos I ain't just like you

shake hands with the devil for a profit
But you wont spare a dime for me you mutha

I am what I am
I am what you made me

8. SOS


We do what we do
We say what we say
You don't like what we do
You know what you can do

Welcome to the party, everybody's welcome
Get on board the wagon, gotta, gotta get on
Nice suit, nice tie, damn good haircut
Please take a number gotta, gotta get in line

we do.....

Oh you cant do that cos you haven't got this
And you cant have this cos you cant do that
Everybody seems so full of it

Crying don't help you, screaming don't relieve it
Cant please everybody so you gotta please yourself
Don't like what you see dear, you don't have to be here
The man at the back said everyone attack, we are what we are

we do.......

oh you cant do that....

Same old story, slamming your head against a damn brick wall
Same old shit, I'm tired of it
You heard the man, you've got it made
we pay the price, no work, no play

9. All Work And Play


Such a young dude with an attitude
ain't it a shame
Crying with the pain, tired of pissing in the rain
its a shame, such a shame
Working on the line, your work is like a crime
ain't it a shame
Sing the workhouse blues, wish your life away
its a shame, such a shame

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea
want to party every night
No work, no pay, hey judgement day
All work, no play, hey Jack, no way

Work ain't a bad place to visit but who wants to live there
Work ain't a bad place to visit but who wants to live there
Nice work if you can get it

Burned out town where you're killing time
ain't it a shame
See the girls dance but you cant take a chance
its a shame, such a shame
Cant afford the ransom on the car in the shop
ain't it a shame
Drag your ass from the bed, someone living in your head
its a shame, such a shame



You don't have to be that smart to get a real good job working at the top
Say its tough just cant stop it, another pinstriped pencil neck
Say his shits together man, its set to run forever

Out here in the real world, we dance to looney tunes
Out here in the real world we get on down to the looney tunes

Hey I got a good idea
Get that wise guy out the boardroom
Bossman's got his head up his aspirations
Blind lead the blind with the same neck tie
Heading for the first big prize

No more promises, no more messing around like you did at school
Welcome to the party, welcome to the nightmare
monkey runs for president
Now that's SNAFU

11. Having A Bad Day


Hot shot politician, big shot movie star, maybe a TV. hero
I wanna drive a Rolls Royce cos its got to be good for my head
You and me we dance to the beat
but somebody higher keeps changing the tune
Who's that knocking, breaking down my door
Big bad tax man wants the shirt off my back

Bad bad day
I'm having a bad day
Bad bad day
Everybody's on my back

Everybody's dreaming looking for a reason to live

You cant see the tears when you're welding in the rain
Yu and me we dance to the beat
but somebody higher keeps changing the tune
Go face the world boy, hands tied behind your back
Half assed situation ain't nothing new

Bad bad.....

A man said son, you should go far
The farther the better
If life was fair and work was luck
Then I'd be rich and who'd give a fuck...

Originally released 1998
Recorded at Stable Studios
Produced & engineered by Nick Beere & Pumphouse

Pumphouse was the name of the band Alan Marsh formed after the end of the Mr Ice tour. It took nearly 10 years to see it released, but as a typical record company, Zoom Club issued it as a Tokyo Blade album, when in fact, it couldn't more different.

Line Up
Alan Marsh - Vocals
Jez Lee - Guitar
Colin Riggs - Bass
Marc Angel - Drums

Thanks to lordzombie for sending these lyrics.

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