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1. Maggots And Riots

Love=Death=Pain I been real good big suprise Black on your face Paints my
Smile When will you learn Denial You know you're wrong say it Knows strong
Pressure For too long God knows your law Under pressure In my eyes I am strong I am
King Black orange swirl Shout at me I'll be you're master Don't you think It's
Love your after

2. Criminal

Get up and fight Stand up and fight Needle in eye wasting my time Liar pussy
I hate you And you and you and you I'm flying you can't stop me I drink my
Whiskey I burn my clothes You shove cocaine up your nose I'm high on you oh my
God Daddy can't you stop the pain No die like a criminal

3. Distortion Of Nature

That is the law

4. Crooked

I Could never be crooked Bastards Fuck the law I can't live with myself I
Can't look at myself I can't look in the eye

5. Butterflies

6. Unearthed

In my dodge Steve don't be afraid

7. The Descent

Why am I pissing blood I can't live I can't eat Time has risen land of the
Free It is no gift honesty It is my life don't promise Me shit drunk sad fuck
Live your life don't live mine Leave me alone I don't wanna be sane I don't
Wanna be saved I don't wanna be safe leave me alone Wait and see what you'll get
The best is yet to come there Oughta be truth inside honestly I've nothing to
Hide you aren't The victim you are the plague I stand for freedom I'm not a
Slave Lost away locked inside here I stand the test of time time Has risen land
Of the fake it Is no gift honesty

8. Death Requiem

The path I walked in my life A lonely road I fell under The spell a long time
Ago I searched I looked for hope No one is there in death So sweet this sleep
I try not to Care no heartbeat fake smiles Cold hands in dirt at least I
Lived As hard as I could you made my life Complete you gave me a home slit The
Throat drain your blood wash The hate from the dove do it for me I will wash it
All away you've been Beaten kill that stray stop that Crying don't cry out loud
You keepYour silence and wear it proud I can't Say what I see just because
You're Sellin' me you're not real your face Is fake the world revolves around
Your fate it's not fair the shit You do all the pain all that's due No bullshit
Hard times for everyone Everywhere I won't be your dumb machine No brain no

9. Christianized Magick

10. Voice Of Reason : Vicious Barker

11. Face After The Shot

You could be my way out misery Cast the doubt look beyond pain Inside try to
Live don't try to Hide I need ya here I want ya Here you keep me sane please
Don't leave me here decide What side you're on

12. The Ivory Of Self-Hate

13. The Nailing

Disguise you're happy drive your will Down design your backseat take This
Pill now you're up in flames And it's your world now try to be strong Though I
Know you won't try at all It won't be easy you can take down anyone Love up in
Flames and it won't come down Stop crying those tears it won't help Anyway I'm
Buying your fears Your short on love it's no use to beg I can't hear you
Anyway stand up and Fall you've been set up there's no Easy way you're nothing at
All inside Of the truth you live no lives in Spite of the truth you spread more
Lies you're doubting the question You won't back off I get it no shit Don't
Do it dumb dog nail 'em not a Chance I lean forwards I fall backwards I lean
Forwards time crawls backwards Round and round and round it goes Where it stops
Nobody knows you probably Will stare though you say you can't see Impossible
Pair it's fate they can't See how I love you till the end my Love for you will
Never end

14. Mistake

15. Invincible

Gotta skip this town get it on the Way never can look down gotta lead The way
I'm jokin' I'm chokin' lookin' Far beyond lookin' way up high paint The sky
So black I will never die rippin' It out of me it just be you just might Die
Live your life in agony what I say Is what I mean I might be tempted don't Treat
Me like a dog run fast so hard Now I cannot wait this is the test Of my
Endless fate pleased to meet Ya' treat to beat ya goddamn hippie All of your young
Will die you never Answer your makin' me insane ya Goddamn idiot I'm not sure
It's not Clear let me find an answer for you I will not say it can't be done
I've Missed it pissed it kissed it away Now there's silence only silence Lonely
Silence I don't hear anyone No turning back I've gone too far Cut thru my
Skin I can't be who you Are I guess I don't fit in goodbye

16. Aurora

17. Sadness Will Prevail

I tore it down to lift it up off the Ground it makes me it brings me down And
All I am on the ground my cover That you have blown I wish this path I did
Not go it makes me it brings me Down and all I am on the ground at Night I wrap
Myself in pain and I'll Never see again

18. Myriad

C'mon cheri Don't you Cheri God has risen Beaten sufferin' Beaten wannabees
It's so clear slow Locked in slow Olly olly oxen free Slow slipped and free
It's run down Pissed down the stream It's a place inside your head

19. Spaceship

20. Flowers Made Of Flesh

Dying Trying Lying May peace be with youForever more If christ could kill you
And bleed your sores I wanna be alright I wanna be ok If I could be you I
Can't take this I wanna die I want you with me A kiss good bye

21. Your Life Is Over

22. Control The Media

23. Vivicide

24. Miasma

25. Times Of Pain

26. Breadwinner

Acid, heroin, coke lsd, valium, Pyramid, crack, crystal meth, Cocaine,
Mescaline, smack Alcohol, xanex, mepragan, Speed, heart attack I can Be what you are
Why can't You be who you are who are you

27. Friend

28. Never Answer The Phone

29. I Live To See You Smile

30. Sadness Will Prevail Theme 1

Steve Austin: Guitar, Vocals, Samples, Piano
Marshall Kilpatric: Drums
Chris Debari: Bass

Thanks to Ariakas80 for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to Ariakas80 for correcting these lyrics.

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