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1. Dark Infernal Light

Lord of the earth
In power exalted above and below
In whose hand the son is a
Glittering and sword and the moon

Ppo mops igsnges opiko mops
Teletapkae epidezia kpsnikes
Epaiapistepo daimonos teg op gai
Pepi mops o asten ton pe
Nte, kai en tei steile o astep ton

Fire who measure your
Garments in the midst,
My vesture, trusseth, you are as
The palms of my hands brightened
Your vestments with
Dark infernal light, cover us
Made a law to govern the holy ones
And deliver a rod with
Wisdom supreme

You litted your voices and swore
Your allegiance to Him that lived
Triumphant whose beginning but,
End cannot be

Which shinneth as a flame in the
Midst of you palace, and reigneth
Among you as the balance of life

Move, therefore and appear!!!
Open the mysteries of you creation
And be friendly to me

I reign over them saith the lord in
Power the moon is ineriable, you are
As the palms of my hands and brightened
Your vestments with dark infernal light!!!

The true worshipper of the high priest
Earth and ineffable king of darkness

2. Demon Lord

The sky obscure
The people self concealed
Every world destroyed
And angels running for help

By my lord, by my lord
Demon lord, demon lord

The moon is bleeding
The sea obscure
A wood is an altar
The altar for sacrifice

By my lord, by my lord
Demon lord, demon lord

My lord...!!!

Dark bird flying
In the dark skies
Looking for the sign
Birth of the night

By my lord, by my lord
Demon lord, demon lord

My lord...!!!

He's the power
The power of the night
Look for him
And kneel down

By my lord, by my lord
Demon lord, demon lord

3. Birth Of Darkness

God is old and corrupted
Frozen in the drug of need
Unsure he cannot make the world
Conform to this dominion
Scars him well
His deep bleeding fear
Comes to unlife

He ruled
By attacking chaos
Only to learn
That all demons knew
That the king of light
Is nothing in darkness,
As darkness had fallen
Burning from heaven

Chaos only
Could renew the spirit
Of God and His order
Great obedience garden
The reign forever more

But chaos arising
Fought in power united
With Marduk's dark armies
Horde of the abyss

I mock you
I overturn you
Forever in the hearts of
Free spirits below

You lose
Eternal loser
Now find
In dissent

4. Face Of Their God

From chaos we rise in unholy hatred
To crush the warm living flesh of angels!!!
We storm the walls of heaven and
Eviscerated the lord of the throne
Usurping forever the reign of the enslaver,
And rejecting the morality of the weak

On earth the head cowers knowing
That it must now stand for itself
Our power and strength
Is destruction, all order shall fall
To our eternal night of mayhem
When we will return the triumph of
Ancient violence, our hatred the will of
The Christian and they cower knowing
That we came to punish them with pain and
To desecrate the face of their God with
Virgin menstrual blood and black shit

5. Hymn To Io Pan

I love the night, the power of the night
Oh Io Pan, oh Io Pan, my Io Pan

Come careening out of the night of
Io Pan!!!

Cover over the sea
From Sicily and from Arcady!!!
Come the guards of the protection
Tell me, why

Why the power of the darkside is mighty?
Because the dark side is never a joke
And this is true!!!
Come with Artemis, Silken Sho,
And was thy white thigh,
Beautiful God!!!

In the moon of the woods
On the marble mount, the
Dimpled dawn of the amber
Fount the soul that
Startles in eyes of blue to
Watch they wantonness
Weening through the tangled grove
The gnarled bole of the
Living tree that is spirit and soul

Oh Io Pan, oh Io Pan
Devil or God, tell me!!!

Come with trumpets sounding
Shrill, over the hill
Oh Io Pan!!!

In the moon of the woods
On the marble mount, the
Dimpled dawn of the amber fount

Oh Io Pan, oh Io Pan
Cover over the sea
Comes the guards of the
Protections, tell me!!!

6. The Mass Of Phoenix

The magician, his breast bare
Stands before an altar on which
Are his burnings
In the sign of the enterer he
Reaches west across the altar!!!

Hail Ra, that goes in they back
Into the caverns of dark
He gives the sign of silence
And take the bell and fire in his hands

East of the altar see me stand
With light and magic in hands!!!

I strike the bell, I light the flame,
I utter the mysterious name of phoenix!!!

7. Cult Of the Black Snake

I am the heart
The black snake entwined around
Invisible in the core of the mind,
Oh my black snake

It is now the hours of the
Houled and unholy ineffable
Flower, oh black my snake, into brilliance
Of bloom on the corpse Osiris of
Loat in the tomb
Thou are give tunile,
To the terror

All night I dance with the snake!!!
Oh my darling, my serpent!!!
That twinest around this heart
I am the heart, art thou the serpent
Close around me, so that
No light, no bliss may penetrate!!!

I invoke the force of the snake
Crush out the blood of me

The white doctrine grill that
Languishes in the moonlight then let
The end awake!!!
The lord of glory has come
The power of the darkness is
Here now!!!

8. Abdication Of Light

We call you
Disturb you
We deny you
We mock you
We invoke you
To hear me
Twisted rhymes
Metaphors of lunacy
Virus paradox
To suffer our knowledge

You impotent,
Your aged reign

In mortal fury
We desecrate
Your holy flesh
Mocking impotence

Hell, the dark land
Abyss, the wonder land
Havohej, fallen emperor

God of three heads cursed in all tongues

We mock you
Realm on earth
Corrupted and defiled
We turn the sun to black
The earth burns red to grey
All life fall before our hate
Enter the void unreal

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