Dark Lyrics


1. Entrada De La Sombra (Intro)


2. Voices From Under The Black Snow

This day is completed with awaking of me
Dreams turned in side out become a real thing
Darkened wood of little Christian church
Profanes this clear snow
Only dusk breaks its shadow seal
Opens the way to go out from under the snow
I fall out from the womb of twilight into this night
Your bodies are only vessels which are
Shining red spiced with souls
Your blood is satisfaction for my hate not for my hurt
But mighty someone draws me out of here into nowhere
I belong to forgotten past and nothing can change my nature
I am miserable for myself but pride
Doesn't let me stop my vengeance
I hate you all gathering under icons of other god
I hate your filthy blood you were guilty to my thirst
I'll take all the blood of your unbaptized sons
And daughters of yours will take all your blood
Memory shells down like dried up dye
My idols have already mouldered away
My pagan temples don't hear the voices
To worship me only blood is to stay
I'm glad when you bleed
Among your dying sons
And none of you will be forgiven by God
I fall out from the darkest prejudice into your life
My eyes are always watching you through the river ice
Your blood is satisfaction for my hate not for my hurt
But mighty someone draws me out of here into nowhere
And your lot is to wait for my seed's growing up
And your calm life will turn into your Biblical Inferno...

3. Retention Of Sleep

Formerly I was trying to embrace the whole earth
Elements spirits were my obedience arms
But now my lot is to sleep in my dreams to forget
Who I used to be...
Awaking with owl cry
Which is calling something dead for long ago
By depression breaks my calm's amber
Life I should to go with you again
But I strongly cling to my slumber
My flesh bleeds with fear in front of dark shining
Of timeless gape of eternity but my soul
Is carried out with ethereal winds
Retention of sleep is the shelter of mine
No sunfall no dawn
Until I'm forced to awake and buried in sun
Touch the cold of my skin
Dusted with reverie
Listen to my breath's crying outwards:
"When I sleep I'm free"
I travel by thoughts without borders
Within heart of all things
My blood transforms into the wandering lights
When the shapes becomes dim
Emptiness of my mind contains all the things
All kinds of living all spirits of dead are within my soul...
Dressed in misery
Foreclosed of terrestrial values
Of my own history
I drawn into mysterious endlessness
Glare of ecstasy
During instant of reunion
With the universe sea
In front of grandeur
Of persistent revelation
Returning to human scene
Is embodiment of blasphemy

4. Das Lied Des Selbstmörders

[Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke]

Also noch einen Augenblick.
Daß sie mir immer wieder den Strick zerschneiden.
Neulich war ich so gut bereit,
Und es war schon ein wenig Ewigkeit
In meinen Eingeweiden.

Halten sie mir den Löffel her,
Diesen löffel Leben.
Nein, ich will und ich will nicht mehr,
Laßt mich mich übergeben.

Ich weiß, das Leben ist gar und gut,
Und die Welt ist ein voller Topf,
Aber mir geht es nicht ins Blut,
Mir steigt es nur zu Kopf.

Andere nährt es, mich macht es krank;
Begreift, daß man's verschmäht.
Mindestens ein Jahrtausend lang
Brauch ich jetzt Diät.

5. Wreath For Sorceress

Daughter of woods and secret mountains
Sister of all wood creatures
Friend of owls flying in dusk
At the hour when Gates are opened

In the night of forbidden love
I gave you wreath woven of dark flowers
Flowers from beyond unseen threshold
Saying: "You love opens me last knowledge"

Trees and glasses bowed before you
Rocks diverged and showed you their secrets
Demons from abyss and creatures from Grimland
Carried their gifts to drop before your eyes

On ancient chancels of forgotten gods
We made our love refuting hypocritical dogmas
And faded heavenly bodies opened for us their shining
And came to life

But step by step mind which thirsting unknown
Devoured your soul and body
Spirits of damned places asked for sacrifice
And you faded away

I left you lying upon the damned stones
Their unholy signs were your favorite reading
But every night in stifling dream
You come to leave me your wreath

I find it every morning near my head
Flowers of forbidden knowledge
Pregnant with seeds of death
And I know how me to join you...

Only to put on the wreath
And we will be together
In gray mist of ruined worlds
And I can't resist MEET ME!

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