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1. Too Late

2. No One Wins

3. Tomorrow/today

4. Fist To The Sky

5. Master Of The Disguise

I am the eyes of the nighttime
If you gaze into the darkness
I'll be there
Go ahead and place your heart
In my hand
Take what i need
And leave you in despair
Though you turn your eyes
You can't look away
You'll be chained to love
Just like a slave

I'm the master, master of disguise
Painting a beautiful picture
Full of lies
I'm the master, master of disguise
I can steal your heart
Look into my eyes
I'm the master
The master of disguise

Come feel the flames of desire
Taking you down i get my way
I see some things are hard to swallow
A scratch and a scream
Comes as no surprise
It must be hard to see
Behind my eyes
I say my love is true
It's full of lies
Passion's flame burns
For the last time tonight
So spread your angel wings
We can fly

6. Fool On The Run

Soldiers of fortune
Seeking revenge on the mishaps in life
Beating the odds as the dice roll
The night is their playground
Feeding desires by temptating their souls
As the color of green fades to grey

Place your bets on lifes wheel
Give a spin
Don't play the fool
Don't play the fool
Fool on the run

Soldiers of passion
Searching to satisfy more than the mind
One night of pleasure turns into pain
Hearts are too fragile
An easily scarred like diamonds on glass
Love is a gamble someone has to pay

Living of passion
Searching to satisfy more than the mind
One night of pleasure turns into pain
Hearts are too fragile
An easily scarred like diamonds on glass
Love is a gamble someone has to pay

Living your life in half the time
Always on the edge
You're moving faster than the rest
Does it get you anywhere?
Oh my child with a heart of gold
What's that inside you?
Has the world turned you cold?
Do you see the magic?
I see you felt the pain
You're running nowhere
Right into the fire again
Reach out and take life
Before it slips away
It's that devil inside you
Slowly making you pay for your dreams
You look like a fool on the run
What are you running for
You fool!

Soldiers of liberty
You know it all when will you learn ?
Freedom is only a conflict away
This world you desire
It's magic is their open your eyes
Don't confuse your dreams
With what is real. No

7. Wings Of Rage

Come on feel the fire
That burning desire
To lose all control tonight
That feeling of rage
Let it take you away
Let loose that tiger from it's cage

Nearing the countdown
Living on the edge
Release your desire to fly

Riding the lightning
Straight to the top
We'll fly on...
Wings of rage
Can't stop this fire
It's burning way too hot
We'll fly on
Wings of rage
Fly high !

Oh children of sin
I'll let you all in
On a secret that we all know
There is a power
Somewhere deep inside
When you find it
Let it go

Come on and join with the rest
Put your mind to the test
Harness that electric spark
Take on the lead
Get from life what you need
Strive on reach your mark

8. Will O’ The Wisp


9. Toll Of Pain

On a dark summer's night there is something in the air
A chill that surrounds you
Tolling of a bell, screaming in the night (hear it ring)
Struggle with your feelings so much hidden by the past
Now those dreams they come back to haunt you
Tolling a bell, you know it's not the hour
Yet the bell still rings
Gaze into the mirror it's not a pretty sight
Grotesquely twisted as a child i am not a monster
I am not insane. Look away, look away, oh look away

Can't you see his pain ?
I know you hear the pain
In the tolling of the bell
Can't you feel his pain ?
I know you hear the pain

Hatred in their eyes. They lash me with their whips
And their words. Both leave scars on my heart.
Pity on my soul. Won't somebody show some sympathy for me ?
A vision of my dreams. A vision of an angel.
So young. So innocent. So pure.
Never felt this way how can i express this love ?

It's a fatal story. Yes a tragic love affair.
How he gave himself so bravely on that day.
Tell me why pleasure must be followed by pain.
So much pain.
Haunted by their dreams of a thing so pure.
How defiled by their foolish selfish ways.
Tolling of a bell contains a fatal toll.
Oh my soul.

10. One And All

With the rising of the sun, a new day has begun
A new way for man to live
Hand in hand we walk the mile, day by day
Knowing all the while
Time will come and with it peace
With juse one voice we can make a change
Bond together and rearrange
As one and one an all...

Let's pull the curtain down and break the
walls between us
Tonight excitement rages on
Nothing can stop this wave, riding on to glory
Nations will sing a different song

We are one with a purpose
Our goals are all the same
To be one and all
Bind our hearts together
We'll find a better way
We are on and all

We are a picture of glory, our colors bright and true
On an artist's palette this world
And as a brush stroke blends us all together
Another masterpiece unfolds

Light up your lights and hold them high
Each one a flame for freedom's sake
Burning on as far as the eye can see
With just one voice, we can make a change
We'll bond together and rearrange
As one and one and all

11. Fields Of Valor

Red skies rage their angry cry upon the battle plains.
Soldiers march into history for a cause unexplained
Yet in every heart, in every man, there is a need to win.
When one dabbles in war games, who's to say what is sin ?

Fields of valor and victory.
White crosses the bear no name.
Each one gave their life to history.
Fields of valor and victory.
A young boy in an old man's game.
Each one gave their life for a nameless cross.

Skies bleed pain upon us all as the night comes falling down.
Cries of victory cannot be heard when you're six feet underground.
Yet feel they understand the paths that they have made.
Our children can now run free - price of liberty is paid.

Turn back the hands of time so i may ask their names.
And place each name upon a stone, to never fade away.

12. Dream Escape

What is real? What is a dream
Are dreams and reality one and the same
No more roles for me to play
The curtain falls and darkness takes me away
in a cell I scream all through the night
No one hears my cries
Held prisoner of my own mind
Too blind to see behind my own eyes

Ride the mind's eye
Come balance on the edge of reality
Ride the nightmare
Come open the doors of insanity

Puppets on a string, life is but a dream
Magic in the air, feel it everywhere
What am I to care
Take a ride with me, come along you'll see
Fantasy is real close your eyes and feel
That is if you dare
Anything you want, everything you need
You can have it all, but beware the fall
Back into reality

When the pieces start to fall
Your whole world crumbles away
This time it's gone too far
Unreal thoughts you believe are taking you
Taking you away

In this world of darkness, forever floating on and on
Dreams I experience too strong to control
Lead me on a journey of no return

Dimitar Nikolov — Cover art

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