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1. Song For Eden

Once we were younger
Once we were bold
Whispering to the wind so sweet

Changes came over
Light was gone
Soon there is no place to run

2. Jerusalem Is Falling

High on the hill in the city of holy
Neon knights fighting the end is near
Taking the city by storm thy are screaming
Great signs from heaven there is only greed

Losing Eden all you heathens
Fighting for the freedom

Is falling down
You all are gonna drown
You fall upon the crown
Of the chosen one

Nation against a nation it's true
Saved from the terror the ultimate false
Earthquakes and famine, the final destruction
Fall of the mankind and now it's too late

3. Design The Century

The road is open will you find the way
In the dusky setting sun
Life as you know could be different
You don't realize that anymore
The paradise is lost

Design the century
Looking back to history
No way to make this work anymore
Design the century
What is your destiny?
Crucified, you're falling down to this lie

No escape cause there's no other chance
Innocence it died so long ago
Scarred by your own hate the road to ruin
And I have no pity for you
The paradise is lost

4. Rise Of The 4Th Reich

Oh, can't you see the signs
Oh, can't you hear the lies
That's been fed to you
Mass media corrupted
Politicians hide
You should hear my call

And all the things
You hold so dear
Now spreading lies in awful fear
It's time for you to understand
We lost it all
It's the rise of the 4th Reich

And in this story night
The age is coming back
Stronger than before
Press money economy
Idea is not down
We haven't learned a thing

5. Stargate Atlantis

Silence is the truth that saves us all
Just before the final fall
Everything is clear and shining bright
All the things just feel so right

There is no turning back now
This day remains in history
Leave all the worries behind
Cause we will make it this time

Stargate Atlantis
Step aside the great big world
Leave behind the old world ruined
It's a crazy trip that goes far
We better not forget who we are

How can I know where I do belong
Next to find the little open eyes
So we say I will ask you why
Saved into the paradise beyond the sea

6. The Paradise Lost

Soon you'll see the misery
It's turning into a dust
Now you cry the heaven high
These tears will never die

Wait for my star
Wait for destruction
You never even wondered why

The paradise lost
But what is the cost
Darkness will bring light in all of you
The paradise lost
The line has been crossed
The fire will burn over your soul

Did you ever wondered how
You reached the point of no return
Your precious time will soon be over
Fool you'll be dancing with me

7. You'll Bleed Forever

Black of night weakening sight
Whispering wind echoing to the dark
I have seen millions of souls
They left me cold
No more lies

Now my dream is growing cold
Like a shadow in the light of day
As a teardrop falls into a lake
It's a shame... this all

Billion slained all was in vain
There's no tomorrow to hunger its pride
How I wished you could be saved
From what's to come
But it' too late

See my dream is growing cold
Like a shadow in the light of day
As a teardrop falls into a lake
It's a shame... the fall

You'll bleed forever
Cause you don't belong in here
You'll bleed forever
I am closing all the doors

Your times has come to dawn
And your end is getting close
The end is near you're going home

8. Neon Sirens

Sunday morning
Alone in the shadows
No more voices
No sign of life below
See the lights
Across the toxic sky
Am I looking death
Straight in the eyes

Neon sirens in the street
Screaming through th darkness
And they're coming for me
Neon sirens in the street
Devils in the darkness
Lords of the prophecy
Neon sirens

Monday morning
Lost in the shadows
Is this my last day
Nowhere left to go
In my eyes
I feel the great light
Am I finally
At the end of the line

9. High Above Of Me

Seasons change the price you pay for the
Ignorance won't leave me be on my own
Still I am dreaming forevermore
Seasons change, the snow is falling
Covering the ruins that once were alive
Laughing summer turns to frosty ice

Wake up, this is my dream
Just let me sleep
In my loneliness, high above of me I fly

Seasons change, you're holding on to each
Other's pain, the price you pay is so high
But it is too late for turning back
Winter haze, is covering the landscape
That once was vibrant, alive
Now it is just a memory for me

Wake up, this is my dream
Just let me sleep
In my emptiness, high above of me
These tears will fade away
Into the dust
Embers died long ago
High above of me I fly

And I'm holding on to a miracle
So I can carry on
In my everlasting cage
Leaving you behind, it's crushing me
It's killing me
Alone, I am waiting for, waiting for... forevermore

10. Angels Of The Apocalypse

Painted a picture, skies are falling down
Can you feel it trembling?
The end of the rainbow dream
To kill with love
It is time to die

Souls colliding with the heat
All the shades that will lead (to) darkness
The pain, the pain

Now you dance to my rhythm
And trancemission declare an emergency
Welcome to the new age
Radioactive, the satellite's down

Earthquakes to shake this petty ground
Flowing rivers into blood
Wonder why, you never saw the signs
To pull you through
This all ends tonight

Somewhere in the distance
You can see the burning sky
Getting closer and no escape
It's too late to cry

I will make you understand
You were my perfect dream
So I gave you everything
But all was just in vain

Judgment - Innocence
Liar - Warrior
Justice - Vengeance
Evil - Purify

Now the time has come
Mercy I will not show
Madness, destruction
Reaping what you have sown

Never wanted this
Oh, how I miss
I love you so
But now it's time to go

Angels of the Apocalypse

11. Garden Of Eden


Antti Ikonen – Keyboards
Tuomo Lassila – Drums
Timo Tolkki – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

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